Can the British survive?

file349I am not a democrat. The reason for this is not necessarily because I understand that our enemies will not permit genuine racial separatists to gain a parliamentary foothold, it has more to do with my complete rejection of egalitarianism and therefore democracy. It is quite worrying to witness nationalists clinging to the obviously defunct sentiment that the British possess the strength of will, the foresight, and the probing intellect to eventually experience an epiphany and vote themselves out of our mass grave. I can only conclude that these nationalists have piously exalted the notion of democratic patriotism to a pseudo religion, a religion that only a vile heretic would question.

While we fritter away our resources pandering to the panda bears we lose the opportunity to consolidate our own strength and strategise for tough times ahead. Because we are blinded by our Aryan Morality we cannot disconnect ourselves from the electorate and begin to build a bastion that will serve to shield us from the coming storm while our blinkered brethren must endure it and adapt or perish. Our potency is stifled not by our enemies but by our own Aryan Mortality; our sense of fair play, universal justice, and equality. Nationalists have chained themselves to a corpse.

Our people represent a gene pool, an assemblage of genetic material that has limitless worth and potential. It is this potential that should interest us not the intricacies of the moment. We are the only hope for future generations and we have failed completely to leave them a legacy. Instead we strive to alter our current condition, once again allowing our soft natures to overrule our reason and lofty ambitions. We persist in utilising our enemy’s weapons against him and we are in stricken dumb when our adversary brushes us aside with their concise countermeasures. As such, I cannot see any hope in British nationalism and, because we are the sole guardians of the natives, neither do I predict a happy ending for the British.

Unless we quickly come to the full realisation that the electorate and the unenlightened will only be converted to our cause when they are physically forced to and by external pressures then we will condemn yet another generation of nationalists to a futile existence and possibly lose our race forever. We cannot save everybody at once but we can form a brotherhood of racialists who will be more able to assist and edify our gene pool in future when our society finally collapses into chaos. We must create a safe, warm and fertile environment capable of maintaining ourselves (the sole guardians of our people) long before we are in the position to offer such protection to those that are only now becoming enlightened due to the unnatural environment that our enemies have artificially engineered and imposed upon our people.

Unfortunately, we seem not to be making any headway and the horizon looks very bleak indeed. While we mutter, type, squabble, post leaflets, and runaway, our progeny await to be born into a world that would see their lights snuffed out for all time. Contemporary populations should become less of a concern to us and instead we must venerate their genetic potential, accepting that only those fit enough to survive should do so. Those that find us – and our havens – will have proven themselves the embryos of the New Tribe, the remainder will pass into memory. However, we do not appear fit to take on such an awesome responsibility even though we understand that our downfall will lead inescapably to the loss of the very thing we prize above all else.

Sometimes it seems that there are very few sane men left in Britain.


One thought on “Can the British survive?

  1. WWFree says:

    Political involvement when combined with education is a potent recruitment tool so shouldn’t be abandoned totally. Very much agree that resources/time has been wasted in the democratic merry go round
    Great stuff as always


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