It’s not democracy!

Democracy: demos; ‘the common people’ or, and in more demeaning terminology, ‘the mob’, in combination with –cracy; ‘rule’ ( from kratos; ‘strength’).

Recently I watched an interview with Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National party, who appeared on a talk show broadcast from Ulster. The topic was Mr Griffin’s presence in Northern Ireland and his party’s specific policies in relation to that region of the Britain. Nick’s performance was not particularly impressive but the most resounding part of the interview occurred during the listener phone-in section. A young Ulster man, feeling the urge to call the show, set about attacking Mr Griffin’s views (supposedly) on race. In essence, the man expressed the opinion that the population at large cared nothing for race or the particular ethnic origins of fellow citizens; they were far more concerned with paying their mortgage and holding down a paying job. For me this brief rebuff of racial politics summed up the overriding issue with democracy per se, but it also firmly underlined why nationalism cannot remain dry beneath such a constitutional umbrella.

The word democracy itself is very telling and could at a push be interpreted as ‘rule by the mob’, which of course it is not; there are far too many vested interests involved, be they financial, ideological, or both, to allow the ‘common people’ to follow their own instincts in matters of state and historic importance. These common people are primarily concerned with their own ephemeral and existential life experience; with job security, the gradual repayment of minor and major debts, immediate personal gratification, etc., and any democratic government, whether it is benign or malign, must understand what makes the common people function before it can successfully manipulate them en masse.

However, true ‘mob rule’ does not equate to a governance that is beneficial for the common people, it simply defers decision making to those least equipped to formulate a plan of action or deal with the most pertinent contemporary and perennial issues facing the people, their nation and civilisation. It is therefore incumbent on a bureaucratic entity to take the reins in order to drive the coach horses – the analogy being that the common people represent the blinkered horse power, the nation is the coach and its precious cargo, and the driver is the governmental institution. Unfortunately for the modern West, the coach driver is leading the horses to the glue factory and there is also a nefarious passenger onboard who has not paid the fare.

Without competent and benevolent leadership, a democracy finds itself wandering along the paths of least resistance and good intentions. This is because the people have been granted the illusion of freedom and, like a nagging toddler, if they are not constantly placated, they do not do what they are told (i.e., vote for representative Blue, Red, or Yellow). Not only are the bold and primary-coloured politicians the marionettes of entrenched financial parasites, but they have also been infected with a psychosis referred to today as Liberalism. For the common people not to fully comprehend the ramifications of this insidious synergy, their elected betters must keep handing out sweeties and not indulge in too much admonishment.

Only the present has any meaning for the common people, only the sugared sweets they contemporaneously savour. So what if their manufacturing industries have been sold off for profit and they are now purchasing goods from foreigners (human competitors for living space and resources)? The goods are cheap and there are plenty of upgrades. There was an abundance of credit and the pointless gagets and junk were inexpensive, but as the equalisation of living standards across the globe continues unabated, the common people are slowly and steadily feeling the pinch.

Because they were permitted to follow the trail of sweeties and because their masters care nothing for the future of the people, their nation and civilisation, the common people cannot quite discern why their world is crumbling about their ears. Once again the need for immediate comfort overwhelms them and they become concerned in relation to their income, their home, and whether or not they can afford a holiday in Spain this year or service their aging Japanese car. These are the concerns of the mob, it is how they have been programmed all of their lives and for generations. Men such as Nick Griffin either understand this and are simply exploited the “patriotic pound” (the petty cash of those too afraid or unable to actually take back their country) or have been convinced by some sort of hallucination that the system somehow works or can be fixed – a system of domination, of enemy occupation, that has taken decades to perfect. Personally, I suspect the former is true.

The system does not work for the natives of these lands and it cannot be fixed; it is intrinsically flawed to the point where it is fatal for us to even engage with it. Those of us who perceive that the establishment is seeking our genetic replacement and enslavement via debt should not look to men such as the aforementioned for leadership or guidance. Those of us who apprehend our dire situation should not contend with our enemies, and at an hour and a location of their choosing. We must disown and reject the democratic path and turn our backs on what we know cannot make a difference. We must start taking back our land physically, inch by inch and square yard by square yard.

Appealing to the perspicacity of the voting public is an exercise in futility, they do not concern themselves with the future of our genetic inheritance – it is a fact that we cannot deny or ignore a moment longer. But as life for the average Briton becomes tougher and as the flood of non-white immigration rises, our brethren will begin to think along tribal lines – they will have little choice in the matter. I believe that our task is to discard democracy and to build strongholds of like-minded patriots within the existing community structures already in place. From there we can affect the local environment and gain a foothold. We must provide dictation via community leadership and safe heavens for white people to flock to when conditions in this country become unsuitable and unsustainable for the natives. Our people need to grow in a territory of our choosing and their genetic inheritance safeguarded.

PLE represents the start of a new way of thinking about nationalism and actualising the fourteen words. Entering into democratic politics is exactly what our enemies expect of us and they counter our arguments with the myopic will of the common people. The problem-solving element amongst us must take up the torch of PLE and lay the ground work for harder times ahead. We should prepare for an era when our progeny will require ramparts rather than i-phones. The struggle for our survival transcends any single lifetime and stretches back before man and reaches forward beyond superman. The common people may never understand the eternal, meandering flow of life but we are conscious of it and, as such, have become its sole stewards.

Only PLE will provide the necessary shelter required to weather the coming storm. If we fail our folk now, who else will assume the mantle of our sacred cause and put aside the immediate in order to make provision for forever? Perhaps our offspring will not be given the opportunity to exist but if they are, they may well be condemned to a twilight world where our kind are abhorred, persecuted and critically endangered. When Whites have become a minority in their own homelands, parliamentary democratic politics, the method of governance our recent antecedents killed and died to protect (and to this day kill and die to impose on darker races), will ultimately seal our fate and for all time.

For more information regarding PLE please peruse the UK site:


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