The Future

For the first time in the history of humanity, a crumbling civilisation is capable of discerning the causes of decay. For the first time, it has at its disposal, the gigantic strength of science. Will we utilise this knowledge and this power? It is our only hope of escaping the fate common to all great civilisations of the past. Our destiny is in our hands. On the new road, we must now go forward.

Man, the Unknown, Dr. Alexis Carrel

The end of our civilisation is at hand. We, the supreme descendants of the founders, have failed to withstand successive waves of invaders, heinous external influences, and our own malleable flaws, and we must now experience the final atrophic decline of the West. No single generation is entirely responsible for this untimely collapse but together we are all equally culpable. It is with us, however, that the burden of building a new order rests and it must represent our undying endowment to our offspring.

It is sometimes humbling to speculate on the outcome should we prove successful, but it can also prove inspirational.

In one thousand years, in 3012, over thirty generations of our kind would have been born. Within them the divine spark of our species will burn incrementally until it spills across the horizon of potentiality with an uncontrollable brilliance. Their imaginings and achievements will be beyond our own comprehension and their beauty unlike anything we are likely to witness during our short service to the race. The accumulation of our heroism, our artistic flare, our critical and logical intellect, and the fortunate but extraordinarily rare quirk of genius, which is unique among our kind, will eclipse those that today we consider to be the titans of our race. Our posterity will become angels, transcending and surpassing the old tribe until the latter fades into extinction.

Beyond this, five thousand years after the conception of the new tribe, our DNA ascends to the heavens. The confines of terrestrial existence are shattered by angelic beings both stern and serene. The veiled forces of perpetuity will tempt them into the unknown expanses beyond our planetary assemblage and the voice of the infinite will speak to them. The colonisation of satellites within the warming embrace of our Earth’s star represents the severing of the umbilical cord from terra firma and the towering quest for self-realisation urges them ever upwards. To seek and to understand their role as vital atoms in the Whole; to explore the furthest twinkling objects in the cool blackness of the eternal macrocosm, that is their objective.

Ten thousand years after our deaths and our collective memories are still shared with the god-like entities that reach out across the rolling expanse of the cosmos. Our infinite children will master the essence of existence and populate the galaxy. Their conjectures, technologies, and capacity for knowledge will be immeasurable. All eyes will settle upon them in awe and wonder. Due to their inability to compete for living space and resources, no other humanoid species exist in the solar system. The future unfolds like a fine and virgin canvas ready to receive subtle shades of colour, the nuances of which no precedent has been set.

One hundred thousand years after our seemingly insignificant struggle against genetic extermination and the New Gods have tamed the known universe and transcended the contemporary concepts of civilisation, science, and artistic endeavour. Their glories are beyond the understanding of our primitive cerebral functions; their manifestation is that of the Divine. After millennia of searching, these beings have finally achieved plenary self-realisation and the compunction to undertake their providential task overwhelms them, replicating the inaugural force that silently breathed life into the first elemental organic molecules on planet Earth; provoked the proto-amphibian to depart the warm primordial seas; the early primates to fashion rudimentary tools from bone and stone; the white race to resist its imposed genocide. Finally our infinite timeline has been secured by the highest iteration of life ever to exist. Finally the sacrifices of our tribe will have been ratified.

We should realise that there are no alternatives to victory, it is now everything or nothing; the choice between the light and the abyss.


One thought on “The Future

  1. PAULUK says:

    … we will march forever forward leading ‘ our tribe’ away from the darkness and back into the light. We already have the blueprint. It has been achieved before and it worked beautifully for a mere 6yrs before the outbreak of the ZOG WAR!


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