Democratic nationalists: the great Idealists

In tandem with more complex canine instruction, a man politely requests that his dog “sit”. The dog, however, refuses to comply and no matter the inevitable edible bribe. The situation persists for several weeks but at the appropriate time the man enters his dog into Crufts confident that his pedigree hound has both the discipline and the breeding to triumph over the lesser examples of the breed. The dog performs wonderfully throughout and an award is certain right up until the climatic “sit” command is voiced when, of course, the creature does not obey his master and so forfeits the prestigious prize.

The metaphorical mutt displayed the same intrinsic tendencies as the modern British electorate and those who would expect any different – for them to ‘do the right thing’ at the most opportune moment – are as deluded as the abovementioned animal fancier. Like it or not the voting public (the herd) have consistently failed to set precedent that they are ready to heed the request to “sit” and neither will they while our racial enemies dominate their lives and manipulate their most basic inclinations.

So why is it that nationalists persist with the notion that their unenlightened brethren will suddenly, and in spite of all previous behaviour, ‘come good’ when the hour is darkest? I think there are two reasons, the first being a complete underestimation of the dire nature of our plight, and the second being an innate flaw in our psyche, the Aryan Morality, a loophole our enemies have been exploiting for millennia.

Nationalists appear unable to see the wood for the trees

The conspiracy to overthrow Western civilisation is no longer a conspiracy (none dare call it thus), it has succeeded entirely and our communities, societies, states, nations, and empires are collapsing in a Spenglerian nightmare. All previous accumulated knowledge and apprehension regarding the human species has been defamed by fraudulent dogma and superstition and our own subspecies (Homo sapiens sapiens) now appears determined to breed itself out of existence.

Those concerned with the future of our people no longer exercise control over governmental policy, the media of news and entertainment, the financial and commodity markets, principle business, or the science and educational institutions. In a word, we’re are up the creek without a paddle. This has all happened benefit the benevolent neon glow of democracy.

Can the people be trusted to vote their way out of the mass grave they have been digging for successive generations? The unequivocal answer is no!

There is something fundamentally wrong with our shared values

We project qualities onto the disobedient dog that do not exist – why is that? How did the white race evolve an ability to project its own morality, instincts, and existential experience onto other lifeforms, including humans? The answer is not as important as being able to formulate the question. We must fathom ourselves before we are able to contend with the environment and the external threats that we may have, prior to our full awakening, have considered benign.

How have our enemies been so successful? It is because they have penetrated our collective consciousness and at present understand us better than we understand ourselves.

Most democratic nationalists are Idealists rather than realists; their world is filled with should be‘s and befuddled expectancy. They cannot seem to grasp the fact that experience, historic action, and defined trends, no matter how unsavoury, are reasonable models for predicting a probable future. Ideals must be discarded in light of actual circumstance.

The sad state of affairs is that we now represent the only hope for our people. Either we carve out a victory while we are still able or our race will become biologically obsolete.


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