To start a new party or not to start a new party…

Before I begin be aware that I am not going to discuss politics. We can never win democratically, the system will never permit it, and as such party manifestoes are masturbatory. We do not need to inform the public and sit back and wait for their considered opinion on the subject of extinction, it is instead our duty as White men of the West to save them and their genetic heritage whether they like it or not. We will drag our kinsfolk kicking and screaming into the light of a new dawn and their posterity will collectively bless us for it. The reason the establishment (ZOG and its liberal and international capitalist counter-parts) will never bow out gracefully to Nationalist political pressure will become abundantly clear before I conclude this piece.

As we shield our eyes from the burning glare of lies and doctrinal disinformation and gaze out upon the fractured vista of Nationalism, we should be heartened by the stalwarts, those organisations that have not compromised and, although the rigors of the seasons have buffeted them, they have remained true to their (our) ideals. These bastions of genuine racial Nationalism deserve our admiration and our support. Creating yet more parties only serves to deflect from the unity that our movement so desperately demands of us. The gentle manipulation of policy in order to appear more tolerable to the voting public is utterly contrived crap! The system has, and will again, destroy groups and entire nations if it judges that they represent a threat to its God’s given right to rule the planet with impunity and an iron-clad fist.

While we shuffle ideas and percolate radicalism through the fine mesh of mediocrity, our masters enjoy a relatively stable grip on the reins of power. However, if we continue to stand by our vehement opposition to our genetic replacement and defy even the fickle opinion of the democratic masses, we maintain a slim chance of survival. Conditions in White countries will deteriorate (equalising with the savage ‘Third World’) and our message will slowly but inevitably become accepted – the chances of survival increase in accordance with how long the present situation continues to regress. As the system descends into senility our new tribe bolsters and our ideas flourish and develop. The urgency is not in new group creation or in bastardising our philosophy, it is in the active dissemination of our message to our own kind. We must be recruiting under the guise of political democracy and not recruiting for the purposes of democratic politics!

As I have already emphasised, our masters have devilishly twisted a benevolent method of decentralising bureaucratic power for the benefit of the very people that it affects the most so far, that it has now snapped and is beyond repair. The proletariat have been so mollycoddled, so brainwashed into embracing every perceivable unnatural ideology, inane pursuit and ‘lifestyle choice’, that they will seriously consider electing any grinning creature so long as it is dressed-up in expensive attire and solemnly promises the realistically unobtainable. While this façade continues to stand, there will be no breakthrough for Nationalists unless we intend to sell our souls to an adversary who has been dabbling in our affairs with disastrous and murderous results for centuries.

The more potential recruits we can reach out to, scrutinise and absorb into our family, and the longer we continue to increase the number of racially-conscious Nationalists in circulation, the stronger we become. And the stronger we become the more anxious the traitorous system will get. Initially we will simply be slandered in the mass media and attacked by the cowardly bullies in the employ of our enemies, but after a time the vast bulk of this rotting civilisation will begin to shift against us. They will never voluntarily relinquish their authority to us and offer up their necks for the noose – and any man that attempts to argue otherwise is either a fool or a liar. The system will use every means at its disposal to restrict our advance and prevent us from turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction. The longer we can hold-off severe draconian measures (i.e., the less an overt threat we appear to be) the better position our movement will be in when the first strike is finally launched against us.

So should we form a new Nationalist party or parties? I see little need to do so. Pandering to the public may well bring us some immediate success but without our fundamental aims and objectives in tow, we are just playing games and indulging both our egos. The establishment also has the option of co-opting such “civic” Nationalism at will or moving their position further to the Right and therefore obviating the civic presence on the nepotistic political board game. What I do condone is the building and augmentation of an existing and bona fide racial Nationalist entity. Any and all informers, infiltrators, cranks and hobbyists must first be ejected as a matter of urgency. Following these essential and necessary purges, the admittance policy must be strictly tightened and propaganda activities massively increased. Professionalism is secondary to effectiveness; policies play second fiddle to the message; and recruiting formative patriots supersedes any other perceived short-term gains, including petty elections. We must excavate and fill the footings; construct the walls; pitch the roof and make the structure weather tight and able to resist a storm before we even begin to consider the colour of the wallpaper. If the leadership of any contemporary party cannot accept basic principles then they should be replaced, but if this procedure proves impossible then, and only then, should a new and credible body be spawned.


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