Thoughts on the New Tribe, part 3


The days of political nationalism are over. It is clear that Nationalism was an attempt to manipulate our enemy’s chosen system of mass control. Indubitable patriots embarked upon this impossible mission primarily because they had not fathomed that the global hegemony terminated the loop-hole which had previously permitted a European national hero to come to the fore well over seventy years ago. The repugnant collection of insidious individuals and organisations plugged the outlet with lavish wads of anti-white propaganda and egalitarian doctrine before finally sealing it with unlawful, un-Aryan legislation and statues. The British nationalists were doomed from the very start.

Some now appreciate the fact that nationalism is not the Cause, it is a means to an end, a building block so to speak. The Cause is the largest and most essential mechanism in the machine of eternity, it transcends all other considerations and operates as a force that coheres the greatest of us; it connects and binds us, irrespective of time and space. The Cause demands that we do not allow ourselves to be drawn into battles that we can never hope to win or squander our indispensable energy and resources. It is now incumbent upon us to cast aside the redundant and redirect the power of our movement. Now is the time we begin to function as a tribe and scratch a long overdue line in the sand.

White Tribalism

We are a tribe within a tribe. For every blank white face we are presented with following an impassioned monologue or the inane and familiar diatribe that spews from the mouths of those whites who have been fully conditioned, our isolated status among the herd becomes increasingly transparent. And today we must contend with the numerous other races that compete for our living space, resources and the attentions of traitorous governments. We are a unique but disparate community existing on the fringes of an atomised, multi-racial state; a collective that hates us implacably.

Disregarding those who will continue to flog the red, white and blue equine corpse (and plead with those with blank or angry white faces), we must accept our lot and move on. We are no longer a part of the nation and we should therefore circumnavigate it and its cruel influence. Only by paying attention to our own needs (and as opposed to the herd) will we began to flourish, survive, and in time, attract like-minded folk. Our one hope rests in tribalism; in stripping away our preconceptions, regardless of what contemporary society expects of us, and to work explicitly for our own kind and our Cause.


Several groups of responsible and zealous racialists will coalesce in various regions of the country. Their own skills and circumstances will determine where and how they arrange themselves. Financial backing will be required and as such the initial pioneers will be few. It is hoped that capital will either be generated by these endeavours or funding brought in by new members, or solicited via donation. In any respect, only those willing will give everything to the Cause will be present at this stage. This is absolutely critical to the establishment of the embryonic nation whose inception will take place in this period. Hobbyists, infiltrators and those possessed by extraneous issues will not be represented within this, the upper-element of our movement.

Essential Workers

Within the catchment areas the pioneers select there will be various commodities to exploit and which can be subordinated to the Cause. Some colonies may well be suited to subsistence farming and smallholdings, others could benefit from a glut of responsive small businesses, freelances professionals and skilled or semi-skilled tradesmen; plenty past and present members of nationalist political parties work for themselves. A crucial enterprise not accounted for in the aforementioned, however, revolves around the regions where the very people themselves embody the essential commodity of the Cause. This is where the majority of new members and workers will be garnered.

The essential workers are those who form connections between the commodity (the goods, services and people emanating from our formative colonies) and the tribal regions themselves. For example, the production of leaflets and information for the purposes of propaganda can be produced in an urban colony. An essential worker collects and distributes the merchandise to the rural or trade-orientated regions in exchange for equivalent produce or a services. The essential worker is gainfully employed by the pioneers and is duly paid by all those benefiting from the transportation of goods, the dissemination of information or the proliferation of services. Every action, enterprise and patronage supplements the Cause, to which all actions are subordinated.


The production and distribution of necessary goods and services is clear and understandable. What is less comprehensible is our demographic commodity. It is fortuitous that only those pioneers completely dedicated to the cause will play a lead role in this endeavour; to undermine the system through the education of the people who have thus far displayed the most resistance to their ethnic cleansing. This is where our New Tribe will be nurtured.

Trading posts

Every colony must produce and all production must be subordinate to the Cause and our eventual objective, which is the transformation of our decaying nation into a homogenous, racially-conscious and healthy homeland for white people to flourish unmolested by our racial enemies and competitors. We must work together to build networks across the country, each playing to our strengths and local knowledge. At this stage we cannot afford competition and, as all pioneers would have proven themselves vehement exponents of the Cause and completely concomitant to it, no acrimony will be permitted to impinge upon our cultural and racial rejuvenation.


Provincial politics will become a requisite element in the formation of our New Tribe. It may become necessary to invite those groups with racial nationalist leanings into our control zones in order to deflect the apathetic or callous policies destined for the herd. We will therefore need to create and maintain covert links with parties that share our long-range aspirations even though they might not fully share in or comprehend our journey. This will of course be a symbiotic relationship, for as our community influence expands so will the potential for local political accreditation. Again, I will emphasise the importance of the National Front in this regard as a beacon for white nationalists as well as a democratic aegis for the burgeoning colonies of the New Tribe.


Total subjugation to our prodigious Cause is expected of the pioneers – to some that may well seem bizarre or unworkable. To the pioneers, however, the lifestyles and choices of the initial doubters, when compared with a future without the white race, appears equally grotesque and unsustainable. Eventually those presently plagued with skepticism will swell our numbers. This is simply because there are no viable alternatives. We will be forced to segregate ourselves from the slave-like natives of these lands or they will drag us to perdition with them. We will be forced to remove our families from towns and cities infested with violent, tribal invaders or we will be slain or genetically assimilated. We know this to be the case and so some amongst us must pre-empt the inevitable and begin to dig the trenches and sharpen the pikes. While the remnants of nationalism prays to the preternatural or continues to pretend that the phenomenon of white extinction can be unravelled by appealing to a conditioned mass of consumers, the pioneers of our movement must now make their move. From them the precedence will have been set and from then on our New Tribe will take on a life of its own and it will be unstoppable.

Final Part


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the New Tribe, part 3

  1. PAULUK says:

    …Very Good.
    ….” we are no longer a part of (our occupied) the nation and we should (WeMust!) circumnavigate it…and to work explicitly for our own kind and ( the beauty of) our (ordained & spritual) cause…and responsible and zealous racialists will coalesce in various regions of the country…it is hoped that capital will either be generated by these endeavours ( dont hold your breath &

    NEVER! EVER! rely(PERIOD!) on this non-Aryan giving…re: your next two bullet points which are constructive…in order to deflect the apathic or ( ruthless!) callous destined (YOU CAN COUNT ON IT! ) for the herd…Total subjugation to (the beauty of) our prodigious cause is (ruthlessly) expected…WE WILL BE (ARE BEING!) forced to segregate ourselves from the slavelike natives of these (our) lands or THEY WILL drag us to perdition with them. ..FROM THEM THE PRECEDENCE WILL HAVE BEEN SET. ..and IT ( WE!) WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE” Oh yes, I can assure you of that!
    NB:Nick – I figured you deserved a decent response for your time & effort engaged within ‘ the struggle’ All the best, Paul.


  2. Keith says:

    The Devon meet up was the start of something big to come and now we have the Nucleus of committed people ,as for me I am but one and others will follow to be invited to our tribe who meet our requirements .I have spent 30 years playing the political game by their Rules and the movement has only inched forward twice once in 1979 and once in 2001 and that was the last chance saloon wrecked by a megalomaniac ,now is the time to start something that should have been started a long time ago but we believed we could beat their system by engaging in it ,well that time is now over we must now Move on to survive .

    The political movement will and must carry on but it will be a means to an end to a PLE.


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