Trojan Horses

The following was posted on another forum at the beginning of 2012. I am reproducing it here in order to aggrandise this particular site.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man and I consider myself to be White in the first instance and British by nationality. I have watched and listened for many years. My formative racial awaking was a gift from my parents and during my adolescent years I greedily absorbed weekly National Alliance broadcasts as well as speeches by the greatest British White Nationalist of the modern era, John Tyndall. As time drew on, and following the emergence of the now ubiquitous ‘Mr Chairman’ I recoiled from the burning yet still embryonic urge to become overtly political. In the meantime I have helped in raising a family and have thankfully enjoyed a fairly normal existence. For about a year now I have scoured the internet forum pages making the occasional post and comment in the process, in a vague attempt to gauge the level of Nationalist sentiment and compare it with my own ideals. Throughout this tentative process various ideas and theories have been gradually forming in my aging brain and tonight I have stumbled upon what I believe is a good idea.

Our racial enemies – and a specific group in particular – have perfected a survival method that has proven so effective and so eminently successful that they now practically rule all that they survey. I do not mean to say that they can act with complete impunity, but they have achieved a great deal in a short space of time and they are at present grasping a seemingly invincible collection of cards. To not attempt to draw from this obvious display of racial supremacy some modicum of a survival strategy because of irrational hatred or ignorance would be hubristic to the point of self immolation. We, as Indo-Europeans, have attempted to mimic nature to our advantage throughout the ages, any review of Da Vinci’s sketches will cohobate this, or have taken inspiration from nature in order to define themselves as a part of the Whole. Why can we not emulate the traits in other racial groups that may well hone our instincts and make us more proficient at adapting to our drastically altering circumstances? Are we so inflexible, or are we perhaps too stubborn, to augment or re-examine our traditional (now, unfortunately, defunct) guidelines on what it means to exist?

I will get to the point: If we do not change our habits and discard our adherence to a lost cause, our race will become extinct. Our Cause is the long-term survival of our people, while the Lost Cause is political democracy and the common man. The former was never truly ours to exploit or manipulate, and the latter are either too stupid or distracted to clearly comprehend the fate that awaits them. There is therefore only one solution to our problem that is apparent to me and it is represented by the men and women who make up the ranks of the nationalist community. Many are still lost in the mythology of politics, but at least they have noticed the black smoke and have come to realise that an inferno must be inevitable.

This then is my proposal. The group that I alluded to earlier are revelling in short-term gains because they have infiltrated every aspect of our society. Wherever there was money to be made (or extorted) or influence to be derived (or bought), they have tunnelled and ousted and flourished. We, who hail from a wholly different tribe, cannot exemplify this success unless we ingratiate ourselves with our masters and disown our race. We can, however, glean from this a valuable lesson and craft it into a tool to suit our own situation. Nationalist organisations attract Nationalists, that is a reasonably simple concept to accept, and whether the individuals at the member level remain with a group to burgeon and participate in the perceived struggle, is ultimately dependant on the sincerity of the leaders and the integrity of the foundation manifesto. On average, most of these potential patriots become disheartened after a few years of incompetent leadership, constant pleas for funding, wasted effort in attempting to convert the herded consumers, and bitter infighting. With this in mind, there must surely be scope for the infiltration of these collectives by enlightened individuals whose modus operandi is subtle and personal proselytizing. For every single conversion of a Nationalist, the number of Racial Socialists, the zealous elite of our movement, increases and the prospect for exponential growth increases accordingly. Is this not akin to the recruitment of bright and promising students from leading universities into the doctrine of internationalism by the Anti-White elements that prowl the highest echelons of power in his once great nation? It is a tried and tested method; a procreation of ideology without the need to remove one’s clothes.

What prospects do we currently have: BNP, English Democrats, British Freedom, Britain First, EDL and UKIP? There are and will be more. None of these organisations are run by effective leaders who have zeroed in on the only topic that really matters, which is the survival of our people and at any cost. They are either bogged down with separate and sometimes conflicting baggage, or are disingenuous, diluted dead ends. They will, however and for a short period at least, attract a handful of genuinely concerned White people who must be provided with the full and untarnished truth before their goodwill and energy is usurped. Is this not where we should be concentrating our effort? Casting a net into the general populace may well snag a prime specimen in every one hundred thousand, but here the difficult task has been undertaken for us! To my mind it appears to be an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the very people who wish to extract as much flesh, oil and roe (eventually boiling their bones for stock) from these prime species as they are able, before they move on to greener pastures or their state-sponsored retirement.

It is a simple concept and, for all I know, it may have been attempted before (it may even be happening as I type) but it would seem about the only option left to us as a method of extracting the last remaining pure droplets of racialism out of the herd before they are left to their own devices – and the hell that awaits their posterity. It may also act a catalyst which could unite those of us who truly understand our present condition and who may wish, for future insurance, to create informal and nationwide connections. Such a network could never be formal – a party or a structured organisation – because our masters, under whose regime we currently exist, resist and endure, must never be allowed to locate or comprehend our true strength.

I believe that this is a workable alternative to either doing nothing – and waiting for the system to collapse and the people to finally ‘wake up’ – or entering into pseudo-Nationalist groups overtly and expending our vital resources on making clever men wealthy. If you understand that democracy means death and that the only solution to our genetic genocide is adapting to the external pressures that are crushing us, perhaps you will join me in hammering out a plan to infest the disparate realms of Nationalism and inject into our potential recruits a potent antidote to the false flag patriotism that is currently being peddled.

Should the above be true then we must think about what we can do while the internet still exists in its present form. What have you achieved while you were able? How many contacts have you made and what connections have you established? When the lights are switched off, can you negotiate your surrounds and can you assist others who are trapped and blinded in the room?

Without numbers we do not have a movement and without cohesion there is no race; it is then pot-luck if we will survive the increased level of non-White immigration, stupendously low White birth rate and mass miscegenation. At present, we have the opportunity to fortify the barricades and round-up the able bodied and not merely indulge in small-talk or acts of immediate self gratification. Does it really matter what ‘level’ of enlightenment White Nationalists on this forum have achieved in comparison to how many are connected and on civil terms? Why should such media exist if not to further our cause? It is a gift to us; it is not a public chalk board for the fickle theorising of hobbyists and isolationists!

If we squander this forum, when our enemies inevitably turn off the power and we have not moved forward or gained any ground, then we will have failed to display the courage of our convictions and the iron will to actually exist as a tribe – something we so vehemently condone in text but less so in deed.

Our race will go extinct, it is inevitable – we cannot continue as we are and remain on this Earth. Extinction has, however, many definitions and Change, the gradual alteration from one organism into something new, is one. Only a handful of Whites will adapt to the ever more untenable conditions that are being opposed upon us, the vast majority will either be killed (study Angola, Haiti, Rhodesia etc) or will be genetically absorbed into the larger quantity of non-Whites filing into our homelands. The latter has happen far too often in our history although we still appear not to have understood the dreadful lesson. We must provide our progeny with a springboard; we must be the first batch to fully comprehend the empirical racial research of antiquity and turn it in to the kinetic. We cannot pass this task on ahead of us and neglect our duty to our ancestors and our offspring.

We are the problem-solving element amongst our tribe, while our tribe is the highest achievement of life on this planet. We face the loss of all there has been and all that may ever be because we have been scheduled for genetic eradication by our genocidal masters. We must utilise the large organ contained within our thin skulls, a gift born through great struggle and sacrifice, in order to formulate and act upon a method to simply survive. Surely that is the least we can do for everything we hold dear? We have an important, though finite, tool now and we must create something with it before we are forced once again to fumble in the dark.


One thought on “Trojan Horses

  1. Aggro Saxon says:

    Well worth reposting. Forget the hype of the here today gone tomorrow Olympic torch as there’s another beacon lit for those with the will to follow. Paving the way for White survival is a path that will be the salvation of our race, it is a path that our next generation can follow to take them out of the mess we leave behind. Many of our towns & cities have been invaded and everywhere else is next so although I’ll never reach the end of that path in my lifetime I’m determined to provide my kids with a safe future – something everyone should be making provisions for, or what inclination will the next generation have to further the existence of their race in a country invaded? People are already practicing apartheid policies by fleeing abroad or moving to a less invaded area of the British Isles, so here lies a pattern – there exists a complex people, those that say ‘it’s too late’ and stay put or move to another area to infect them with their complacency (I despair) and those that do something positive to halt the spread of invasion, most of whom who’ve adopted the wrong approach to solving the problem by using politics or rowdy street action as a means because they know of no other ways, nor can they remember the old ways our ancestors fought off invasion, and indeed became invaders themselves! We don’t need to revert to the history to know how it’s done – we watch what the invaders are doing and likewise form our own communities in order to flex power and create safe enclaves where sanity prevails for the future preservation of our race.


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