Waiting and Praying

I was reminded today of why we are in the embarrassing position we are in. For the avoidance of doubt, I will first attempt to summarise this position.

We are not in control of our government and cannot influence any of its important internal or external policies, we are therefore bereft of any influence over our own destiny. Our media of news and entertainment is in the hands of individuals who would see our people genetically eradicated. Unfortunately, this tribe is extremely adroit in regard and their propaganda (the celebration of miscegenation, homosexuality and every degenerate impulse known, including uncontrolled hedonistic materialism) has altered our society to the extent that those of us possessing the normal, healthy, objective and rational frame of mind that defines our race, do not feel inclined to dwell amongst our own kind any longer. The regime selected by our overlords, international debt-base capitalism, has successfully enslaved the human units buzzing across the surface of the Earth as well as their corrupted statesmen, officials and institutions. This is a desperate and disastrous predicament.

In light of such an awesome dilemma it would seem correct and appropriate to devise a strategy to rekindle the flame of the Occident and reappropriate our respective homelands for ourselves by whatever means are most likely to succeed. We have acknowledged that democracy is more of a hindrance than a tool but for generations we have attempted to inform and persuade the voters that they really should listen to us before a calamity occurs. The voters greedily ate their burgers, watched their televisions, repaid the interest on their mortgages and duly ignored our desperate pleas. The treacle-like drawl of their cruel antagonists poured into their ears and optic nerve and placated them. While in the meantime, our country went to rack and ruin.

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–Of cabbages–and kings– And why the sea is boiling hot–And whether pigs have wings.”

But not, of course, of the oyster’s impending ingestion…

So what is our considered response? We wait and we pray. We wait and hold close to our hearts a sincere but speculative hope that things can change. However, this faith is surely akin to the disturbed fancy of an eighteenth century French aristocrat who toys with the idea that the blade of the guillotine is perhaps too blunt to severe his vertebrae or that the contraption has, after the thirtieth execution in so many minutes, developed an irredeemable fault.

And we pray. We pray for a change in our fortunes or that “a man will come.” Well let me assure you of one thing, waiting and praying will achieve nothing! And when has it ever? At what point did the sons of Albion, the conquerors of vast regions of the planet, become so wretched? Are we so defeated that we even derive some masochistic pleasure from our misfortunes?

We are a nation of fighters: from the claymore-wielding woad warriors in the highlands and the descendants of Vikings in the North, to the battle-hardened bow men and pike men of the warring kingdoms of England and the descendants of Roman legionnaires in the South; we are a tribe like no other, a dauntless people. Christendom did not wait and pray; prayers where consummated in blood and baptised in fire. Have we simply lost our way or do we exist today as incorporeal phantoms waiting only for our final release into the infinite? I feel in my heart that we are not but we must accept some iron-hard truths that have long since been forgotten, or avoided, before we are able once again to stand shoulder to shoulder with our mighty ancestors and provide our posterity with a symbol of hope.

We are not dead yet, and no matter to extent to which our enemy underestimates us, they have fallen foul of our righteous anger in the past.

Our cause must unity us, not some frail illusion that the herd will vote themselves away from the cliff’s edge – that will never happen! They must not be permitted to pull us over with them.

We should strengthen our resolve and forgive petty personal differences. Our enemies have declared war against our kind and it is our duty to form a defensive line before the counterattack.

We have to begin taking back our country piece by valuable piece. Every nationalist must crumple his red, white and blue rosette and toss it into the rubbish bin forever. Any nonessential idea or principle must be stripped from us as if in fast. There must be one simple resolution: the survival of our people and by any means. We must become the embodiment of our cause, a true movement that seeks to sweep away the dross and the chaos and plant the seeds of a new order that will outlast us, our offspring and our visions of what the future may hold.

This is a resistance against everything we disdain and existence is at stake; this transcends us as individuals. We should fight with every ounce of strength, determination, bile and every breath in our lungs. We must take back what our ignorance, stupidity, weakness and apathy has stripped from us and we must begin today! No longer can we wait and pray for salvation. No longer can be act like children in a world of beasts and incorrigible men. We have gazed into their souls and we understand their innermost machinations: it does not include the existence of our race. How much more stimulus do we require? We must act now or forever hold our peace – the peace of our children will be a complete misnomer however, we having condemned them to servitude and death by our incompetence and inaction.

I have given you my analysis of what needs to be done: either join the National Front, which is the only truly racial political party at present, and use it as a beacon to attract those acutely concerned about the survival of our people (democracy be damned!) or join the PLE movement in physically returning the precious soil of this land to its rightful owners. Anything else is but dust and tears and mist. Anything else is waiting and praying and I know that we have neither the time to idle away or a god in heaven that will emancipate us or smite our enemies.


One thought on “Waiting and Praying

  1. PAULUK says:

    Very Good.
    You are correct re, NF to be used as a ‘ White Beacon’ only – forget the ballot box – our power will never be had there. ZOG would never allow it!
    We should be pooling our money & resource by buying land & property instead of wasting vast amounts of dosh on some meaningless and powerless ZOG rigged election process.
    WHITE PRIDE ‘ Safety Zones ‘


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