When the internet is censored

Will the censoring of the internet signify the end of our movement? In many respects I believe this to be the case. Just as animal life becomes extinct due to adaptation, so our present day movement will evolve into something new and far better equipped to tackle the challenges of the future. This new substance will be devoid of the commentators and the hobbyists for their platform, upon which they currently practice their hobbies and proffer their commentaries, would have been removed. It harks back to the ‘lazy apes‘ concept and the steady physiological deterioration that occurs when conditions of life become increasing facile. The less resilient among us will inevitably fall into this category, as we shall witness when the internet is censored.

If we do not make contacts and connections now and while we presently enjoy an expedient means of doing so, we would have squandered a resource at least as valuable as any sapient and portentous propaganda that our intellectuals have deployed to date. Since the inception of the diaphanous Web, Nationalists – those of a certain age and who possess even a third of their much lauded brain power – have been busily creating contacts across the country in concerted attempts to make provision for and mitigate the retraction of this useful tool. Once the theoretical has been exhausted then our movement will finally be ripe for the practical. As Harold Covington describes in his The March up Country, the initial stage in his “four phases to victory” (i.e., “initial cadre recruitment”) has almost entirely been usurped by the Web via the excellent efforts of up-and-coming and ‘cyber savvy’ White Nationalists. Mr Covington could hardly have envisaged the sudden and wholesale uptake of this internet communication medium, but it is nevertheless incumbent upon us to utilise it (or to have utilised it) in order to facilitate the next phase in the plan – if only in part.

If the modern Indo-European mind still has the capacity for intelligent, technical and conceptual thought, then Web 2.0 (Internet sapiens?) will have already been conceived and the groundwork established for its roll-out. However, it really is superfluous whether or not this has happened, what is important is the lasting effect of Web 1.0 and our long-term reaction to it. The ability of Nationalists to correspond, connect and create has never been seen on such a vast scale as during the internet epoch. Have we exploited it to the fullest? We shall see when the internet is censored.

Email, blogs, web forums, myriad online social media, all these things may soon be censored to the point of redundancy, shut down or scrutinised by our enemies for the purposes of pursuing legal action against individuals and organisations beneath the sneak disguise of protecting the citizenry from terrorism, incitement to hatred or some other PC pious nonsense. Can we develop more secure methods of disseminating our ideas and interacting with comrades, or do we strategically retreat to more antiquated telecoms? Again, not important – the fortuitous result of employing the instrument must be our primary motivation rather than the catalyst per se. At any moment we should be in the position to switch off our personal computers and erase the memory of the pro-White forums we presently tap-away in. Our fellow cyber patriots must already have transcended their inspirational words and avatars and have become a part of our personal and political reality. Are we the Ants or are we the Grasshoppers? We shall see when the internet is censored.

[Edit] Create an anonymous email account today – no names, known aliases or places in the address and a password with plenty of numerals and letters. Furthermore, obtain a pre-paid mobile phone and do not register it. Do not share any of this information unless by word-of-mouth. Prepare for repression…


2 thoughts on “When the internet is censored

  1. PAULUK says:

    Hi, Nick?
    I was given – by a fellow Comrade – your BlogUrl which I shall add to my LINK Page on my websites. I have just read half-a-dozen of your posts which are very good. I shall come back & read more – when I get the bloody time!
    Should you wish to send me your email address, then please do so.
    ” ADOLF HITLER was the last honourable White man to be democratically elected statesman for his (our) people and for that He (Prophet) and his(our) people were crushed…” Indeed so….


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