Lazy Apes

We have, whether through research, experience or as a birthright, come to understand the many faceted thing that comprises our race’s plight. And, with a crystal clarity that has eluded even the brightest professor and shrewdest businessman, we comprehend that if the Occident does not alter its destructive course, our people may become extinct. This is a substantial cognisant revolution and sets us apart as unique individuals in an otherwise unpromising herd. There are, I must admit, excellent examples of enlightened patriots who have gained their initial stripes – their tentative racial awakening – through a chance encounter with a leaflet or the personal proselytising of a enthusiastic member of a Nationalist group or organisation, but these open-minded folk are quite rare. The people who vote for the BNP, for example, are generally only just waking up to a few aspects of the dire situation that we have, almost by proxy, voted ourselves into.

I grew up in a town of approximately one hundred thousand inhabitants. I know for a fact that large swathes of this particular town have been leafleted with National Front, British National Party, as well as National Alliance literature at one time or another. The numbers of letters, pamphlets, magazines, books, posters, calling cards etc., sent out in a ten year period must have eclipsed the total number of denizens of the town itself. It never failed to surprise me at how this effort was not reciprocated in the form of political success or interest in the crucial topics raised. At election times counts of around 400 votes for the one or two standing Nationalist parties were about the average. These pitiable turnouts did not alter very significantly even following the influx of large numbers of Blacks, then Indians, then South East Asians of all varieties and persuasions. The tireless sweat of a tiny handful of concerned White Nationalists could not manage to dent the gigantic propaganda machine that spews out its noxious fumes daily, fumes that confuse, disorientate and damage the previously fairly healthy moral compass of a nation that once held the world in the palm of its hand.

It became my sincere conviction that democracy cannot work. The herd have not displayed the ability to determine their own destiny or even opt for benevolent leaders capable of such an important and vital task. The average member of our tribe is akin to an ape in a cage at the zoo. It is able to live out its life in relative comfort and accept most conditions within a given parameter just as long as it lasts. The zoo keepers tend to them, remove their excrement and refresh their bedding and feed them. The difference however is this: the ape’s keepers understand the basic nature of the ape and attempt to not only recreate an environment that resembles the natural habitat of the animal, but they carefully and with much forethought hide the ape’s food. This is as significant an act as almost any other example of welfare that the zoo employee undertakes. The reason is very simple and should be obvious to any thinking person. If the provisions are literally cast at the creature’s feet, the apes will steadily become slovenly, and lazy apes are prone to becoming fat apes. Soon these fat apes will develop acute health problems and the keepers will be required to either supplement their nutrition with compounds that counteract the inactivity or actively encourage some form of exercise. This becomes a costly process and either the zoo must employ additional staff or it becomes detrimental to other animals as they are increasingly neglected.

Fat, lazy apes are therefore conditioned not to search for their sustenance. They gradually become unable to frolic about their enclosure and interact with each other. This causes secondary mental problems and, potentially, conflict. The minds of the primates become dulled; they do not partake in the normal hunting and gathering tendencies of their species. The apes do not root around the leaves for fruit; they do not climb the branches in search of nuts; they fail to move freely and keenly and driven by an empty stomach. This, I fear is a reasonably apposite analogy of how British Nationalists affect the native British population. The democratic herd do not need to search for the information they so desperately require because there exist organisations (and leaflets) that tell them the diluted truth. They have time to question and to arrive at often stupendous conclusions: “I’m not racist but I don’t like too many blacks”, for instance. It is comfortable to know that if times get tough, a Nationalist party will benefit from a few hundred thousand votes and that the establishment will be forced to take stock and, at the very least, expound on tried and tested rhetoric in relation to “controlling immigration” or some other such paper thin lie. The bananas are thrown into the ape’s cage and the ape sits on his arse; fat and happy, giving no thought to the mental and physical atrophy that is occurring. He is unconcerned that the banana has recently been transported from a dangerous country, two thousand miles away, and that the bearer of the fruit has suffered through long and terrible hardships.

What, therefore, is the prognosis? I believe that our people need to be put on starvation rations. They are far too uncaring and comfortable and it is our genes and our future that they are risking by their negligence, ignorance and stupidity. They must be faced with a political void; a world in which there is only one inevitable consequence to the current events that are destroying us. They must be forced to examine the grim realities of extinction and comprehend that there is no possibility of a bearded Grandfather in the sky or an earthly Messiah to save them from oblivion. Let their underused synapses brains spark into life as they realise that there is no more provisions for them in the cage. The willing amongst them will begin to shuffle off the branches and, in desperation, begin searching for the answer to their predicament. The overly complacent, worthless, and weakest elements will starve to death. This is a necessary procedure and is reflected in the only true universal law, Nature.

We should not suffer because our people are too swamped in their own inadequacies and cannot see the stars. We have attempted to convince them and have utterly failed and the disgusting regime poisons our heritage has crushed us for the privilege. Our race requires dramatic measures to save it and, even if we could win the next election, what would we do with the majority of our kind that have shown no compulsion to survive as a group thus far? How many great men need to be sacrificed before we arrive at the conclusion that the White residents of our towns and cities, in their current manifestation and taken on the average, just are not worth our effort. We are precious few and our attention should be firmly focused on ourselves and the future of our handful of children; our organisational structures, national and international connections and living space. The herd, in whatever depleted form it takes, will and out of necessity eventually follow us or it is lost. Annihilation may well be acceptable to most of those animals that call themselves human beings but it is not to me. Give them nothing and watch them hunt. The mass that does not want what we have to offer can continue along the road of equality and distraction. Our requirements are for the best, the most intelligent and willful persons in order to create a better world for our offspring. The majority of the herd do not yet meet these strict criteria and as they have not reciprocated our efforts, they should received nothing more.

This is a hard and difficult period in our history but we must not deceive ourselves that we are the same folk that entered the horrendous and fratricidal war nearly seventy years ago. We are a far more tolerant, weak-minded and unsuccessful collective today. If we are serious about the long-term survival of our kind then terrible sacrifices will, unfortunately, be necessary, of that there can be no doubt. If one cannot stomach the prospects before us then perhaps they are still in the cage exploring for crumbs but not yet famished enough to consume the flesh of a dying companion. The mass of democratic consumers are only partially to blame for the situation we find ourselves in but, when the traitorous politicians and the remaining remnants of our enemies have been dealt with, the guidance of the herd does become our issue. Would we not rather have a strong and eager group brimming with worthwhile attributes and abilities or do we settle for breast-implanted pseudo-prostitutes and orange-tanned mummy’s boys? Give them nothing and watch the fear steadily grow in the minority. Take away all hope and witness how they begin to struggle, search and understand. Allow them to burgeon on scraps, hatred and a harsh reality and they may well winkle us out of our safe houses and beg for entrance into the New Tribe that we are slowly begetting. On the other hand, provide them with our propaganda ad nauseum and we simply waste our precious energy and limited resources and in the end create only fat, lazy apes.


One thought on “Lazy Apes

  1. greyhound smith says:

    Excellent again NG. Like many nationalists have canvassed thousands of doors- a few members of the public possess some he hereditary race memory. Most were faintly hostile or uncomprehending sheep.
    Where I live a small group of aware racial-nationalists are aiming to recruit the like minded and then dig deep with real political- community work. Homes, industries, our own social services etc.
    Gradually cease dependence on the ethnocidal British state.
    Then a dying out, rebirth- New beginning!


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