Moving on

It is difficult moulding the theoretical into the practical and functional. Many promisingly feasible concepts falter due to a lack of funding or of willing participants, while others, especially those ideas developed within the crucible of nationalism, face extensive opposition from our corrupt establishment and our own conservative elements. These are, however, not valid excuses for inaction, impotency and underachievement. Many of us do nothing for our cause (the preservation and exaltation of our inchoate race) but we are nonetheless plagued by an unsatisfied hunger for change and our brains effervesce with schemes, intentions and plans that are professed as revolutionary, when compared to the status quo, but which are wholly stagnant in relation to the magnitude of our people’s impending peril. The following schemes, intentions and plans are unforgivably ineffectual:

1) Political groups whose intention is to influence the current democratic dogma.

2) Pressure groups who advocate various forms of propaganda against the present enemy regime.

3) Any attempt to alter the establishment from within its own ranks.

4) Violent revolution.

In short, the system is both invincible and unsalvageable. It is an enemy army and must either be beaten and captured or resisted, because there is no reasoning with soldiers after the bullets and bombs are unleashed and appeals to their prior (or perceived) good nature will inevitably go unnoticed. Because it must be resisted, and as opposed to beaten and captured, the system is an irrelevance, so to speak, it is an immovable object and we will merely injure our lumbar regions attempting to relocate it or throw it into the ocean. The system represents, at least at present, a constant variable. We are the problem; we always have been and always will be, and we are the solution. From our perspective the system may be invincible but that does not preclude the potentiality that it is not in fact omnipotent or eternal; it is a rotting vessel and it will eventually imploded from the pressures of its own incompetency, insidious design and excessive bureaucratic weight. But it cannot be overthrown by a few thousand nationalists and it will not permit political dissidence.

The public is the establishment’s prized commodity. The proletariat endorses and legitimises their own tyranny and in turn they are duly provided with immediate comfort and sheltered from the harsh realities of existence. Remuneration for this imposed illusion of well-being manifests itself via a graduated process of genetic replacement by alien races. In contrast, our interest in the herd is the very gene pool that our enemies are striving to eradicate, although our comparable parley is by far the less attractive: immediate short-term discommodity and the cessation of a hitherto unknown threat, but a future more conducive to the long-term survival of the life form. Unless the public is submerged into a situation whereby severe discomfort nullifies the bribery of the Procrustean liberal tyrants then their own hedonistic and egotistically existentialism will negate any attempts from us to appeal to the untapped and rudimentary racially conscious plexus.

It is clear then that we cannot directly contend with the system nor can we win the hearts and minds of the electorate. What material therefore remains for us to fabricate? The answer is being dimly reflected back by the cheap, more than likely Chinese manufactured, liquid crystal display. We are the only hope our people have and the longer we scheme and plan as per the four themes summarised above the further we defer our gravely important duties. As a plenary racialist power we must become a sacred order to which our posterity is dependent. We have experimented enough, we have empirically investigated and exhausted all avenues of inquiry, and now we must engender the practical and functional.

We have two options left to us and both are essential. Firstly, we must recognise a body that can unite our movement under the banner of our cause, and the cause only; all other incidental topics and considerations can be wrestled with by future generations – our situation is that desperate. I believe this entity to be the National Front, primarily because it still retains its status as a lighthouse for sincere racialists. Secondly, we must start to reclaim areas of our country from the carcinogenic influence of our enemy’s dystopian dynasty. I have explored this subject in previous posts and I will do so again in future, but our fellow racialists have to believe that they can make a difference and progressively influence their environment. If required we will sacrifice, although I cannot conceive of a more illustrious and engaging purpose to which to exert our collective efforts. Why must our movement be steeped in gloom, our culture and our people are beautiful and to indulge in both is to form connects with the ancient spirit of our kin and their achievements.

Every day we are forced to witness the reduction of our people to the level of serfs and degenerates. Nationalists grumble to each other and deep within us we resent, hate even, our own kind. But these are our people, each member of our tribe has been invested with thousands of ancestral souls and a potential to produce greatness. We must connect with our brethren and guide them, show them that below the tepid, palliative swamp is a glorious and precious birthright. Only through hard work and exacting effort will we clear the marshland and expose the nation that is preserved beneath. Wishful thinking or malicious intentions produce nothing more than bitter, cynical underachievers. While we live we are not defeated. Until such time as the last white child on this planet is murdered, the divine duty of all responsible white men and women is to roll up their sleeves and work together to consolidate our movement and begin building our new tribe.

Dedicated to the memory of Tony Hancock, may your own sacrifices be remembered and your bright torch passed on.

‘Kinsmen die and cattle die and so one must die one’s self, but there is one thing I know which never dies and that is the fame of a dead man’s deeds’


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