Nationalism (civic style)

Civic Nationalism can take many forms but most are commonly made manifest through: Islamophobia – the Zionist Nationalists (usually sponsored or supported by Jewish individuals and groups); universal fundamental Christianity – the Christian Nationalists (traits include Islamophobia, anti-abortionism and homophobia) and non-racial patriotism – the Cultural Nationalists (blurring the boundaries between country of birth and genetics).

It is clear that genuine White Nationalists could more readily sympathise with the Christian fundamentalists, specifically on the primary issues:

1) Islam should be opposed on both racial and religious grounds.
2) Abortion of healthy White babies, in most cases, is equal to the crime of murder.
3) Homosexuality is not a condition that should be condoned or promoted.

However, the Civics would caveat (diminish) two of the essential points as follows:

1) Islam should be opposed on religious grounds.
2) Abortion of babies is equal to the crime of murder.

The Civics, as the reader can now easily deduce, are colour blind. This fact is shared whether the group is of the Zionist, Christian or Cultural variety.

Because Civic Nationalism shares many of the concerns of White people in this tormented country, there is a significant risk of one variety becoming extremely popular with the electorate. This could lead to either significant political success or, as is more likely, a 1979-style coup de grâce by one of the mainstream establishment institutions. Either way, it merely serves to extend our stay of genetic execution.

If the precedent is set that a Civic/Cultural Nationalist party can achieve at least a modicum of success, it would open the doors for the exaptive establishment to co-opt the trend or for a British Civic Nationalist group to gain popular support with the increasingly discontented electorate (the simple principle of supply and demand). Either way, the result would be the graduated but assured death of the White race as we perceive it.

UKIP [insert any Civic Nationalist/Right-wing organisation] represents the Right hand of our enemy. Let us devise a scenario where we distanced ourselves from the pseudo-Communistic European Union and stopped all immigration (not a UKIP policy, I know, but please bear with me) into this country. We would not be saved; we would merely prolong our eradication. The Left aims to speed up the process of ethnic cleansing while the right hand of our enemy attempts to control our decline and temper the dissent. It is similar to what Maggie ‘the treasonous milk-snatcher’ Thatcher achieved in the dying days of the nineteen seventies but now that the Tories are obviously and overtly no longer even right-wing, new safety valves must be installed or else the pressure may become too much for the system to maintain.

I see a victory for the Right as a fate worse than any current liberal machinations and this is why: Even if all immigration ceased at the next election, we have enough non-Whites in our country to eventually genetically replace the host population. Our people would have no reason to seek guidance from truly patriotic organisations as the perceived threat (the bogeyman) of immigration would no longer be such a pertinent issue, and the herd animal could proceed with grazing and allowing themselves to be distracted by funny, and extremely wealthy, Homosexuals, Blacks and Jews on the innumerable television channels. In the meantime, our country would still engage in a system of usury that has crippled it financially; manufacturing, or what is left of it, will be shipped abroad to regions with the lowest paid slaves while our sole industry becomes tourism – yellow-skinned anthropoids with flashy cameras demanding to see men in top hats; race-mixing will continue unabated and the promotion of anything Negro and non-White in the controlled media will increase due any argument over immigration ceasing to be relevant; White people will not halt in their consumption of worthless gadgets, credit or life-chance crippling mortgages; and finally, and most importantly, the White birth rate will continue to decline while the offspring of those aliens already permeating our lands will begin to procreate and their numbers will increase exponentially. The covert political policy of White ethnic cleansing will not grind to a stop just because immigration has. Also, do not rule out illegal immigration, which would no doubt become a hot topic, as in the US, and our treasonous politicians will begin making secret ‘pardon’ plans for a future and ever more tolerant British electorate to swallow!

Unless we see a root and branch upheaval of the current political structure, we will witness our absolute demise. The system is rotten to the core and cannot be tweaked for good or reasoned with; it must be abolished and every corrupt or corrupting soul that represents it must be exposed and expelled. Any proposed solution to our present plight that displays the democratic seal of approval is either a part of the problem or has no hope whatsoever of success.

Adolf Hitler was the last honourable White man to be democratically elected a statesman for his people and for that he and his kinsfolk were crushed. The Establishment, which is the direct descendant of that which oversaw the rape of Europe almost seventy years ago, will not make a similar mistake. These loathsome creatures learn and adapt and cut off any avenues of escape. We, the White people of this ever-darkening nation, appear unable to evolve and cope with the changing conditions of our existence. We blindly trudge in the direction of the slaughterhouse and our cruel masters are more than eager to oblige us. We capitulate, even if they do not spare the whip.

P.S. I have never read Mein Kampf.


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