Televisually Transmitted Disease

I recently had the misfortune of viewing television and it reminded me of why I decided to unplug the aerial from my own set several years ago. The number of advertisements was astonishing. Most of these glimpses into the world of modern consumerism promised the unobtainable or unachievable, while others were of an overtly, often explicit, sexual nature. A significant number of these “ads” were staggeringly moronic, conferring upon the viewer the precondition that in order to absorb such dross they must be herd-like anthropoids possessing sub-normal IQs and an infantile perspective on life. Furthermore, the physical products of miscegenation were overly represented in relation to their presence in the general population. In all, these garish displays of unrestricted materialism, hedonism and white genocide caused a head ache within a fairly short space of time.

Having not even managed to sit through a program (programming being an apposite term) I felt slightly disgusted at the prospect of millions of couch potatoes vegetating on their nought-per-cent-finance leather sofas tittering and gawking at their credit-card-financed television screens. What a nation of “herd-like anthropoids possessing sub-normal IQs and an infantile perspective on life”! The fact that these viewers consistently elect political prostitutes and genocidal governments that not only deny their very existence ( but that also attempts to ethnically cleanse the natives through anti-white race-mixing propaganda and wave upon wave of high-breeding alien invaders from far-off lands increased the pain by then throbbing in my temple.

It is evident to me that the television is our enemy’s vanguard. It represents everything that we stand against and must resist as individuals and as a racial group. Unfortunately for the renegade element among our people who have acted out the utopian fantasy of interbreeding with savages, the nasty, flickering light has served its demonic purpose. It has had a lesser, although still corrosive effect on others. I believe that in the houses of white nationalists, especially those with young children, broadcast television should be strictly verboten.

The subtle propaganda of only a decade hence has grotesquely mutated into a glaring and conspicuous contempt for the white race and it is now abundantly clear what the media masters’ intentions are. And yet the herd lap it up like wildebeest gathered at a crocodile infested river. It is easy to lose faith in the masses but to do so is to succumb to the system’s propaganda, for it is devised for just such a purpose. The television simultaneously conditions the vast majority whilst attempting to give the free-thinkers and the heretics a psychological bloody nose and squeeze our morale.

We must not allow this to happen. Our people are simply children in the neighbour’s garden. The intentions of the neighbour are evident to us – we see the glint in their beady eyes – but the youngsters are swayed by the taste the candy and the fizzy pop. The children will of course yell and scream when the time comes to forcibly remove them and deal with the neighbours, but after a time they will once again adapt to the conditions of our own green patch of earth.

It only really takes one generation to alter society’s trends and traditions, but for this change to ingrain itself within the fabric of our nation, our race, it will be necessary to constantly supervise and educate successive white generations. Our first tentative step should be the disarming of our enemy’s propaganda division: the mainstream media of news and entertainment. We do not need their broadcasts corrupting our living space with putrid lies debasing images.

We cannot allow this situation to continue. So I argue you, and if you have not already done so, to disconnect your aerial, de-tune your television, sell any recording devices on an online auction site and save yourself £145.50 per year – your life will be richer for it, I can assure you.

[Side note]
As I understand it the reason for the analogue to digital switchover is threefold: 1) The unsustainable and idiotic economic model of purchasing the latest unnecessary junk and gadgetry via usurious consumer credit must be maintained. 2) Black and white TV licences, which are currently only £49.00 per annum, will be practically negated in favour of newer digital colour televisions and their subsequently inflated licence cost. 3) The BBC can preach benevolence in an age of austerity (i.e., terminal decline) by not increasing their crypto-tax whilst at the same time supplementing the deficit – the poor overinflated Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation – with the additional revenue generated from monochrome to colour TV licence upgrades.


One thought on “Televisually Transmitted Disease

  1. Aggro Saxon says:

    I had to smile at the title! but you are right, TV transmissions cause disease of the mind especially in young children. I was dragged up in the Exclusive Brethren where televisions are taboo, and since escaping I soon realised that visual brainwashing can be every bit as effective as religious indoctrination. In the absence of television people can more easily think for themselves which in that case proved to be my salvation. Not wishing to deprive my kids of what other mainstream kids were enjoying I allowed them to watch certain progs after a certain time by which time they’d developed an interest in reading and creativity as a preferable pastime. The amount of time some people waste in front the box is a loss of life, and if all they can talk about in the office the following day is what they saw they need to get a life.
    The same goes with computers; In order for kids to pass exams they need one. My youngsters had to use the library computers! but the knowledge that they absorbed from books should last a lifetime.


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