Why are White Nationalists so dim?

file401We are the army that always charges, we are the dog that always barks at the postman, we are as predictable as the clock on the wall and we wonder why we are getting nowhere. We flog the dead horse of democratic politics as if it belonged to Lazarus and we react to our enemies in precisely the manner our enemies have engineered. We are so basic, so unimaginative, so vulnerable to insidious and pernicious forces that it should come as no great surprise to the impartial observer that we do not govern our homelands, properly protect our womenfolk, or educate our offspring, as our ancestors once did.

Are we a “race played out”, as John Amery speculated during the Second World War, or, as Revilo Oliver pondered several decades ago, “have we lost the will to live?” I think that White Nationalists, predominantly because of our lack of dynamic thinking, are answering these questions periodically and whenever we attempt to kick start a new political party or enter into a Death or Glory tirade against Zionism (i.e., global Jewish supremacy) or the hypocritical British establishment.

We appear to have learned absolutely nothing from the past four thousand years – or thereabouts – and as such we condemn our progeny and ensure that our people will not witness another four thousand years on Earth. We ignore the experiences of our antecedent European tribes in their dealings with their own contemporary competitors and enemies; the conquerors as well as the subjugated. Whether we would admit it or not our race memory has been disastrously clouded by egalitarianism, which is a byproduct of modern systematic electioneering. Our Aryan Morality, which should have been breed from our gene pool following the most recent fratricidal European wars, lingers on and is slowly choking us to death.

When we are shown a red rag we lunge for it and if a little bell rings we salivate. We must become more conscious of ourselves before we can understand our environment, and before we can survive we must adapt to the environmental conditions. At present we fall down at the first hurdle and we are unable to recover our bearings and rejoin the race. If there is a Master Plan then it is veiled in a fog so impenetrable that I suspect we are now utterly lost.

We need to start thinking and stop reacting or we and our kind are done for… We must also start breeding before even the most flawless plans arrive at naught.


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