The National Front: Britain’s Golden Dawn?

file403The relative success of Golden Dawn in Greece can be attributed to three factors:

1) A conspicuous economic collapse

2) A willingness to act

3) Perseverance

I see no advantage in dissecting in the detail the rise and recent gains of Golden Dawn which is, at present, modest but notable, rather than sweeping and final. Additionally, I do not feel that the Greek model is entirely suited to the United Kingdom but it does provide certain instructive lessons that we may glean something from. In the first instance, however, we must appreciate our audience: the Public. It is probably true that attempting to explain to the masses why they are in dire straits is far less important than providing an antidote to a disease that is most definitely killing them. If necessary blame for the people’s plight can be directed at the neo-communist conglomerate known as the European Union or international and central banks. It is impossible to ignore the evidence that identifies a high frequency of Khazars (Jews) within these tyrannical and parasitical entities, but we must also admit to an equal number of our own kind who are prepared to loiter among the miscreants. “Racism” is after all scientific and not emotive as the Establishment would have the public believe. This information is best administered via the drip rather than the hammer methodology.

Experiments in educating the populace have proven impotent, just as attempts to tutor three year old children in advanced algebra will inevitably conclude in frustration. Moreover, a group wishing to take direct action against the symptoms of national decline must not lapse into public hibernation only to surface when elections beckon and begin posturing like the professional political prostitutes and peacocks. A group that is to be taken seriously must employ serious methods and personnel and yield perceptible results. These results do not necessarily need to be converted into electoral success because in times of hardship voting is of superficial concern. The slogan that should be employed under such circumstances is therefore, we are strong able men of the nation and we are here to help you in your hour of need.

As outlined earlier, Golden Dawn would find itself irrecoverably marginalised if it was not for the terminal decline in Greek socio-economics. Let me put the record straight by clarifying that it is the fault of the internationalists that countries – and therefore people – are suffering from “austerity.” It is a well known fact that the internationalists, from the time of Adam Weishaupt, and through the eras of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Second World War, the Social Revolution in the nineteen sixties and the more recent attempts to impose a One World Government, have all been energised and influenced by dark minds that seek the genetic ‘equalisation’ of humanity for their own advantage. As we know from grueling experience, equality is the biggest killer the world has ever known.

But the Greek economy has been viciously raped and more of the same cannot heal her physical and spiritual scars. True nationalism is required in order to apply an antibacterial balm to the gaping wound that has been torn open by international finance capitalism in the blue corner, and cultural Marxism in red; they merrily tug at the edges of all European societies until the seams burst and the vital fluids run white. The cure is not to educate the population but to lead them; full enlightenment can occur later and when the immediate danger has been avoided. That is where Golden Dawn is making headway.

Why is of little concern to the majority of our people, they have been cultivated on calumny, fabrication and myth for so long that their moral compass is now completely disorientated. How is of more pressing importance to the herd, who require a new direction, one that avoids the manifest peril ahead. That is why efforts to convince the public to vote for a genuinely nationalist party in any great numbers very seldom bears fruit; Newton’s third law of motion proves true even in obscure matters of human society.

Towering above all these considerations is the unfortunate fact that most thinking British nationalists are in fact reactionary conservatives and not revolutionaries. Many nationalists dream of a sunny day when the public will grow a new cortical lobe, permitting them to understand the world about them as we do and, without too much fuss, venture out and vote-in a nationalistic government who will duly and with gentlemanly consideration turn the tide and take Britain back to a perceived former glory. These men – and women – are of only moderate use to the genre of desperate and dramatic nationalism that our civilisation requires, which is of course National Socialism and not Cultural Conservatism. The old – and sometimes young – bachelors in shabby suits and fading public-school accents rail against the inevitable because they have not managed to tame their Aryan Morality and cannot view their herd-like brethren without squinting. Certainly there are eminent exceptions, John Tyndall being the primary, but Golden Dawn has delivered a blueprint, or at least a contemporary take, on a previously tested template.

So the precursor to a nationalist victory is initially, and lamentably, the collapse of the established order. Our enemies have laboured tireless to ensure that this becomes the case and we must accept it but it should not deter our endeavours, which are a willingness to act and engage with the British people and the perseverance to continue until the system falls. We must also consolidate our efforts and create a working organisation (or plural thereof) with the requisite resources, skills and experience to lead a movement and influence our fortunes at a local and eventually national level.

I do not envisage the reactionary conservative scenario; I believe that the British-subzone of the New World Order will be on its knees before we are in the position to take back what is ours. In the meantime we have much to accomplish and many internal issues to reconcile. The National Front could well become Britain’s Golden Dawn and there are signs that the N.F. is both it is aware of this and are acting accordingly, e.g., food parcels for the elderly. The brand may be “toxic” but it is my firm belief that whatever is unpalatable to the System, and therefore the public, during one generation, may well usher in a New Dawn during the next.

We take back a nation by physical acts, whether they are charitable or otherwise. Votes will follow but in this epoch of ruin and rebirth, I doubt very much that democracy – our enemy’s weapon of choice – will, in the end, play much more than a soubrette in our epic struggle. The public must be guided and any notion that they have what it takes to govern themselves and nurture their own destiny reflects with a stark contrast in the mirror of truth and reason. I think we all know where we are headed…  but are we responsible enough to shoulder the load?


One thought on “The National Front: Britain’s Golden Dawn?

  1. Max Musson says:

    Hi Nick, I’ve just been reading through a number of your articles from over the last 12 months or so and while it is clear that you have a good mind and have identified a number of the truths that elude most people, you are becoming rather pessimistic and I sense that you are beginning to feel like a lone voice crying out into the darkness. In other words, you need the sustenance of like minds. I’m not talking about a following of simple minds, but the comradeship of those with whom you can interact as your intellectual equal. Afterall one man cannot bear the entire weight of the survival of our race upon his shoulders. As they say, a burden shared is a burden halved. Time for us to meet and talk perhaps? You could bring Princess Aggro Saxon along with you if you like? That would be nice. Regards, Papa.


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