The word should really become a verb because the literal translation, ‘rule of the people’, connotes some form of activity. If the people are, however, too complacent or unwilling to undertake the often onerous task of governing themselves, then this legislative honour must be revoked. An electoral ‘turn out’ of a third of the eligible voting population is not democratical. The result of this abysmal guesswork casts a considerable doubt on the suitability of the populace to govern itself or elect reasoned and benevolent statespersons. In fact, election results are the metaphorical equivalent of witnessing an ambivalent young man with shovel in hand unearthing his own grave. Nothing good (that is to say ‘for the good of the people’) will be born from the womb of modern democracy.

Democracy eventually leads to apathy for an incredibly simple reason: those involved in the process long enough begin to realise, albeit subconsciously, that it does not actually work as it was intended, i.e., as representing the ‘rule of the people’. These same people are also governed or influenced by other not so lofty ideals, principally:

1) Comfort – which includes compliance with and acceptance by the herd: the majority of the population and their perceived values, life experience and collective consciousness.

2) The news and entertainment media – the force that presents facts and ideas to the population with just enough political ‘spin’ to control their view of the world around them.

3) Greed – even the most disgusting regime is permitted if the people are able to horde enough fiat paper currency or the latest flashy gizmos; especially version 3.0 and on…

The imposition of democracy can occur exclusively if the target population is essentially a controllable herd; the presence of too many independent thinkers undermines the regime. A herd is a coalescence of individuals formally defined in some manner. In the past the herd defined itself by physical appearance and later language. Religion then played a significant cohesive role and today the new religion is egalitarian democratic liberal consumerism. The instinct to remain within the confines of the herd is one of the strongest involuntary impulses known to man or beast – witness the wildebeest plough into a crocodile infested river if one is in any doubt.

So, in conclusion, democracy controls the host population even if a significant proportion of the host does not actively participate in the ‘rule of the people’. Democracy becomes an institution in itself, a belief, rather than a political process. It imperceptibly mutates into a totem and the herd gathers to worship at its base. All pretence that the system functions collapses when, firstly, the units are no longer processed and, secondly, the units do not have the required knowledge to make an informed and far-sighted judgement in relation to who (or what) should represent them and their national and global interests. The “democrats” are therefore slaves to a foundation that they can never hope to change. They have become the inmates who believe they are running the asylum; their drugs are dispensed, however, by non-hallucinatory and extremely nefarious figures in uniform.

We must never forget that the democratic archetype is the exhaltation of quantity over quality. The fact that all votes are registered as equal represents an insurmountable obstacle for patriotic political movements.


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