Racist is a codeword for anti-white

Consider the following:

Racist – common parlance referring to a nasty, despicable individual or group (almost in every case white European) that hates other races, believing their own race to superior in whole or in part.

Anti-racist – infrequently used term referring to those that oppose racists.

During the course of a working week I am fairly certain that the word “racist” permeates into the cochlea of the average British citizen many, many times. In contrast “anti-racist” is something I have must admit to not ever having heard, not until I first logged into Storm front .org and was duly educated in relation to the new breed of Reds – some of these degenerates deem themselves to be anti-racists, others anti-fascist and so on. The aforementioned average British citizen does not come into regular contact with anti-racists, nor does he generally hear very much about these singular creatures. They are, however, bombarded by racists in one guise or another (significantly, anonymous racists causing trouble for inoffensive immigrants in the news or stereotypical soap-opera skinheads sporting tattoos, cans of high strength larger and foul mouths).

I am very seldom accused of being an anti-racist – in fact that particular accusation has never once been levied against me I am glad to report – but I have been quizzed, once or twice, over potentially being a racist. The follow scenario this therefore realistic:

ABC (Average British Citizen): “Are you a racist?”

Me: “Racist is just a codeword for anti-white.”

ABC: “What does that mean?”

Me: “The media tells us that only whites can be racists even if whites are attacked by non-whites for no other reason than the colour of their skin. The word racist demonises white people, even the word race makes people flinch.”

ABC: “So you are a racist then?”

Me: “But racist is just a codeword for anti-white – it is a trigger word to frighten the public, it is also almost exclusively used against white people who simply wish to survive as a cohesive tribe. I am not against white people; I think they have a right to exist just as any other race does, so I am therefore not a racist. To avoid racism all races must live separately.”

Unless anti-racists are specifically the subject of discourse, i.e., if they are centre stage on the television or radio while you are in the presence of Mr or Mrs ABC, I fail to see how the mantra is best shoe-horned into daily life thus my removal of the anti- prefix. Being someone who enjoys a good (or bad) debate, I have also formulated a situation which could tangle the proponents of the anti-racist mantra, that being if Mr/Mrs ABC (or more likely a secret agitator) replies, “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white? So are you saying that all whites are racist?” This is a simple semantic leap, removing both the anti- prefixes and thereby condemning the entire white race to the vitriolic slur of racist. Granted, an in-depth cognitive rummage is not exactly required to effectively untangle the discussion but remember that it is we who should guide the ABC by the nose and not vice versa.

Of course, please correct me if I am wildly short of the mark. However, and if I am not, please do not hack at the idea with a blunt axe purely because you are shackled to unswerving preconceptions. We must always be adapting and evolving; constantly shifting our stance to account for incoming blows. Our movement is a movement and not a static – most stationary objects either collapse or crumble given the passage of time.

Another little propaganda trick for you. Whenever the term “indigenous” is used in relation to the British, do not forget to inform the listener that in April 2009 Members of Parliament from all incumbent democratically elected parties signed a declaration that points out that our governments declaration that the British are not indigenous to this country*. This fact generally renders the natives speechless. A quick follow up is to explain that the government is clearly racist and anti-white and, by the way, the Israeli Prime Minister frequently asserts that the Jews are indigenous to Palestine even though the Jews conquered that country by force after the Second World War – a war which seems to have benefitted the Jews immensely.

Informative, pro-white and attempts to desensitise establishment trigger words such as racist, white (yes, even that now has negative connotations) and Jew.

*Link: http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2008-09/1299 (print this document or ‘print screen’ and save it for posterity – treason must never prosper!)


4 thoughts on “Racist is a codeword for anti-white

  1. WhiteRabbitAwake says:

    I must admit anti-white is something I had not heard until SF. It is a term used often now by many nationalist bloggers and can even be found in political party material.

    Only when white people acknowledge victim status will they become racially aware.


    1. N.Grifford says:

      The term anti-racist, in my view at least, is confusing for the average British citizen. Our own internal terminology is incredibly useful but for propaganda purposes we should employ more recognised language. However, others have done far more in relation to ‘mantras’ than I so I will restrict my own offers of advice to this blog or in personal contact because I do not want to cause division or annoyance. I will utilise whatever I feel is appropriate for any even situation, and as mentioned in the post, the anti-white appellation could be very effective in certain scenarios.

      I’m not sure I like the victim status, to me it is far too “politically correct” and offends my sense of who we really are beneath the many layers of flab and self-hatred. There is either survival or extinction, victim is an artificially derived state deeply rooting in our now defunct Aryan morality. Victims are usually mentally victims before they experience the physical manifestation of their status. We have been exploited by a cunning tribe, we now understand this and should rectify the problem.

      But I think you are correct in what you say, white people are victims and it sickens my soul to appreciate how far we have fallen. I believe that whites will continue to be victims until the males start acting like men. Only a resurgence will provide the necessary awakening – only anger will stir the beast – not the acceptance of a ‘victim status’, which is for slaves, under-achievers and the defeated. It is my opinion that white nationalists must remain calm, organised and collected in order to capitalise on the inevitable white back-lash and the debilitation of the system.


  2. WhiteRabbitAwake says:

    May I add a blunt axe swung about in the right place has the ability to be more effective than a precision scalpel.


    1. N.Grifford says:

      I think that amongst fellow racialists, constructive debate is essential – just as long as we realise that we are all on this unhappy boat (to coin a phrase) together.


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