PLE UK – The Basics

It seems that a growing number of nationalists have been reading about PLE on various online fora but it appears that very few actually understand the elementary nature of the concept. Likening the enterprise to the Amish, for example, is quite frankly nonsensical. Certainly, there are some misanthropic “survivalists” out there, and especially in the United States, who desperately wish to get away from it all and shun the modern life experience, but for those who have actually read the PLE prospectus it would be clear that this sentiment is something different entirely.

It is evident that ignorance is a universal trait and infects minds at every level no matter how cogent they may first appear. The general population – the electorate that de facto votes for its own genocide – is illiterate in relation to our movement because it is unable or unwilling to actually understand the ideas and motivations that bolster the ideology. The same applies to nationalists in relation to PLE it would seem.

Allow me to distil, using simple and concise language, the basic principles involved so that the reader may appreciate the notion more readily and put to bed the wild speculation about the Amish, living in a Waco-style commune etc.

PLE (which stands for Pioneer Little Europe – a title I personally do not exactly admire but one that serves a purpose for the time being) represents resistance in its truest form; it is the culmination of every idea, theory and design brought into reality. In essence, those able to put aside petty differences and asinine ambitions for democratic political victory, come together and select areas of the country ripe for population by white nationalists. In the first instance, and as is undeniable judging from the initial uptake and the waffle and misinformation expressed by commentators on numerous virtual blogs and beyond, the inaugural numbers will be small – only a handful in most cases. Employment, financial reserves, locale etc., will be some of the variables holding back potential PLE nationalists. However, other will be early adopters (the pioneers) and a few have embarked on the enterprise.

The idea is not to segregate ourselves, it is to enforce traditional White British values and culture upon existing White British communities. It is in principle local politics with feet on the ground rather than tending to only show interest in our tribe at elections or in times of crisis. This is nothing new, some concerned patriots are already extremely active in provincial politics, but they are, firstly, playing a game that they can never win and, secondly, are rarely reinforced by those with similar intentions.

PLE is all about taking back our street, villages, towns, cities, regions, and nations by winning the hearts and minds of our people; the human beings who the System treats as garbage, as consuming, tax-paying units. Their past, future, and culture have been stripped from them by the acidulous lies of the Zionist/Liberal/International capitalist establishment and we see niche in that regard. I am not going to go into every detail because it should be incumbent on the individual to investigate the prospect themselves: we require pioneers, not followers; progressive minds, not malcontents.

To summarise then: nationalists draw a line under the traditionally divisive quarrels that are generally rooted in politics and relate to which flavour we prefer at any given time. Nationalists select regions of the country ripe for ideological concentration and begin the process of relocation (this is where most of the contention lies but understand that although it will happen slowly, it will and must happen! Some areas of our homeland have been lost completely to invaders and there is no one now available or capable to return them to the native population). The pioneers create and eventually these islands of sanity will become safe havens for white folk from all across the nation.

There are no alternatives, if there were I would be backing them because this is possibly the most difficult task facing us; there are numerous integral issues and considerations, but for those committed and devoted to the existence of our people, discomfort, effort and struggle are bearable complications. We take back what has been stolen from us, we take it back gradually and with aforethought. We do it today or we leave it for another generation to contemplate, engineer and, no doubt, pass the poisoned chalice onto their own progeny and therefore condemn them to a bleak future and eventual genetic extermination. I for one will not allow it. I am PLE and if that determines me as dysfunctional or foolish, then I am happy to accept those appellations with honour.

I am a man with a family, I am not a “hippy” nor am I a survivalist, but I am fully aware of our situation and can see no other options available to us. And if you require precedent, then merely look at our country now and how the natives have absorbed foreign genes, cultures and customs. If they are submerged in the White British equivalent then they will gravitate to us, we after all represent truth, dignity and normality. We must make the effort and start actually doing something about this sickening and dire predicament. Inaction is not an option nor are the tired and futile paths of good intention.


2 thoughts on “PLE UK – The Basics

  1. Max Musson says:

    A concise yet most sufficient explanation of the PLE concept Mr Grifford, exactly in line with my own thinking. I too dislike the term PLE and have taken to using the term ‘White Cultural Enclave’. There are of course further refinements to the concept that may speed development.

    We should talk.


  2. mimereader2 says:

    Yes, this is correct; Pioneer Europeanism (when a Pioneer Little Europe is being raised up in any particular place, much as Rome is known to have begun with a single town) is simply the use of basic community organizing principles by our people anywhere. And so outside of the book activists can certainly call their project what they wish.


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