The Hate Industry

The hate industry exists for the overthrow of civilisation. Why this should be the case will become evident but perhaps the most complex and interesting idiosyncrasy of the intrigue is (and as Newton’s third law of motion instructs us) that the attempted destruction of our civilisation, if successfully resisted, will result in reciprocal repercussions for the instigators. I suppose our present day masters understand this principle but either regard themselves as being too far down the road of no-return to reverse the trends or are perhaps so hubristic to not even consider defeat or devise an exit strategy. We shall either be destroyed genetically or the venture will spell certain doom for the perpetrators of the terrible crime; the decades in between merely fill-in the gaps.


Every institution has been tainted by the anti-civilisation hate industry. In our schools, children as young as six are taught about sexual intercourse and, if that were not enough to make the sensible parent cringe, these young minds are also graphically exposed to the prospects of homosexuality. This de facto promotion of an unnatural act is specifically calculated to ‘do its bit’ in relation to the destruction of the crumbling Occident. Homosexual practices precipitate a plethora of diseases and sodomy does not produce offspring and can therefore not contribute to the furtherance of the race.

The educational institutions are the hate industry’s spearhead, it is where our progeny are stripped of their normal Northern European urges, the healthy triumvirate of fraternity, honour and innovation that created the West. Competition is proscribed; white history is reduced to an exercise in white guilt; the intellectual arenas of science, mathematics and English are restricted and restrained to accommodate the less able; the educators themselves generally represent the low water mark of human endeavour. The worthless diploma produced at the end of this process guarantees that the individual whose name is emblazoned across it is instilled with little or no racial pride and will fail to contribute to the once illustrious civilisation that developed the academic apparatus in antiquity.


Successive democratic governments have remorselessly augmented the protocols of white hatred and the technique amplifies incrementally with every administration no matter the colour of the rosette or populist rhetoric. Every internal and external policy facilitates the ethnic replacement of the native population. With every internationalist cabinet we elect the steady genesis of a hostile atmosphere whereby the natives are increasingly separated from both the land of their ancestors and their genetic brethren continues unabated.

The government abuses its inaugurated power in order to cement its position in the hate industry. The incumbents, in lockstep with the opposition, possess the potential to completely alter and dissuade the repressive forces that undermine uncontrolled nationalism and racial solidarity and yet it does nothing. At worse, our leaders magnify the cruel impact of the hate industry upon the population. The politically correct agenda assists the hate industry in manipulating the lives of the unwitting electorate and gradually discredits natural justice, inherent laws and the judiciary by supplanting honest men with those tainted with the liberali politica codex.

Mass media

Perhaps the most congruous face of the hate industry is the media of news and entertainment. The ability to promote every degenerate poison in parallel with the subtle subversion of facts and ideas makes controlling the airwaves and newspaper columns possibly the most efficacious weapon in our enemy’s arsenal. Every assortment of perversion and socially destructive suggestion is carefully directed, edited and cast and churned out from the panoply of debasing programmes and newsreels. The sinister sincerity with which the news broadcaster or left-wing journalist distorts the truth or breaks it upon the anvil of un-civilisation; the cheerful clarity of the message of miscegenation in soap operas and music videos; the shameless eradication of traditional gender roles – all these things are the concerns of the pernicious media.

The purpose of this continuous conditioning is to force the viewer – the white viewer – to reconsider their own existence. Why should they continue to survive as a cohesive racial entity when blacks, for instance, are far more popular (music videos display wealthy negro males with scantily-clad females parading for them), stronger (muscular negroes paraded on sports fields, magazines etc., as well as the aforementioned three and a half minutes of debauchery), sexually superior (the thinly veiled myth of the negro male’s genitalia), and intellectually more masterful and successful (the ubiquitous black police chief, judge, defence attorney, professor, detective and on and on). White males should feel intimidated and persuaded to ape the negroes while white females will be admonished and suspected of being “racist sluts” if they do not succumb to their sexual advances. However, almost every flagrant promotion of the negro male is utterly fatuous, but self-hatred must be achieved before the process of self-abasement can reach fruition.


The paragon of industry is to be widely recognised as an Equal Opportunities Employer. This lacklustre badge of multi-racial egalitarianism is profound not because of its philanthropy but due the rank hypocrisy and overt endorsement of ethnic cleansing. It represents the apex of self-hatred, of a moribund and misguided tribalism. Why the managers and human relation busy-bodies of large organisations (tens of thousands of white men and women) abhor their own race to such an extent is obviously the resultant affect of the hate industry. But many androids simply follow the narrative of the hate industry in a myopic state and psychologically redact the malign motives and destructive consequences of their actions.

It is a sorry state of affairs when profits override the eternal bloodline that connects a racial entity. Moreover, to submerge a nation into debt, money laundering activities (i.e. the services industries) and, ultimately, abject poverty for the sake of self-interest and materialist greed, serves the proponents of the hate industry perfectly and directly.

Mirroring the goods and services industry is its insidious twin, the financial services industry. This modern take on an ancient parasite wafts lending at interest (usury) beneath the noses of governments, businesses and consumers like a heavily-spiced morsel of putrid meat. The consequences of large scale debt is the contraction of community as individuals are atomised into the teeming worker drones enslaved to a global hive, whose primary function is to repay their monetary millstones so as to avoid their shelter being seized and pawned.


We are taught that modern art, which is a sickening insight into the Jewish psyche, epitomises contemporary culture. The traditional visual art and music, a reflection of our own racial soul, has been eclipsed by dysgenic and disorderly junk that only the tiny minds of bigots and ignorant bumpkins, we are informed, are unable to comprehend and fawn over. In order to “appreciate” modern art it is essentially necessary to dispose of the time-honoured discipline of art and embrace the morose and the ludicrous. Several millennia of the physical manifestations of the Western spirit have been daubed with garish poster paint, smashed with a claw hammer and proffered up for the delectation of the liberal elite and the wealthy consumers of intrinsically worthless Khazaric excrement.

The absorption of modern art forces the victim to pour scorn over what has gone before and to deny beauty; to tip the natural on its head and imbibe the foul liquor that leaks out. The hate industry understands that to accept the base and disturbing one must learn to despise the attractive and glorious: the paintings, sculptures and compositions of our antecedents. That is why dispersions are cast upon those that consider modern art to be the unmitigated rubbish that it actually is.

Alien cultures are advocated as ideals to which all denizens of Britain – those who are continuously reminded that they exist in a ‘multicultural’ utopia – should embrace and aspire to. Every culture (or cult as is the case with much of the mumbo jumbo practiced south of the equator) is permitted and celebrated while the rich traditions that were born from the people indigenous* to these isles are shunned. Flag waving at approved events is sanctioned but sub-conscious caveats are imposed: non-whites must feature prominently and integrally, for example, or that the experience must not last for a period of more than a few days, just in case the unsavoury behaviour becomes habitual.

The hate industry

Such an assault against our people and its civilisation, which is in fact a super organism comprising numerous competing but synergic tribes and nations, has not gone unnoticed and there will one day be a reckoning. For all the billions spent by the hate industry for the sole purpose of ethnically cleansing our race another patriot is provoked by the repulsive stench of our enemy. As we must recall on a daily basis, so as to sooth our animosity: action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite – the sudden reaction to the unbridled hatred of our kind will negate the decades of deliberate damage and will once again clear the sullen air of the West.

*or not:


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