On leadership (again)

Are leaders born or ordained by the supernatural? Or are potential leaders instead identified in their formative years and nurtured by able men? These formative statesmen, or great military assets, must be challenged and pitted against their peers in rigorous competition; they must overcome obstacles that leave others enervated; they are to be tested, sifted, promoted and encouraged. Only through struggle are significant individuals sired. Those that possess the innate constitution will advance to greatness. To believe in the former concept – to wait for or indeed to pray for a colossus; a messiah – is to admit defeat and to accept the purely fatalistic view that we are a spent force, who cower before our enemies and organise in secret to discuss our poor lot and prostrate ourselves in front of an image of a hero – usually this idol either employs one of two props, a halo or a tightly cropped moustache.

The creatures that form the leadership strata of the current ‘elite’ have been processed by a similar method. Their characters, however, have not been molded for the purposes of good, nor even morality, they have been injected with regular doses of the multicultural, internationalist, egalitarian, anti-white and democratic morphine derivative; they have been taught how to convince and bend the truth; they have been conceived in institutions, such as private banking houses and law firms, that drain the last vestiges of moral fluid from the human body and embalm the carcass with a substance bubbling with a palpable hatred for all things traditionally European, white and patriotic.

For the perceptive observer – those that understand the generic programming language of the android sycophants of the elite – the motivation behind every government decision is clear. Indeed, some degree of divination can be attributed to the informed observer who is fully capable of regularly and accurately predicting how politicians, and other visual representatives of the New World Order, will react to any given situation or happenstance. Abnormal and seemingly insensible decisions that confound the public and (with feigned outrage or incredulousness) the press, are instantly recognised by the informed observer as being a part of the globalist, anti-nationalist narrative. This proves convincingly (I know that it will convince because we witness the sideshow every day) that our current crop of “leaders” have been created by shrewd and malevolent manipulators and their eluant propaganda. They were not born scheming liberal agitators or greedy capitalist internationalists; they were once merely bright and promising pupils and, therefore, aspiring initiates.

Unfortunately for us White Nationalists we do not have the facilities to create leaders in this particular manner – or do we? This is what I wrote on the subject of leaders in this very blog:

Why should strong men require a leader, or at least be governed by males that cannot prove their ability to overcome their peers both mentally and physically? The establishment’s definition of leadership is the propensity for slyness; they must cut a slick, presentable image; they must be wealthy. The modern statesman must have an aptitude to grovel on his belly, lie through his teeth and connect with the common man. In short, he is no leader in the true Aryan sense of the interpretation. Any man that needs physical human guidance and representation before he is willing to fight for the survival of his own kind has fallen far short of the definition that his gender denotes. We should not need inspiration. All we require is the struggle, the cause and one more breath in our lungs

We have been presented with a challenge, perhaps the greatest challenge to confront our kind since it existed in the midst of an ice age thirty five thousand years before the present. Every thinking racialist is psychologically tormented daily by the problem of our survival in an ever-shrinking and darkening world: the apparatus to forge great men has already been established! Instead of praying like wretched curs for our salvation, we should crash headlong into the dilemma; think, act and endeavour. We should not fear for our own sakes. Our earthly bodies will soon be long forgotten as will our personal fears, hopes and all the other multitudinous emotional abstractions that are the creation of electrical impulses in our insomnious brains. Through struggle our leaders will be baptised, not via prayer or wishful-thinking. The cancer of hope leads to the unforgivable sin of inaction, which is something we cannot afford if we are serious about securing a future for our kind on this planet, as opposed to a cumulus cloud in some mythological heaven.

Our days must be filled with thought and with action; our posterity demands this of us. If we are not leaders then we are not men – only slaves cringe and snivel and emit noises that cannot be heard. The men of our race are their own leaders, they are the patriarchs, and by colliding with their rivals – through the internal struggles of civilisation – do the greatest of us emerge. That is the crucible of leadership. Our nights must be filled with thought and our sleep perturbed until victory has been secured; our progeny demands this of us.

As Ezra Pound is reported to have said,

And the days are not full enough, and the nights are not full enough, and life slips by like a field mouse not shaking the grass.”

If our lives slip past without us having rustled the tall grass (or having mown and stacked it) then we shall pass into the night of extinction only to be remembered by those cringing, snivelling, soundless slaves that pray for guidance and leadership. This is not who we are. We must accept our role as men, as conquerors and leaders, each and every one of us!


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