Pioneer Britain


The time has come to stop talking and to start doing. Becoming a member of one of the myriad democratic political organisations is not action, it is self gratification. This may sound like sniping to some, but I do completely understand why many nationalists gravitate towards both perceived leadership and their voting kinsfolk. There is still hope in their hearts and the dim yet gently glowing embers of the herd instinct drives them to like-minded groups and individuals, even if it results in heavy compromises, frustration and, inevitably, dismay.

To add further emphasis to the matter, I am not admonishing Democratic Nationalists on an ad hominem basis, I am merely pointing out that they conform to type, their actions, ideas and ideals are predictable and can therefore be countered by our enemies; they will not succeed. It is an exercise in futility and naivety but also in human nature and it is an especially pertinent display of our innate Aryan Morality, a trait that is so fatal when practiced and cultivated outside of our own subspecies. The sole purpose of a political party should be the education of tentative members and in consolidating the discordant diaspora that is contemporary British nationalism.

We cannot secure the existence of our kind by appealing to the mob just as surely as we cannot obtain victory over a powerful enemy by feverishly tapping at keyboards, commenting on websites or grumbling with one another in the pub. We are in a sorry state and our future is looking bleak but there is still a chance that a tiny fragment of our genetic inheritance will be passed on and that it might just outlast our competitors. This chance is not, however, within the reach of the democrats or the semi-professional complainers. This minute possibility rests on the shoulders of the men and woman who are prepared to put aside personal ambition, comfort, privilege and even pride, and who are willing to actually make a difference in any way they can. We are the Pioneers and this is our country.

There is a time and a place for debate, conjecture and for taking stock. That time is over and nationalists have squandered their time and resources on pipedreams and dead ends for far too long. We have been failing our progeny, and the sacred principle of the 14 Words, for generations. We have not fulfilled our bargain with destiny; that we should be granted the gift of life on the condition that we do not waste it merely on ourselves. We are a failing people and that is why I look towards a New Tribe just as Zarathustra foretold the coming of the Superman. We are the bridge, nothing more, and we must resolutely maintain our balance and composure so that greater iterations of our precious tribe may pass over us and finally surpass us. On the whole, we have not done this and there are no suitable excuses.

We must make a pledge to our antecedents and to those that are to come that we will no longer consider ourselves as the final product of life’s great experiment but that we are only here to further the existence of our kind and secure their future and no matter the cost or consequence. Our pledge is to undertake the necessary measures required in order to safeguard an area of this crumbling nation so that at least some of our offspring have a better chance of passing on their own genetic inheritance than if we did not take such action. Our purpose is to begin to create a NEW SOCIETY, a White Society based on our principles and governed by our eternal truth.

This is happening now and it will continue to build until it becomes an unstoppable and inevitable reality of life in modern Britain. The Pioneers of this venture cannot be dissuaded and will not negotiate with fools or the agents of our enemies and we will begin to take back what is ours!


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