Facing our fears

There is a perception that people are going to wake up. If you, the reader, believe this then you are lamentably still not fully prepared for the gravity of our situation. A person does not awaken part way through a nightmare, for instance; midway way between the creeping sense of dread and the nameless horror that subconsciously awaits them. The dreamer’s nocturnal state demands that they confront their fear before they are jolted back to consciousness, screaming in terror. Our people have no reason to wake up just yet and the horror is still lurking in the shadows; the malevolent pursuer is miles away. And what use is it to wake them up when they have not yet confronted their demons? At some later stage in their stunted evolution they would have to experience the dark dream once again.

Our people labour beneath vast delusions and ignorance and, if the horror is not staring them plainly in the eyes, then it is too far away to observe or even consider a threat. We, however, have glimpsed the shadowy forms in the gloom and we have felt the prospect of complete genetic extinction pierce our hearts. So what feasible method of bringing our kin around remains? Let me first state that after two world wars and decades of dysgenic breeding, a proportion of the contemporary British public should not even be considered for revival. We have far too little in the way of resources to attempt to welcome to our bosom many who superficially share our skin tone. We cannot remodel reality, and it is an uncomfortable truth that our enemies have damaged many limbs of our family tree in their attempts to turn it into lumber. The remainder – those of our kind that are not enlightened – should be greeted as long lost relatives when they finally flock to our banner.

We who are racially enlightened are divided by geography and exist in communities that are becoming saturated by non-whites, undesirable white elements, and the offspring of the inevitable mixture of the two. We are gradually becoming eroded and entrenched, and soon some survivors will be forced to make their last stand against the blackness. Over time, the establishments tactic of apportioning non-whites across the country will destroy the traditional genetic composition of the British Isles, which is a process being replicated by treasonous ‘democratic’ regimes across Europe and the globe. This will, if sustained unabated, eventually cleanse the Earth of the white race. Attempting to wake our brethren up to this dilemma by means of persuasion and politics has so far failed dramatically.

I appreciate that more of our people are becoming aware of the proposition that something is desperately wrong with this country, but to rely on them for our salvation would be to greatly overestimate their acumen and resolve. To delegate the future of our entire race to those that have shamefully chosen the path of least resistance when presented with other less favourable avenues, or have been persuaded at every given opportunity to make the erroneous choice in matters of overwhelming importance, is to leave a legacy of debt, violence, and hopelessness to our posterity. We would have neglected our duty as human beings if we were to chose this, the easier option.

There is only one prospect open to us and that is to implant racial nationalist into existing, mostly white, communities and to begin influencing the political and sociological perspective of those dwelling within these strongholds. If, however, there is a more appropriate or advantageous model, then please feel free to contact me or post it as a comment below. If you believe that this is merely a pipedream then allow me explain that it will be attempted nonetheless. How else does anything happen unless individuals actually turn the theoretical into the empirical? How did any culture come into existence? No pre-historical tribes were provided equal opportunity advantages or positive discrimination or even a fully functional and bespoke civilisation for them to augment and maintain. We build and we struggle and we fight and we achieve – that is our destiny! The longer we defer this by sitting in front of the anti-white television while drinking cans of lager and consuming salt-saturated ready-meals, or voting in feckless elections, the greater the number of white children who will be brutalised in future – that is a fact!

There is nothing for us to do but do. It is a daunting prospect, frightening perhaps for some, but there it is on the horizon waiting for us to begin our journey. The first few steps will feel as if our feet were encased in lead but we will endure, as we always have done, and eventually we will be on our way. Everything new appears strange and foreboding at first; I can only imagine in wonder at the mentality of those first American pioneers who surveyed the virgin, harshly rugged, yet beautiful vistas of the New World that they were fated to discover. Our task is somewhat simpler because communities of white people are already in place and our ancestors have, with back-breaking determination and foresight, previously established transport networks, drainage systems, fresh water supply lines etc., but our goal is by far more majestic and prescient and the consequences of frustration substantially more terrifying. We have no other choice but to recover our people, our homeland, and our world. If we cannot do this, and by whatever means we have available to us, then our children will not inherit a glorious future of unending possibilities, they will instead face genocide.

Please read my Thoughts on the New Tribe articles and What We Need To Do. Please also peruse White Nationalism: Bicephalous Titan, Long live the New Tribe, and Moving On, and remind yourselves of the consequences of not making the right decisions and becoming an impotent minority in our own country. We will either construct something for ourselves from the life raft or we will go down with the crippled and leaking galleon. Our lives are meaningless if we do not do while we have the means and the opportunity. Our deeds must not only be remembered but they should be duplicated, expanded upon, and advanced. Our children, and their children, must be enthusiastically working on the projects we create the blueprints for today, and in one thousand years time, our impact on the world – our actions and ideas – will have proven to be the crucial and unmistakable beginnings of our seminal New Tribe.


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