Resistance is futile!

Our enemies, including the soulless converts of our own race, would have us believe that white nationalists are a marginalised and despised minority and that given a few more decades of insidious anti-white, pro-race mixing propaganda and mass non-white immigration our dwindling and divided aggregate will reach irreplaceable levels. They affirm that we are a democratic herd of lemming-like creatures and that if the bulk duly leapt from a precipice the rest would certainly follow. In the main, they have supposed correctly but they have not scrupulously reckoned with our race. Our enemies must have speculated that the ‘genius’ element of our tribe were the high-wage earning intellectuals or influential figures; the lecturers, solicitors, doctors, minsters, politicians and the like, and they have bent their arch will upon those professions and subverted them wholesale.

But, my eternal enemy, you have gleaned nothing from our long history together. You have underestimated and overlooked and in your blind hatred of us and influenced by your own racial hubris you have made a fatal mistake. Because amongst the democratic lemmings exist those who represent the contemporary Galilean spirit, those to whom the Truth is intertwined with the powerful will to survive; those who will do whatever is necessary to deflect the crushing blow of oppression in order to pass on the torch to a future generation of enlightened ones. We are below your radar no matter how many of us can be corralled or confined. Furthermore, we cannot be vitiated and we possess a vast ‘ghost membership’ of inactive but fully awakened patriots. These men and women are reminded of their status with every piece of filthy anti-white advertisement or miscegenation pushed in your televised dramas, comedies and innate soap operas.

Our truth is our religion, any who do not adhere to our protocols are cast out and those who would dilute, alter or undermine our truth are ostracised from our brotherhood. We are cohesive but fluid; we enjoy no base of operations but our goals are implicit. In short, we have become the perfect resistance movement. Where ever in the world we travel, we find kinship amongst our brotherhood. You, my eternal enemy, have created us; we were previously not capable of such unity. The Diaspora began with your destruction of Germany nearly seventy years ago and although we are still reeling from that harrowing occurrence, it was acutely instructive and we have matured as a result. You have ensured that for every successive reproduction of our kind, a sterner and more radical iteration stalks the planet.

We encircle the globe and our religion binds us. Our faith is our race, our new and burgeoning tribe, and it is projected through our infinite posterity. We are not distracted by the peripheral or the unimportant and we are continuously cerebrating and developing: “bashing our heads against the problem of our existence”. The process is both evolutionary – it ensures our genetic improvement – and revolutionary, because we have not faced such odds for many thousands of years. This terrible period in our collective racial experience is absolutely essential and, if we endure it and prove to be a successful sub-species, we will reach out towards our unimaginable Arcadian destiny. Remember this, my eternal enemy, that as your bankrupted system crumbles and becomes increasing more desperate, mine strengthens. Our new tribe augments and adapts; it composes and it waits patiently for the opportunity to once again guide the herd away from the precipice and on to virgin pastures.

Resistance is expected of us for we are our people’s last hope for salvation. Futility is, however, merely a state-of-mind. The future is ours.


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