White Nationalism: Bicephalous Titan

Why do we do what we do? What is the purpose of our movement? To what end do we struggle?

Struggle is not fanciful or paranoid hyperbole for we, as White Nationalists, face the realistic threat of persecution, including physical violence, loss of employment and imprisonment. Essentially there are two reciprocal and synergetic protocols that in synthesis inaugurate our movement: The Message (the conglomeration of precepts that provide us with the necessary clarity to realise our genetic peril, explore the full gamut of racial difference, and the forces that collectively oppose us) and Racial Evolution (the fact that we are not a static sentient entity and that we are compelled by Nature’s eternal law to strive for ever higher states of haecceity; which is a constructive consequence of various external pressures and selective breeding).

I have attempted to isolate and examine these symbiotic principles below.

The Message

Our message was probably was best distilled by William Pierce in his 1976 National Alliance conference address entitled Our Cause, or in the simple fourteen word premise that “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The purpose of our message is to attract only those members of our already elite racial group adequately fit to survive as a hated global minority and perspicacious enough to shun the overwhelming herd-like instinct in order to follow the gossamer thread of truth through the daedalean maze of taboos, falsehoods and black enemy propaganda. It is essential that the message is clear, concise and utterly unmoved by social and political trends. The message is a beacon for all who would observe it; it is our guiding star.

Our message transcends the generations and all personalities, no matter how gravitationally significant, therein. It is lost, like the proverbial pearls before swine, on the vast majority of our people simply because the vast majority of our people are followers and are shepherded by greater (or at least more cunning) persons than they. The opinion of the herd matters only in the egalitarian daydreams of democratic politics where base impulses are stimulated in order to elicit the required results. Democratic manipulation of the masses negates our message because it ignores the fundamental inequalities that exist even among our own tribe. However, the content of our message can still be gleaned by those capable and willing to filter out the white noise of the modern materialistic experience. Indeed, there is a correlation between the more difficult that it becomes to pin down our voice and the increasingly high standards of those admitted into Unser Kampf. It is for these men and women that we hold aloft the torch; the beacon of White Nationalism.

Racial Evolution

The Message condones the survival of our people while the teachings of racial evolution, the Nietzschean, Faustian – Darwinian even – urge preaches furtherance. Although coadjuvant, the message and racial evolution are distinct in themselves and those of us that are able to appreciate and wholeheartedly accept the former may not necessarily be in the position to fully comprehend the ramifications of the latter. Because with every evolution extinction must transpire (the equal and opposite reaction), and in this instance it will be extinction of the white race. By passing through the evolutionary bottleneck of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, through immense mental and physical struggle and torment, our people will take their first tentative steps onto the plateau of higher man. The ability to accept a holistic view of race – of our racial brotherhood – and sculpt a vision of the future in which our enemies no longer restrain our natural urges towards greatness, will represent the triumph of will over the mundane, the superfluous and the indulgent.

The primary reason for the existence of the message is for the race to continue and the sole purpose of continuation is betterment. We shall out-evolve our less competent brethren and our genetic competitors: this is as normal as our race’s unique tendency toward genius, innovation and existentialism and in direct contrast to the remaining human beings who share our contracting living space. Our innate ‘Aryan morality’ has permitted less scrupulous humanoids to exploit us and take advantage of a folk that they could not hope to defeat by force of arms. We now acknowledge our flaws as well as the malign intentions of our present masters and it is incumbent upon us to rectify the situation. We must then set about making up for lost time (approximately sixty years) and once again understand our role in the infinite life force that binds together our race, our planet and our universe.

Our unadulterated message appeals to the most inquiring, individualistic and erudite minds, while racial evolution aspires to mould a new and better nation, which, in the truest sense of the word, is the complimentary partnership of genetics and geography. Everything else – the finer political, economic detail – will flow from the duality of white racial nationalism.


5 thoughts on “White Nationalism: Bicephalous Titan

  1. Anon says:

    To my knowledge evolution requires extended periods of time. What makes you so confident that we shall have sufficient time to evolve out of the current mess. My fear would be that we might be extinct before the evolutionary processes get any traction. Please note, this is not meant to be a criticism.


    1. N.G. says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      Charles Darwin once said, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

      If we adapt and survive, it will mark us out as distinct. Eventually, this ability to continue in spite of seemingly irresistible pressure will become a trait. This trait will be sought after and will gradually become the norm; we would have evolved, in a subtle way, into a New Tribe. Those amongst us who cannot do this on an individual basis will either be slaughtered or will mix their genetic inheritance and therefore become extinct. Physical adaptation and mental evolution are not polar opposites. I would suggest that the latter, for numerous reasons, is by far the more abrupt process.

      To answer your question, I am not confident at all. I have children and they will understand our truth. I too will do what I can do change our fortunes. If there are eventually not enough of us, or if we are just not efficacious in our undertakings, then we will go extinct in the very near future. All we can do is try. If we cannot even try then we are sorry specimens not worthy of pity or even good fortune.



      1. Anon says:

        Perhaps the South Africans will show us how. After all, they’ve got a head start in the process, and, at least so far, seem to be doing all right. Plus they have no intention of mixing. Deep down they are still as racist as ever. Superficially, of course, they adhere to the new “norm”. It actually surprised me how well they fake it.


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