The ‘Forever’ Strategy


There is little doubt that the Jews are the most powerful organisation currently entrenched in Western civilisation. They have achieved this enviable position by nurturing their strengths and harnessing and exploiting underlying weaknesses in others. Our weakness – our Aryan Morality – has been studied, distilled and turned against us on a scale so massive that this once useful trait now appears to be our most dangerous shortcoming.

There is much talk and private speculation pertaining to how our people may best revive our fortunes but there is very little analysis in relation to how we have come to lose our civilisation and very few educated men are willing to identify the inherent flaws in our peculiar kind that other groups have observed and contort to their own advantage. For many years a carcinogenic combination of the Aryan Morality and clever Jewish propaganda has perverted our sense of who we were and where we were going and the effects have been devastating. It is now time to come to terms with what we have become and plan for a future that does not involve chivalric fables involving parliamentary democracy or even revolution.

There are two catalysts that instigate change; one is slow acting while the other is practically instantaneous. The first acts almost imperceptibly and occurs via a graduated alteration in the perception of a people over a period of several generations. It is an evolutionary process and relies on the fervent adherence to an idea and the indoctrination of every new generation from birth. Those that do not adopt the ideology, the religion, do not become catalysts and therefore cannot partake in the evolutionary process; they become ideologically irrelevant and, in the opinion of the universe, are destined to become biologically obsolete.

The second catalyst is revolutionary and requires the cohesion of will and resources that our race has not been able to muster since the second fratricidal war amongst young men of European descent. It is an unsavoury fact that Western Europe just does not have the potency to physically wrest the reins of power away from its racial enemies. The reasons for this can be examined in great detail but an extremely brief synopsis is offered as follows: the Second World War; the spiritual corruption of our statesmen; the fallacy of democracy and the imposition of hedonistic consumerism; non-white immigration and the promotion of miscegenation; dysgenics; the weakness of nationalists and nationalism.

We have no revolutionary army and – let us be honest with ourselves – racial nationalists are not producing large, motivated families or building white communities. I have in a single sentence just ruled out our only two means of salvation…should we all therefore slip on a pair of headphones and unearth a Bob Marley album? Metaphorically speaking some have already done so. Staunch nationalists post urgently worded leaflets through thousands of letterboxes and attempt to proselytise unenlightened acquaintances but the dulcet gibberish, “one love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right” drowns out all commonsense. The reason is our belief that our people can be either converted with cogent facts and information or will mount an offensive when the pressures of multiculturalism force them into a cold corner of post-industrial Britain. I hate to be the one to tell you but you are listening to Bob Marley; you are still living in the play ground; you are the very reason that we have not developed an evolutionary method or a gorilla campaign capable of securing the existence of our kind. We are the problem, like it or not!

I do not believe that we can save ourselves. This grim recognition does not, however, preclude our long term survival. I have presented you with the only two plausible techniques by which we can change our fortunes and if we were but men, struggling now would be fruitless and meaningless. But we are the highest iteration of life on this living planet and we demand more of ourselves than fatalistic notions and servile acceptance. If the options available are not viable then we must conceive and contrive our own and from nothing if need necessitates it. Because we have collectively failed to utilise the predominant tactics, those of us that will never acquiesce must devise something else.

The majority in our ‘movement’ may not like it but the strategy of flagellating themselves before the pandas sticks in the throat of the problem-solving element among us. It is my opinion that the policies we adopt in the next twenty years will be crucial. Our plans will either result in the occurrence of “option number one” and our continued existence, or we shall select from the predetermined intersection, both branches of which lead irrevocably to the everlasting night of oblivion.

We are going to have to start negotiating and making deals with our enemies. The Blacks, the Muslims, etc., are not our final opponents, they merely represent the hammer by which we are being beaten to death. Those wielding the blunt implements are not the capitalists or the liberals, they are simply the myopic and selfish fools that are either cruelly deficient in the Aryan Morality or are drowning in it. Our enemies are the Jews and they are the only show in town. I could not care any less about Israel’s right to exist, nor am I concerned with the plight of the Palestinians. Furthermore, I am completely disinterested in relation to the fate of the snow leopard, the white rhinoceros, the blue whale, the innumerable and ubiquitous “starving Africans”; my sole concern is the future of my own kind.

In order to fulfil the prophetic Fourteen Words and begin to build a New Tribe, we must be prepared to act in a perceptive, rational and pragmatic manner. It seems to me that the Jews need us just as much as we now, regrettably, need them. Without the ‘shire-folk’, the Jews must contend with the savage races of man, creatures who do not share our own unique and suicidal sensibilities in relation to repression, genocide and domination. In contrast, Islam would welcome the extermination of Israel and the Jewish people in their entirety and, considering the atrocities committed against them by the latter, this ferocious sentiment is entirely understandable. The Blacks, who make excellent consumers, are uncontrollable in large numbers. The Asians, who again are remarkable consumers, are far too racially aware and cannot innovate, create and pioneer as we can. The remaining Homo sapiens are of no discernable use to the global conglomerate of Levantine-Khazars.

I appreciate that readers will be choking on these words but our well appears to have run drier than the arid plains of Mars. In order to enter into such a pact however, it is required of our leaders that they acknowledge the Jewish Morality to a degree seldom seen throughout our long, parasitic history together. The Jews are today too powerful to contend with directly but it would be idiotic to ignore or underestimate their presence and influence at the negotiating table. I believe that the global power structure of the future will compose of us and them. We will be permitted to exist because we have the ability to nullify their enemies and are far more amenable Goyim, while the Jews will be permitted to exist because their immediate, and undeniably zealous, enemies will be nullified.

The exhausted adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, assumes a degree of naivety that has no place in dealings of historic gravity. It assumes that the aforementioned enemy’s enemy exhibits an uncommon veracity and negates the possibility of a duplicitous counter conspiracy. Personally I am more inclined towards the axiom, keep your friends close but your enemies closer; a saying that more closely mirrors successful human social interaction. To ignore several thousands of years of human social interaction is to adopt the mind of an infant.

When survival is the paradigm – and not pride or private gain – then pacts, even temporary allegiances, with a powerful enemy are normally prudent. The requirements of the negotiators are therefore twofold: the capacity to placate all immediate and terminal threats; the ability to set his sights firmly on a future where the contemporary adversary may no longer enjoy such an illustrious position. In this way the security of the negotiator’s people may be secured. In contrast, a refractory war with a more influential and preeminent rival is almost certain to result in the destruction of the less adroit combatant. A war waged from a position of desperation generally represents a ‘last stand’ or is the foolhardy action of those who consider diplomacy to be difficult, bothersome or feckless.

Because we have proven our impotency in safeguarding our homelands and protecting our womenfolk and genetic inheritance, we have delegated our responsibility to delicate negotiations with the very entity that instigated our downfall. This is not something to be proud of but it is now, I must concede, a fact of life. The global financial crisis, driven by Talmudic greed, will weaken the Jewish position on the world stage, but it must be understood that our own genetic condition has sorely diluted ours. We will be presented with nationalist safe-valves (we are far too fragmented and disorganised to construct a feasible and legitimate platform to compete with the established order) and it will be for the problem-solving element to determine which of these can most preferentially be harnessed or subverted. No other pieces remain on the board.

We must become an insurance policy for those presently in power, and we must end the grand and childish illusions of victory or influence via democratic politics once and for all, just as we must put to bed visions of open rebellion. I say this for the following reasons:

  • A democratic victory would only happen if we accepted the terms of the established order. Because this would inevitably result in the removal of our primary racial policies, the victory would be hollow and still mean the loss of our genetic inheritance.
  • A rebellion against the System would only occur following a full scale economic collapse. Although this may well happen, we are not in the position to establish a foothold in such chaos. We have few members (recall how many of our obscure personalities will not enter into the same room as others of equally obscure personality); little in the way of resources, including the most pertinent commodity of all necessary to engage in revolution; we have no organisations currently capable of governing even a tiny region of this country.

Before we meditate on the above we must first ‘get our foot in the door’ but, and after seventy years of lukewarm exertion, we have failed dramatically and the future for our people appears grim even to the optimistically-minded among us.

When we consider the light behind the eyes of our children and dare to image the glorious light that will wash across the face of the Earth should our people flourish once again, the apothegm Death or Glory, which appears in mottos and is sometimes associated with the ‘radical right’, is eclipsed by the basic requirement to survive and at any cost. If we are too stupid to manipulate the participants in Life’s great game then we shall lose and the world will continue to revolve without us.


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