Throwing our enemies a curveball

Our enemies are not overly concerned with us. Certainly their cruel minions are intrigued enough with our activities to have positioned infiltrators within nearly all of our disparate groups, but they are not mortally afraid of our movement. The primary reason for this ambivalence towards us is our lack of cohesion, clarity of vision and resources. We, as a racial entity, tend also to stand before the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune whenever the overwhelming urgency enthralls us and we therefore become stuck with a multitude arrows. This Hellenic and chivalric heroism against a foe that will not engage us on our own terms is fatal and it condemns generations of nationalists to openly declare themselves as such and publicly appeal to their unthinking brethren; the results of which are consistently unsatisfactory. Standing against the dark cloud of arrows may be traditional, but it is also very foolish.

Our enemies have thus far overcome our people by deception – their motto – and they continue to smite our efforts at emancipation with very little effort because the majority of our patriots prefer to face the arrows rather than grapple with the difficultly of our situation. There is nothing inherently wrong with deception. Many creatures utilise camouflage, mimicry, stealth, and confusion in order to survive, but our kind appears to not to be able to adapt to the changing conditions of its environment and it is losing on every front, be it political, economic, or demographic. We just seem too inflexible to exist: it is the arrows or nothing, flinch and you are a coward, or worse, a traitor! This Aryan Morality is so ingrained within our psyche that it has succeeded in doing an excellent job of killing us off during the past one hundred years.

Because our enemies completely understand our mentality and because we do not, we have made no gains whatsoever in our attempts to affranchise our homelands and model a future for our progeny. The enemy effectively deploys deception in the guise of disruptive individuals and our movement collapses like a delicately stacked deck of cards. It would seem that we glean nothing from the experience – that is not a recipe for survival, in fact it is a blueprint for extinction. When an animal fails to compete and is continuously exploited by its competitors to its own detriment, it quickly perishes.

How then can we break the cycle of legion after legion of concerned patriots sacrificing themselves before the inevitable onslaught of arrows? This is not a simple question because it assumes that we are able to adapt and change and I do not believe that we can. I believe that amongst those staring resolutely at the approaching cloud of death are a handful of insightful patriots who comprehend that if we cannot withstand the initial assault then the future for their folk and families will be grim indeed. They have come to the conclusion that their own army has not won a battle in a very long time and now is the time to formulate fresh tactics.

Why does our enemy not fear us? If he was truly afraid then we would currently be languishing in a dungeon somewhere and not free to pay our mortgages and grumble about immigrants or pray for a Fuhrer. We will form a religious connection to our tribal whole or we will lose the war of fecundity that wages throughout the West. We must step down from the ramparts and allow the rain of arrows to harmlessly clatter upon the cobbles. And we must enact a strategic retreat to the mountains so that we may reassess our battle plans, our final goals and even our very ideals. When the invading army pours through the unlocked gates once again, they will not find the corpses of our warriors and defenceless women and children, they will instead know fear and doubt.

Standing for elections is merely standing against the arrows – the result is always the same. Attempting to convert the masses is merely attempting to halt a stampede alone – the result is always the same. We cannot persist in making the same mistakes forever due to the fact that we do not possess an infinite amount of time to test worn out theories. Now has come the moment to take risks, to put our much lauded problem-solving ability to the test. We do not require imbeciles or those that cannot accept our truth. At this stage there is only scope for the problem-solvers and the doers, for the men and women who are willing to accept the responsibility of every single White child that is to come. We need pioneers and only the most trusted and perspicacious minds. In time many more patriots will emerge to swell our ranks but it is essential that we have something tangible to offer, that is our purpose.

Our purpose is to dig and keep digging until we have laid the groundwork for others to build from. Until we set the shovel in the earth, however, no one will be attracted to the empty field. We, the pioneers and the problem-solvers, hold our genetic inheritance in trust for future generations. It is our duty to construct new communities based on our new racial values; new societies based on the truth that we are a unique people, who have a right to at least attempt to exist; a new world based on the undeniable verity that our destiny will be Godhood.

We can only achieve this by taking one step at a time and the initial stride is to understand ourselves, our flaws and our qualities. We should fully appreciate our environment, our enemies and competitors. It is imperative that we recognise what will work and what will fail in relation to our continuation. And we have to put an end to the same pathetic mistakes that nationalists appeared fated to blunder into as if by some memorised comic script. We begin to create White communities now or we hand down a poisoned chalice to a scorned, unprepared, and atomised assemblage of White people who currently absorb anti-White propaganda in our schools and via our enemy’s brainwashing media. Some of us are building such a community and we invite you to join us.


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