What We Need To Do

It appears that I am being far too subtle… and that after over sixty years of debating, criticising, in-fighting, conceiving little groups and winding them up, etc., we still are not in the position to seriously challenge our enemies. And yes, the System (all current and pervasive governmental, financial, media and educational institutions) is our enemy – burn that sentiment into your cerebellum. We do not have a single party in the government. There is not a solitary soul in the House of Commons (and remember that these creatures represent the will and intention of electorate) that would stand up for our cause, our survival or, and to be brutally frank, piss on us if we had a flaming tyre around our necks and all our tendons severed.

Now listen closely, because our lives are far too short to prevaricate or lose ourselves in bovine excrement. This is what we need to do if we are going to undermine the established order and begin to safeguard the future of a small proportion (understand that many of our folk will be lost because we have failed to act decisively and efficaciously for such a long time) of our kind.  Research PLE (Pioneer Little Europe) and, if you are in the position to do so, start one. Contact me if necessary, log into stormfront.org and peruse the posts of Haman, or select a geographical area for yourself and being to promote its virtues to a select and trusted cadre of racial Nationalists. Do not expose your intention to all and sundry; only include those that you completely trust. I am not a coward, I am a realist and I understand our racial enemies duped us and destroyed our last chance of open military rebellion against them several generations ago. This course of action will not be for everyone and for numerous reasons, but give it your best shot.

If you have not already closed this browser and are attending to the above, the next option may well be your (our) only hope of continuation. Join the National Front*. I am not going to fuck around and allude to a “political party”, just join the Front. [Edit – the National Front is no longer fit for any purpose. A ‘reasonable’ political group to join – if you are so inclined – is the British Democratic Party: http://www.britishdemocraticparty.co.uk] We only require one cohesive constitutional group and it may as well be that one; the others have shown themselves to be either incompetent or utterly corrupt. Next, read the six precepts that pertain to our survival. If necessary spend an entire week of your short life on number one: democracy is dead to us. Cut this futile hope out of your psyche and grind it into powder. You need to accept that before our movement can go on. It is absolutely essential. We are in a state of genticidal massage (I do not use the word genocide – it is a fabricated nonsense term). Our enemies are controlling our ethnic cleansing and whenever we let out a cry or run to the door, a sophisticated smoke and mirrors routine ensues and we gradually calm down and the brutal massage resumes.

So now thousands of racially-aware and radical Nationalists have found themselves under a single banner, what is the next task at hand? There is no talk of pandering to homosexuals, Jews or allowing non-Whites a membership card. There is now no background noise of electoral victory. It is now a movement, i.e. a physical entity generating kinetic energy, and not a static, which is exactly what our little collection of competing tribes is at this moment in time. Our newly formed cohesive body of like-minded and determined individuals must grow incrementally, it must never become static – the drastically depreciating standards of life among the natives will see that this does not happen. The movement must educate and augment. All thoughts of becoming democratically elected and standing in a cheap suit besides a professional national traitor have already been expunged from the collective conscious. Political suffrage is now merely a front, just as it is with our enemies, who espouse one thing and do another without mandate or referendum. We are finally going toe-to-toe and on an equal footing.

Build this organisation: promote leaders with zeal, courage, conviction and determination, not expensive ties and media-savvy; the mainstream media is our enemy and we must therefore treat it as such. Swell the different tiers (first tier: new recruits & initiates; second tier: workers & activists; third tier: propagandists & educators; forth tier; the management; fifth tier: ardent religious leaders) and constantly expose the hypocrisy of the system; their egalitarian fallacy and the international financial institutions that have brought our economies to their knees. Use whatever means are at our disposal and no matter how crude or technologically state-of-the-art. Remain legal for as long as you are humanly able – when the time comes, let the system unleash their terror and the remnants of the thinking White population will suddenly experience an epiphany.

This is when we begin to take back what our ancestors killed and died for, not before! If we act prematurely then we will be separated, absorbed and beaten to a pulp, but after the system declares war on White racial dissidents the game is afoot. It is uncharted waters from then on.

In the meantime, and after I am either too decrepit to participate any longer or dead, thriving PLEs will provide strongholds for our people and our revolutionaries. These islands in the multicultural morass will represent our new and burgeoning societies. They will become the heart and soul of our movement. Without them we will merely be renegades beyond the fringe.

So next time someone says to me in abject  frustration “What are you actually doing about it?” I can tell them to piss off and get involved in our embryonic terra-forming project or join the NF and begin getting to grips with a situation that has been blown far out of proportion due to our ignorance, stupidity or poor guidance. Unless of course our compass simply has no needle any longer and we are already fated for extinction. In which case we fight on regardless, for what else is there but survival?

I do not say these things to create enemies or make friends, I want to win! I want to see, taste and smell victory while I still draw breath. That may be totally unrealistic but it is almost certainly impossible if we do not pull our thumbs out of our arse holes and get on with making this thing happen. No more excuses, no more follow the leader, no more frustrated banner waiving – now is the time for cold, calculated strategy. As Emory Burke once said, I know if we work along those lines that We Will Win!

*I have no relationship with the NF so I do not have their endorsement. However, I am certain that they will not turn away fresh and genuine recruits. It is the death nail in the democratic coffin that might put-off the leadership strata. But that is something you will have to deal with, “I’m PLE”. Once you have put to bed the fantasy of democratic victory, all our resources and vital energy can be channeled into what really matters: the conversion and recruitment of the best of our folk. We are not fighting for the sake of the next general election, we are battling the forces of evil and the outcome will decide our very existence.


6 thoughts on “What We Need To Do

  1. Aggro Saxon says:

    TBH I haven’t had time to catch up with all the updates in this blog yet myself but for anyone looking in the writer is the author of Trojan Horses (included) and makes a mountain of sense, so if you haven’t read it please find the time to ingest it as this is one of the best examples of what PLE survival is all about. Now is the time to plan ahead for our future survival of our race – that of our future generation upon whom we depend on to continue the fight long after we have left them to the mess that successive governments have succeeded in bringing about with their suicidal actions against us. If we do not unite under one banner and fight this monster we are surely doomed and that is not merely a possibility it is a fact. Each one of us is a cog in the wheel of a machine that will never function if the operators are missing.

    This poignant quote stirs the senses; ‘Unless of course our compass simply has no needle any longer and we are already fated for extinction. In which case we fight on regardless, for what else is there but survival?’ Well said N.G.

    I don’t hold with the saying ‘If it doesn’t happen now – it never will’ as I see people emerging from comas all around me so there’s hope yet! This is an excellent book (so I am told) by one such person who saw what IS happening in his home town http://www.amazon.com/The-Islamic-Republic-Dewsbury-ebook/dp/B006NKI1L6/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1335734826&sr=1-1
    Danny Lockwood is the proprietor and sometimes editor of The Press, an independent newspaper in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. He has a column there which he writes as ‘Ed Lines’. Much of what he reports does not go down well with local Muslims to the extent that he has been threatened and demonstrated about, not to mention a court case between him and former MP Shahid Malik.


  2. WhiteRabbitAwake says:

    Good blog. Good writing.

    Spoiled with the ‘nonsense word’ remark? (Yet happy to use that other fabricated nonsense word that appears in these pages. You know the one. Racist!).

    It seemed a snipe on a section of White Nationalists doing work that will lead to recruits for PLEs. They are provoking thought ignition with that ‘nonsense word’. White genocide.


    1. N.Grifford says:

      No snipe intended. My issue is with both the construction of the word “genocide” and its context: It is a hybrid word coined from the Greek genus [genos], meaning race or tribe, and the Latin -cide, meaning killing. Technically, the correct word should be genticide which draws both elements from Latin rather than creating an erroneous term.

      The word genocide was initially introduced by Raphael Lemkin in his Axis Rule in Occupied Europe, 1944 (see Sec. III of Chap. IX from “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe,” by Raphael Lemkin, 1944 – – Prevent Genocide International).

      It was first employed as a premise to persecute Germans following their defeat at the hands of the Western Debt-slave Capitalist Democracies and the Bolshevik Communists.

      I deem it to be a nonsense word. I am not attacking the mantra etc. I have posted on the blog about the mantra FYI: https://ragsmakepaper.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/mantras/ (I did clear it with the white geNOcide project beforehand mind you).

      I understand the propaganda benefits but I guess you could say it is just a personal quirk of mine. I respect any whites who speak out so I apologise if you felt that I was attacking fellow racial nationalists – that is something I do not do. I will test their arguments, yes, but not indulge in ad hominem assaults.

      As for “racist” that’s an easy one: racist is just a codeword for anti-white!* I don’t even bother with the anti- prefix. The only possible retort to this is “what do you mean?” I am then free to explore the topic without fear of repercussions because the subject was broached by another.


      *I may need to explain my reasoning behind this but it is too late to do so now.
      https://ragsmakepaper.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/racist-is-a-codeword-for-anti-white/ – explained.


      1. RS says:

        I’m glad there are others willing to take a critical approach towards language, instead of playing at semantic inversions. If you swallow Jewish neologisms without a second thought, you will end up thinking within THEIR boundaries, which leaves you on the road to the grave. ‘Politics and the English Language’ by Orwell is perhaps the seminal text on the matter of language in political discourse, which everyone should before writing in public.

        When I see like-minded people calling UAF “the real fascists”, I always stress that they are buying into the enemy’s narrative. UAF are NOT the real fascists. They are a group of communists, liberal democrats and conservatives – how dare people conflate them with great men like Sir Oswald Mosley and Jorian Jenks? You do not defeat your enemies by accepting their pejoratives and using them against them. Doing so is a tactic admission that their philosophical and political assumptions are valid (which they aren’t, as all thinking adults know). No, you defeat them by getting people to realise that being a “communist” is far worse than being a “fascist”. You force people to understand that communism, liberalism and conservatism are all united against the interests of Our People. If you play into their hands, they will squeeze the life out of you.

        It sounds good as a piece of sloganeering, but it sends out the wrong message. The “white genocide” game is less offensive to me, merely because it serves as a valid alternative to propagandists of the “white suicide” meme (e.g. Pat Buchanan), who’re pretending that we willed ourselves into this position. Like hell we did! Still, attacking the formulation of neologisms; particularly ones coined by Jews, is essential. The morphology of “homophobia” is the most egregious example that comes to mind. It is the most meaningless term since “racism”.

        Interesting blog, though. Looking forward to reading through the other posts. I am familiar with April Gaede and the Kalispell PLE, but had no clue the idea has been picked up over here. It is obvious that the financial democratic system has always been rigged against us.


      2. N.Grifford says:

        Thank you for the comment.

        The burgeoning PLE segment of the blog is contained within the Thoughts of the New Tribe thread. I hope to be able to concentrate on this more readily rather than my rather esoteric and ham-fisted philosophical ramblings. It is early days yet but one impending house sale should light the blue touch paper.



  3. PAULUK says:

    … Very Good.
    ‘White Tribe’ is a good term & correctly represents who we truely are. JdeN in the U.S came up with ‘White Safety Zones’ which is also very apt & is, infact, what I myself am preparing for in this SW WHITE corner of ENGLAND & WE WILL take up use of arms against ANYONE in order to defend it! A bit like Ulster but WITHOUT the ‘politics’. OUR ‘politics’ is one of RACE
    Correct – forget the ballot box – precisely what ZOG want you to believe, ie: delude yourself!


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