Unity and the 14 Words

We are a diverse movement enjoying a wide spectrum of concerned individuals, groups, and ideas. It is clear, however, that we require a guiding star, something that is capable of superseding any competing personality, policy, and precept. Overshadowing every street level demonstration, every political rally, every community event, soar the fourteen words: We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children. Some argue against this strap line for semantic reasons, others due to more intrinsic ideological foibles but none are able to offer an alternative with enough power and global recognition to displace it. Therefore, the ’14 words’ should be adopted as the appellation for our movement at home and abroad. The 14 words have the insight and the energy to unite our people despite political and cultural differences, and they have the capacity to straddle national borders. The reasoning behind the ’14 words’ is sound and it represents a consolidating force. It is something that every one of us can understand and cannot counter with lucid argument. It has become the litmus test of camaraderie and beneath its banner we shall strive.

Today our movement is invested with such diversity that it embodies a potentially successful governmental structure for the future. Administrations are not in their essence top-heavy, they require the endorsement and compliance of the people, therefore the security of both the bureaucratic personnel and the citizens themselves is critical. In the first instance, and until control of national institutions can be realised and maintained, members operating at street level will provide the necessary support for those members in managerial, intellectual, and more formal positions. This is basic comprehension but the crucial executive structure has faltered and failed in the past because the guiding star was obscured by the almost inevitable fog of personality, egotism, peripheral agenda, corruption, incompetence, and misunderstanding. We now fully appreciate our plight and we accept our primary principle; let the pressure of the struggle provide us with our leaders and bolster the groundswell of implicit support.

Franchised Structure

Any large scale venture, be it political, military, or commercial, can be presented by the ancient symbol of the pyramid. To follow is a fairly crude visual aid:

The rubric of each stratum is briefly described below:

14 Words

  • Our Creed. The governing factor; the foundation of our belief and the focus of our efforts

P.L.E. (white community building)

  • Securing white living space and safe zones
  • Community and local political influence
  • Cultural events
  • Education of promising members and recruits

“Democratic” political structure

  • General first contact for concerned patriots
  • Public promotion of principles and policies
  • Propaganda & contemporaneous news outlet
  • Education of new and existing participants
  • Provide a democratic aegis against our enemies (note: no where does it mention democratic political victory, which is of course a daydream)

Street activism

  • First contact for concerned patriots
  • Overt resistance to enemy action, demonstrations, and incursions
  • Cultural events
  • Consolidation of active security elements
  • Self-defence training
  • Education for new and existing participants

Membership base

  • Personal proselyisation of family, friends, colleges, and acquaintances.
  • Legal, financial, logistical assistance and support
  • Individual endeavours, such as the dissemination of news, ideas, and propaganda

We do not require a party, we need a religion! Our race is our religion and the ’14 words’ shall be the first line committed to our holy book. Unlike mere men, this basic premise cannot be subverted, convinced, corrupted, or intimidated; it is the unerring truth of our existence. It is a franchise, something to which we are all subservient and that no one element of our movement can claim complete ownership over. It is also imperative that we organise and begin to act upon and fulfill our respective roles. We have to begin working together as a tribe. Group affiliation and unique personalities should not be viewed as obstacles, in fact they should be utilised by those with the aptitude to do so and who have achieved complete ideological enlightenment.

If we support the ’14 words’ then we are an integral part of our movement. If others of our racial group do not adopt this keystone then they will suffer dreadfully following the collapse of the established order and when racial tribalism ensues, becoming the primary factor of life throughout Europe and the former colonies. White Nationalists did not invite this situation, nor do we relish the prospect of conflict, but we will survive the coming storm and our new tribe will emerge stronger for having endured it. Every deed must be undertaken in the spirit of unity beneath the ’14 words’. All that we say and do must be in parallel with our mission statement: We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children. There is no higher purpose. There is no holier or more vital achievement.

Let us begin to create a movement worthy of our ancestors and indicate to our posterity that we are not in fact a race played out!


5 thoughts on “Unity and the 14 Words

    1. N.G. says:

      Indeed. Well said.

      I am resigned to the fact that the ’14 Words’ is now a known quantity and that any alteration would simply cause confusion. I think promotion and unity of purpose is more important than individual aspiration. I will stand by my precept as an ideal but I will not attempt to enforce it. When consideration is given to the symbolic nature of the ’14 Words’ both as a brand and as the defining message of our movement, my own idiosyncrasies are largely irrelevant.



      1. Bob says:

        I couldn’t agree more. The 14 words, that’s all we as Nationalists have to agree on , everything else can wait until after we’ve won. Keep it simple and don’t fix what isn’t broken.


  1. PAULUK says:

    Good idea!
    The 14 words it is then.
    Just a suggeston, Nick. Why don’t you also post these Blogs onto the PLEforum? Keep it moving along and active.
    You are correct that PLE MUST BE a ‘Spiritual force’


    1. N.G. says:

      Many do appear on the front page, although I will leave it up to the administrators of the site as to which posts they choose to display.



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