How to PLE and influence people

file347When one is of a certain ideological persuasion and has unrestricted access to the internet, it can often appear that nationalism is buzzing with interesting personalities and dozens of websites, groups and pseudo-political entities. Step back from the screen, however, and the fuzz blends into focus and the scene changes dramatically and not for the better. ‘Virtually’ we are in good shape but we do not currently exist in a virtual reality no matter how much some may prefer it.

In terms of a real-time appraisal of our position – of our ‘movement’ – it is difficult to ignore the following facts:

1) The public has not heard of most of us;

2) The public are not particularly interested in what we have to say;

3) We are not united and cannot agree on a common purpose capable of negating preexisting personal enmities;

4) We have very little in the way of tangible assets, resources and worthwhile members.

This is somewhat disheartening no doubt, but it does at least provide a starting point. I will now spell out how I think we should develop what little we do have, in what order and by which methods.

In relation to point 1)

The perception of the public is primarily influenced – if not completely controlled – by our enemies, who themselves enjoy vast assets and resources. To attempt to counter such a situation would be a fruitless exercise and would exhaust several lifetimes: if a situation is not salvageable then do not attempt to do so. The public, who will not dream of greatness and who are incapable of any form of logical divination, are at the mercy of whoever holds the reins of power at any given moment, which at present it is their/our racial enemies. What should we do about this particular quandary? I suggest nothing at present.

In relation to point 2)

Due to the complications explained in point 1) it seems to me that our presence (our movement) will have very little influence – if any at all – on the opinions or world view of the public. We may believe that we can make a difference but unfortunately this is simple naivety. The internet has certainly altered the fortunes of the enemy by a few degrees but there is currently no medium that currently exists that we can utilise to awaken our genetic brethren in numbers significant enough to represent a threat to the established order. If you suppose otherwise then, like so many before you, please feel free to spend the remainder of your waking life attempting to convert the vast swathes of humanity that even the likes of Henry Ford and Revilo P. Oliver were impotent to educate. What should we do about this particular quandary? I suggest nothing at present.

In relation to point 3)

This is where we must superficially part ways with our fellow patriots. As someone who understands that our salvation will be achieved solely by physically taking back land in populated areas, I am now completely uninterested in proselytising to those who, for example, still believe in democratic politics. We may well concur with every other aspect pertaining to our predicament but upon this foundation stone will our harmony be sundered. Therefore, and as stated above, why attempt to salvage the unsalvageable? Let us part ways as comrades whose battalions briefly conjoined on the long and myriad paths towards the enemy legions. We must remain civil but also resolute and inflexible, and if the opportunity presents itself then we should expound upon our own truth in the hope that it may find fertile ground in the company of wavering or disheartened democrats.

In relation to point 4)

It is true that we do not enjoy secret stockpiles of gold and silver, nor do we own radio stations or have one hundred thousand paying members, but let me be quite clear, one thinking and responsible white nationalist is worth all these things combined. The winnowing process that has created us was not a trivial experience and many preconceptions and ardent beliefs have been cast aside in our search for the truth of our predicament. We are fully cognisant of our situation and we cannot be distracted from what we consider to be the most appropriate manner by which to secure the existence of our kind. We are the Pioneers of this movement and the obligation to succeed is ours alone.

Point 4 is of course the most salient and pressing of the quartet. We possess few assets and resources and it is incumbent on us to ration and make the absolute best of what we do have. For instance, if £100,000 secures merely a substantial portion of a deposit on a mortgage or a single household dwelling in a selected target area but four houses in another equally as promising community, then the onus is on the Pioneer not to squander his precious capital on the former for superficial reasons.

A similar view can be expressed in relation to members. If Pioneers have displayed the motivation and skills to actually begin a living breathing embryonic PLE in a target area, then their time should be spent solely on such a venture. Distracting these individuals with unessential trivia, such as vetting potential members, is a waste of another precious resource. And in contrast, if members are best equipped with education and recruitment then that is where their energies should be focused.

To build something new not only takes time, patience and perseverance but it also demands that only those who are completely committed should be involved with and party to the most important and critical aspects of the endeavour. What we are attempting to create is a new order, a New Tribe that will transcend our current physical iteration and become something better than the best we have to offer today. This is an awesome responsibility and it is not for the faint of heart or the hobbyist.

We have arrived at the conclusion that the ancient concept of racial tribalism (coined as PLE) is the only way that we can survive during the death throes of our decaying civilisation. But PLE is only the tool it is not the belief itself. If remotest chance existed of a sweeping electoral victory then perhaps PLE would not be required, but there is none at all. For many democrats, politics has overshadowed the belief per se and they gradually develop an obsession with democracy, equality and leafleting and having a badge pinned to their blazer. We must guard against this tendency to mistake a few isolated trees for the expanse of forest.

PLE is fundamentally a secret society of white nationalists it is not a mechanism for recruitment. Our Truth recruits while PLE is the method by which we can turn the theories into reality, to solidify the belief amongst communities that cannot gain access to our Truth because of the machinations of our enemies. The concealment of active white nationalists within a community is “PLE” and there are to be no banners and no open meetings; no recruitment drives and no public parades. Every act within a target area is undertaken deliberately and for the primary purpose of gaining the trust and respect of the white population. There will be no leaflets and no open talk of race, Zionist conspiracies etc., this is an approach that we must adopt from the recent predecessors of our enemies.

And while we earn the comradeship of a local community we can take the opportunity to engage in subtle propaganda and value adjustment. We have learned from decades of dissipated attempts at altering the views and opinions of our people by granting them access to the undiluted facts that they cannot be convinced in such a manner. Nor will they listen to groups and individuals that have been negatively labelled by our racial enemies, thus isolating them from the aegis of the herd. How do we counter this? First of all we become valuable members of the pack and secondly we do not provide our enemies with the opportunity to undermine our intentions with dubious epithets by drawing attention ourselves.

What activities we partake in and promote will be for the Pioneers in their own target areas to decide upon – every single town and community has its own concerns, interests and possibilities; culturally significant festivals, wasteland to rejuvenate and young people to keep constructively occupied. We must consistently be at the forefront of local life and enterprise. Most certainly this could be considered a form of exploitation but when the stakes are as high as the existence of our people and a future for white children, then I am reasonably certain that the progeny of those that are to come, whose very presence on Earth was at one point in their history dependent upon a handful of Pioneers, will forgive for our essentially un-Aryan and clandestine tactics.

Now let us dig and keep on digging.


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