Delusions on the Right

The failure of Nationalism, of whichever dilution, is apportioned by those on the Right to the short-sighted Nationalists who cling like black and crimson limpets to the vestiges of wartime National Socialism, the concept of racial difference, or in their exposé of various conspiracies (I will not insert “theories” because many are fact – much to the annoyance of the easily embarrassed moderates). The electorate, the neo-Nationalists decry, connotes Nationalism with Nazis, racists and fascists and, as anyone in their right mind can compute, no sane citizen would cast their hard-earned vote (if they can actually be bothered to visit the ballot box) for such cranks, maniacs and degenerates. What the Right does not realise is that the voters do not think. If they did, they would critically and without prejudgment, investigate the policies and manifestos of every political entity and make an informed decision based on the facts at hand. Of the larger parties that the herd have the option to vote for, none parade around in 1940’s German army uniforms or smash the windows of Jewish-owed jewellery shops. For you see, Nationalism (the heartfelt connection to one’s country and the tribe of like-minded people that together form a nation) is in its purest sense completely normal and natural. If it was not then nations – and ethnicity for that matter – would not exist. This is the primary reason the British must be conditioned by their genetic competitors and why Nationalism is so tarnished.

In my own experience, the working class public is far more racist than I. My views are born out of the scientific research and pondering of some of the greatest minds ever to have existed. However, the knee-jerk hatred towards some non-Whites expressed by many ‘unenlightened’ folk that I come into contact with is quite shocking – it is little wonder that groups recruiting from the football terrace, e.g., the EDL, flourish in this regard. Of course I attempt to subtly arouse deeper investigation into relevant topics and bolster the grumblings with facts and ideas that lead inevitably to an understanding of racial differences and a pride in our own kind, and as opposed to the enmity of others, but I have come to the conclusion that most outbursts are merely cowardly displays of frustration. Yes, cowardly! These fully-grown examples of manhood run for the hills if the subject is diverted away from behind-closed-doors emotional attacks on imaginary individuals and towards a holistic sociopolitical and demographic interpretation of the situation. No, that would be racist – or worse!

It is clear to many of us that the Right does not need to isolate itself from SS–Einsatzgruppenführer Joe Blogs and his horde of radical goose-stepping henchmen because these fantastical men do not actually exist, they are purely a media fabrication created to blacken the name of any individual, group or tendency that sails too close to the Northerly wind of Nationalism. Instead what we must contend with is well over half a century of anti-Nationalist propaganda, which has intensified in recent years. And just to compound the problem, the very same group that managed to convince the bumbling folk of half a century ago to destroy Nationalism for the sake of International financial interests, now pure venom into the ears of the voters in relation to British Nationalism. These vested interests will never quit and their Liberal cohorts will lash-out at even the most banal Nationalist entity. If the media is giving a group a fair crack of the whip, one can be fairly sure that it is for a very good reason. UKIP, for example, are tolerated and their leader appears on boring TV satire shows in order to pray at the altar of the mainstream and collect his dues from concern members of the misinformed citizenry. But have even UKIP swept into power?

The largest Right-wing political presence, the Conservatives, are voted for by those that exist in a semi comatose state believing that their Tories are conserving a nineteen fifties version of Great Britain, flags, navy, monarch and all. This is both a self-inflicted mental fabrication and subtle media deception. The vast majority of potentially Nationalist voters are comfortably caught in the wake of the great democratic swindle. There is room for little parties of course, but anything effective must be smeared, infiltrated and kept miniscule and underfunded. If, however, the mood of the herd verges towards resentment of the status quo or their replacement by foreigners, the system is more than capable of dragging out a plausible creature who can mollify the public with hollow and cynical verbiage.

Let us get one thing straight, if you are a ‘Right-winger’ and you are considering the establishment of a sincere political entity in order to challenge the rotten and entrenched caliphate, inculcate the “truth”, and garner the support of the disenfranchised natives of former Great Britain, then you may need to remove your head from the soft, warm sand and fully appreciate the severity of our position, not only in this country but across the globe. As Joseph McCarthy was succinctly informed back in 1950:

“But Senator, you do not realize the magnitude and the power of the conspiracy you are attacking. They will destroy you — they will destroy you utterly.

Ignorance is not bliss; it is most definitely fatal when dealing with our enemies, who are very powerful, corrupt and violent. Any attempts to barter with them will not result in a favourable situation for us. Any attempt to ignore the problem will result in a devastating sucker-punch at some point in future. We may think that by diluting our message we are out-witting our enemies but we would be greatly mistaken if we actually believed this. In fact, personally I would not trust a living soul who actually held this ludicrous idea or employed the residual tactic. Reality is cruel but if we cannot contend with it as men then we are simply children playing parlour games whilst our master puts his feet up and enjoys an expensive single malt, cigar and the affections of our females.

If real Nationalists were to set up a false flag Civic Nationalist body it would attract the hobbyists, the ‘cheque-in-the-post’ whisperers; the waifs and strays that exist between the Far-Right and the Conservative party. Even at its height, the British National Party’s active ranks were swollen by the radicals, those with the drive to do rather than mime. The public, who are mostly unaware that the present Chairman of the aforementioned party cannot be trusted, have not repeated a similar display of political concern.

Could Civic Nationalism hope to attract enough enthusiastic doers rather than mime artists? “Ethno-Nationalists” are increasingly condemned as ideological dinosaurs, so who exactly is left: the clever, clever Civics with their heads in the sand; the electorate (what potential for leafleting at dawn in the rain when their bellies are not filled with a fervent fire?); and those who already nestle within the pleasant and comfortable confines of the political golem grotto? These are choices considered out of desperation rather than any coherent analysis of our present or potential resources.

Another issue to be considered is that as the quality of life continues to deteriorate for the average Briton, the herd’s appetite for moderation will lessen. In the coming years the system will be forced into employing a toothless puppet front to quell the rising resentment of the increasingly discontented natives. I see Civic Nationalism (especially if tainted with Zionism) comfortably filling the void with aplomb – so keep a furtive eye on the Situations Vacant column.


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