“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”

The root of the word mantra stems from the early nineteenth century Sanskrit meaning, literally, speech which is an instrument of thought. In Hinduism, as well as Buddhism, the term refers the verbal manifestation of an aspect of spiritual power. In other words, it is man’s attempt at concentrating on and thereby appreciating and understanding himself and his inner consciousness.

It is my belief that before we can deploy such missives on the brain-washed White population some essential linguist undermining must be undertaken. The mantra optimum rhetorica may fall on deaf ears because of the words utilised therein. The’R-word’, for instance, has become a semantic trap; a mental trigger that acts to slam shut the doors of inquiry in the conditioned collective mind of the populace. I feel it is important to attempt to prise these leafs apart before such phrases can embed themselves and flourish.

For example, there are two words in the English language that have been massaged by our enemies and appear in large crimson letters in the mind’s eye of the consuming herd. These are the ‘R-word’ and the’ J-word’. We cannot overturn decades of conditioning and propaganda by expressing simple phrases that exist, primarily, in cyberspace. We would be naive to argue anything to the contrary, but this does not detract from the intrinsic importance of the mantras. It is the language indoctrination that should be our initial priority because without it, any mantra will be nullified.

I will provide a real world scenario. I converted my wife while we were both at university as mature students. I was on an undergraduate course and she was studying for her Master’s degree. One evening we were among friends and were discussing various philosophical principles, as students tend to do. Being a fully-fledged, though covert, Racial Nationalist however I feel it my duty to always steer such conversations towards issues of racial and political significance. After a time, the subject of African civilisation and genetics unfolded and my then acquaintance (soon after to become my wife) espoused the idea that if all humanity were to be wiped out and only a select group could be preserved, Black Africans, due to the vast genetic variation that exists in their midst, should be saved.

It was getting late and the topic was becoming uncomfortable (RACE) for some so it was not long until we were alone. After some friendly discourse I began a monologue which entailed a detailed analysis of past African achievement, civilisation and culture – or lack thereof. I compared this with the overwhelmingly different experience of the people of the Occident and planted the seed that the gulf was due to intelligence and that the lower respective IQ of Blacks when compared to Whites. I insisted that this was the primary reason for aforementioned cultural contrast. The response was unexpected but heartening. She was utterly gob-smacked but, and being a scientist, she wanted to investigated my wild claims and attempt to disprove them. She asked for non-anecdotal evidence and I just happened to have a copy of Paved with Good Intentions by Jared Taylor (not the most expedient work, but it was all that I had to hand), which I duly lent to her.

Suffice to say that she read the book and was hungry for more information. The world, for the first time in her life, was slowly making sense and it was now my responsibility to guide her. I then chose to employ a very risky strategy. Not long after our Africa debate, we started “dating”, as the Americans say, so occasions presented themselves where we were able to spend time alone together. During one such opportunity I suggested that she listened to The Turner Diaries with me, as I had them on cassette. Bearing in mind that all she had been exposed to thus far was the aforementioned book and my own idiosyncratic discourses, this was perhaps an unwise choice. However, my reasoning behind it was as follows:

In Pierce’s novel he uses the ‘R-word’ and the ‘J-word’ freely and frequently. The narrative is riddled with references that are only partially explained but they are consistently mentioned and in a matter-of-fact manner. It was my belief that an overexposure to these terms, as well as a safe and comfortable environment, would pique the curiosity of this young woman and would begin to break down her imposed mental obstacles.

It was remarkably successful and following the cataclysmic ending, I was plied with eager questions regarding race, the Jews and our cause in general. Later on, and after our relationship bloomed, we often discussed my motives in allowing her to absorb such a controversial work of fiction and the more we investigate the subject the more my belief in having employed those cassettes is strengthened. It was like taking a sledgehammer to a wall rather than raking out the joints brick by brick. It destroyed the sacred nature of the words Race and Jew and made them commonplace; their inherent propaganda was therefore rendered redundant. A few years on, she is a now fully awakened White women and a wife and mother.

In our everyday language – situation permitted of course – we should be actively chipping away at the force fields that enshroud terminologies our enemies have subverted to suit their own nefarious purposes. By doing this we effectively coerce the public (or at least the still thinking bipeds amongst that atomised mass) to consider the questions: “What is it about the Jews?” and “Why is Race important?” we effectively prime them to receive the mantra. Until we undermine the Pavlov’s dogs response to words such as Race, any phraseology we implement will still contain an uncomfortable subconscious message and the herd will immediately reject it wholesale. This situation will be reinforced by the establishment and their energetic sycophants and the mantras will be dissected and, ultimately, used against us by means of deeming them to be merely racist rhetoric and propaganda.

I am not arguing against the use of the various mantras that now flicker at the edges of some areas of the internet, I am simply venturing an opinion that to make best use of these sound bites we must condition the environment in which they are to appear. At the moment, there is an oil and water arrangement which is obviously not sustainable. Reducing the effectiveness of our enemy’s language revolution must take priority and become a mainstay of our social interactions. Only then can we start to fire doctrinal torpedoes at the ship of state, confident that they are guided by laser precision and are able to penetrate any armament.

The mantra is an excellent internal tool, best directed at those that do not yet possess a fuller understanding of our cause. And, as a shield-wall against enemy agitation, the mantra is essential for all ideological initiates.


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