Thoughts on the New Tribe, part 2

In part two of my thoughts on the New Tribe I am going to refer very specifically to my own personal situation. But, and although I do have some intentions in relation to people, places and projects, I will not be offering them up for public scrutiny at this stage.

Proposed locale

The first step will be to research areas of the country ripe for urban socio-regeneration. Regions that have been ravaged by the establishment’s international free-trade policies are prime locations. However, we must avoid the following:

1) Large towns and cities. Our presence will not be strong enough to affect large numbers of citizens. Furthermore, it is my belief that the occupants of large metropolitan areas have been adversely altered due to the concentrated population base. Studies on small rodents have shown that excessive colony size correlates with all manner of physical and physiological conditions, including suicide and homosexuality.

2) Areas with an abundance of non-White immigrants. Non-Whites can be utilised as shock troops by the system via direct provocation or subtle media manipulation. Also, the tendency for non-Whites to commit more violent crimes – as even governmental statistics suggest – is an extraneous factor that we would rather avoid. Whites in these areas tend to be either very Nationalistic or are wallowing in the multicultural swamp like swine. The former will shortly be forced to draw their own conclusions as to how they will secure the existence of their kind, but we must given these patriots the opportunity to replicate our scheme or join us. The fate of the latter is to suffer at the hands of their beloved cultural enrichers.

3) Areas of isolation. We require a population to convert, a handful of villagers leagues away from the nearest dual carriageway does not represent a valid platform for proselyting White folk. We must also consider employment, i.e., identify any local trading estates or major employment hubs, such as large towns or cities. Amenities, shopping arcades and recreational areas/centres for children are also important variables.

Ideally, the New Tribe will be conceived within a small residential Northern town, with good access to commuter routes and low levels of foreign immigrants. The town must once have enjoyed a thriving economy in the not too distance past but the skills gleaned through successive generations have now been made redundant due to the treasonous machinations of globalism. The people, by their very existence, would have proven their resilience and displayed their resistance to oppression – they will be tough no-nonsense characters with a suitable suspicion of the government. We would not, however, invest in a location riddled with drug-related crime.


Due to the house prices in our chosen town being relatively low, one or two houses for rental purposes could be purchases by an individual or a syndicate. I will be purchasing at least two, preferably three-bedroom properties, and will renovate them personally and, if I am lucky, will receive the help of volunteers. I will also be in the position to invest in, or start – which is not preferential – a small business. This is not enough in itself but, and if we are serious about this venture and our survival, others will replicate our efforts.

Those with little or no capital should consider the following:

1) Street activity, personal contact with the native inhabitants, and grass-root politics (and no, I am not referring to pinning on a badge and becoming a candidate for election; that can be left to the professional democrats).

2) Assisting those outlaying private finance to purchase dwellings – this will consist of labour, trade services or in becoming a paying tenant.

We should encourage political organisations to focus on the areas we have decided to settle. If we can secure a handful, or more, local councillors with racial nationalist leanings, we can at least hold back the encroachments of the liberal establishment and foil lunatic decision making. It is vital that political organisations must be kept completely distinct and separate from our endeavours! We cannot allow the system to link our activities with anything other than property development or socialist mumbo-jumbo.

Before we raise our heads above the parapet we must first ensure that the rampart is strong enough and high enough to withstand the ground invasion. If we act prematurely, we will be discovered and overwhelming pressure exerted on us – our undertaking will be strenuous enough without unnecessary obstacles and opposition.

The “landlords” must also partake in the grass-roots activities but they should enshroud themselves in an air of legitimacy. Scrutinising potential recruits; formulating new activities and publications; organising local events; chairing charitable functions, the “landlords” must be prepared and able to win over the hearts and minds of the people and begin the formative process of establishing the New Tribe. We should always buy locally and support local interests.

However, without the individuals on the street the “landlords” will make little headway and their endeavours will amount to a personal pension fund and little else. There must be a concerted and cohesive effort on behalf of everyone involved to build a new society amongst the crumbling ruins of the old.


Non-Whites should be made to feel unwelcome in our areas but we must remain legal at all times; the future of our people is far too important to jeopardise by petty confrontations. We must actively encourage Whites Nationalists to relocate to our areas. Their presence will become essential and will inevitably augment our efforts. The importance of locale is absolutely critical in this regard, thus my explanation of why we should set up our embryonic enterprise within easy commuter distance to a large town or city – so long as the city is not overrun with undesirable elements, e.g., non-Whites, who may visit our town for the purposes of committing petty or violent crimes.

Cultural events must be actualised, especially fetes and the like. We must provide ourselves with every potential opportunity to engage with local White denizens and gradually offer them the prospect of understanding their plight; their place in the world today and what future awaits them if they do not take personal responsibility for their own existence. We must organise music festivals, quiz nights, sports events et al. We must become the hub of the community – these people are the best of us, the few that have not been cowed by the destruction of their lifestyles and have not yet accepted the mono-racial destiny that now confronts many regions of this once great country.

Going forward – and if we have reached this stage within our lifetimes then we are achieving far more that we could hope for – we must spread the idea of cultural regeneration. Other bright spots on the brooding horizon must appear. Our idea must be duplicated, bettered and honed until it is the perfect method of salvaging what is left of the White race on these isles. We must invest our hearts and our souls in the prospect of creating a New Tribe of Britons who are racially conscious and capable of holding back the tide of egalitarianism, suicidal free-market supercapitalism and Jewish race-mixing propaganda. If we can do this, if we can put aside our immediate comfort for a tiny proportion of our long lives then we will be doing a great and inspiration service to our posterity. If we cannot even attempt this, then we have proven that we are indeed “a race played out”. I do not believe this and with every fibre of my being I know that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. Our ancestors succeeded and, in order to honour them and keep the flame of our people alive, we too must succeed.

Part 3


One thought on “Thoughts on the New Tribe, part 2

  1. Aggro Saxon says:

    Now I have had the time to digest part 2 I must admit that I am in full agreement. I am aiming for ‘practicalities’ in particular by purchasing a farmstead nearby a northern town and offering living space and work involving the building of camp site facilities and general market gardening with also the added recruitment of staff willing to conduct guided tours, walks and bush craft week ends and also volunteer work in a wildlife rescue centre. With the right base facilities the possibilities are extensive and It could also transpire that volunteer work will be required also at an important heritage site I own nearby. I daresay that my plans will go down well with the local community and help bring tourism to the area whilst busily creating a PLE home base for the people already involved and those I’m getting to know. In time it is hoped that only the right people for this project will be encouraged into that area in order to build on the foundations when they’re completed. This will take a little time but the path of posterity has been laid.


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