Final Thoughts on the New Tribe

Grafting ourselves onto this dying civilisation is not an option. We must liberate ourselves from it entirely and abandon it to its gruesome fate. All the myriad conspiracies in the ether must not deter us or affect our objective. We should envisage a manual for our social revolution; adopt it and apply it. There must be unconditional acceptance of our convictions and only then can the terra-forming of our race and nation commence.

Before any action there is mental exertion; the synapses are electrified and physical processes translate the desires of the subconscious mind into the metaphysical realm of complete understanding. And, having recognised the microcosmic principles of existence, we are capable of appreciating our own condition in relation to the macrocosm in advance of the deed. We must achieve a collective realisation of who we are, what we believe, how it can be accomplished, and what are its effects and consequences. This must be pursued through our burgeoning movement and it is imperative that is it undertaken soon.

We cannot exist in isolation and we cannot conceive plans and strategies alone. There must be a forum for us to distil our idea into its most concentrated form and each take a draft in order to consolidate our intentions. We do not know what works because we have failed so completely thus far in our endeavours. But there is a perfect code and it needs to be identified. If we can agree on this arch-principle then we can go forth beneath a single banner and instigate a reversal of our fortunes. We cannot act prematurely, however, thus the allusion to the human body, its physiological mannerisms, and its context in relation to the world that exists beyond its boundaries. Every possible consideration must be explored.

Once we are in agreement then there are various paths to tread and members with competing, disparate, or complimentary skills can work together in unison to further our aims. We require only a loose collection of comrades but we must have unity of purpose and a vehement adherence to the cause. If we cannot begin to function as a tribe, as a race, as brothers, then we cannot survive; there is no more elementary a concept. If we fail then Nature and the deteriorating conditions in our homeland will seal our fate forever. The time has come to redefine our vocation as Nationalists and impel our cause rather than react to external stimuli or attempt to conserve that which is already lost.

The time has come for our new tribe to establish the foundations of what will eventually be built on its footprint. The time has come to not just take back what is ours, but to create a new order, a new society, a new people, and a new world. The responsibility is ours and ours alone. If we prove unable or unwilling to do whatever is necessary to secure our future then there will be none, we would have proven to be the final and most contemptible iteration – a shadow – of a once illustrious people. Let this generation of men and women be the ones with which the change of our fortunes can be attributed. Become those names that will be remembered by their great deeds and, more importantly, by the very fact that the children of our race will be alive to recall them.

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