Playing the Endgame

file404Organisation is the lynchpin of progress and to progress one must have movement. Before we are able to speculate on what we are going to do we must first establish an organised movement.

An Organised Movement

As we do not accept the fallacy of egalitarianism, and therefore democracy, numbers are not our immediate priority. Indeed, maintaining small numbers of vehemently dedicated persons at the inception is essential. We require no more than fifty pragmatic but radical racialists in the higher echelons in the first instance. Geography is of minor concern and in fact it is better that the leadership element are not heavily concentrated in a single region, the reasons for this will become clear later on.

The next group within the organised movement are the praetorians. These men can be selected from the existing crop of radical nationalists and formed into an organised collective. Adherence to the idea rather than the man is essential as they will present an insurance policy against corruption in the upper echelons. These men must be trained, both mentally and physically, and freely mobilisable as well as being readily concealed within existing organisations. In relation to the number of praetorians to leadership, I would recommend a ratio of 10 to 1.

The purpose of an organised movement is not necessarily to achieve victory in any given lifetime, it is to establish a blueprint for what is to come and build an inflexible bastion against our enemies and the apathy of the Old Tribe (the current iteration of white people who appear eager to welcome in an era of slavery and eventually extinction). The New Tribe will be granted physical manifestation through an organised movement with strict codes of admission, fidelity and faith. Faith will be in the future of our New Tribe and in the sacred 14 Words; fidelity will be to the brotherhood of those in the organised movement; the admission process will be outlined below. We must never forget that the purpose of an organised movement is to secure the existence of our genetic inheritance and to promote the furtherance of our kind ad infinitum.

Now allow me to identify who should be involved in an organised movement:

The recruits: espresso, ground, and instant varieties

From personal experience, and having observed and having had reported to me many decades of political nationalism, I have concluded that potential recruits fall into three categories. The first are those individuals (or their offspring) who will represent the leadership strata of an organised movement. These people are most well-educated and confident in their knowledge; they are often out-spoken and cogent. They are, however, the most susceptible to the sucker-punch we have in store. We must obverse the Espresso Patriot and understand their views, biases and the extent of the spread of the liberal cancer in their bodies. Once we have positioned them correctly and are engaged on a topic of our choosing, we must deliver the devastating factual blow and floor them completely. There should be no speculation in relation to the evidence we provide and it should connect cleanly and quickly and precisely. The Espresso Patriot will then either show their potential quality and dutifully investigate without further prompting or they will crawl away never to darken our door again. This method is proven, tried and tested and the success rate is approximately 50%.

Proposing to grind out a patriot from whatever raw material is at hand `is both laborious and prone to failure. In essence, this has been the primary flaw in political nationalism since black shirts were traded-in for red, white and blue rosettes. Although we do not accept the incongruous liberal concept of equality amongst all humanoids, and therefore democracy, our political leaders and representatives still appear convinced that appealing to the ‘good form’ and intelligence of the masses is a successful operation. Let me spell it out to all those currently involved in political nationalism: you are either delusional or you are agents of the enemy! Perhaps this is being too harsh, but given the severity of our situation – the loss of everything built and bred for thousands of years – and the knowledge of consistent and continuous failure, perhaps the admonishment does not go far enough.

We have all converted a few people and there is an immense sense of pride in doing so, but how many were damp-squibs? And, as a matter of interest, what have the converts achieved; what are they doing now; were you forced to overlook the dribbling anti-German pro-Holocaust babble they presented to you following an intensive exposure to The World at War one Sunday night? Most of the ground varieties of patriots are only as good as the men who attempted the conversion and, as with most dilutions, they are rarely as potent as the original. It is generally best to persuade this type of potential recruit to undertake their own research. However, the majority of ground patriots are not the sort to read extensively or fly too close to the sun.

The final group are most likely already involved in our struggle in some degree. Conceivably they are marching with the EDL or the Infidels, and are as such potential praetorians, or they are stacking chairs and delivering leaflets for the National Front or the British Democracy Party, in which case they may be suited to deliver a sucker-punch to a latent leader.  Before I am asked why the aforementioned are not suitable for a position in the upper echelons, I would point out that the past behaviour of the political nationalist – their attachment to democracy and the Old Tribe for example – precludes them from this role unless they are able to comprehensively attest to the contrary. I have found that these (mostly) men have been drained of their vital spark or are possessors of an intractable belief in the mob (and the rule thereof) that they are of use primarily as educators rather than luminaries or commanders.

P.L.E. and an O.M.

PLE and an organised movement are not mutually exclusive. In fact I wrote a piece some months ago that explained the necessity for a nationalist group to function in parallel, although not synthesis, with those capable of pioneering white communities. Unfortunately, PLE in Britain does not yet attract enough families (and women) and we would therefore be faced with a situation akin to that of the coercive birth of Rome. And, just as the obstinate Celtic tribes in Western Europe fell to Caesar and his legions over two thousand years ago, so will the whites of Britain fall if they cannot organise their own competing factions and form a solid resistance against a far more malignant adversary. As such, a farm here or a couple of houses there is of no discernible benefit to the folk of the New Tribe that are to come and will inherit these lands in their entirety.

I am of the opinion that PLE cannot work in Britain in isolation, i.e., without an organised movement. PLE is an operation that should be run as any other, where the well-meaning and the keen have their role to play but are not necessarily considered the architects. A broader context must be employed and thought given to how such endeavours are to be financed and maintained; replicated and governed; promoted and safeguarded. There is no doubt that PLE – or traditional racial tribalism to give it more correct terminology – works, the testimony to this is all about us and in the faces of the various tribes of Europe and in the races and sub-species right across the globe, but there is a monolithic obstacle looming above those currently involved and it is ideological. New tribes are not propagated because of minor or superficial disparities between contemporaries; they result from unassailable geographical barriers or fundamental incompatibilities with neighbouring animals.

Our antagonism with the invading tribes of Asia and Africa is not rooted in culture, our reason to seek separation is based in the real and overarching genetic differences that exist between us, differences that are unambiguously apparent in maturation rates; physical and physiological growth and development; intelligence, both abstract and objective; the capacity for compassion; the ability to create, invent, and construct; propensity towards certain types if crime; and in many other ways. It is therefore absolutely imperative that all involved in PLE consider race as being of primary concern and the purpose for which new communities are required. This racial emphasis requires appropriate organisation and an umbrella movement that is able to fulfil the criteria.

Final thoughts

We are without a doubt the highest form of life on planet Earth and due to this fact we should not require every detail to be analysed into obscurity.  We, as a human subspecies, have a problem with an overabundance of compassion and, in modern times, a handicap that restricts our organisation competence as well as a natural tribal cohesion. We understand that the latter has been stretched to encompass our racial competitors by our enemies and their liberal lackeys, while the former has been smashed to atoms. However, we are not inadequate when it comes to organic intelligence and in any given situation we are regularly capable of calculating a solution and surmounting the odds. But individually we are ineffective against the overwhelming odds we find ourselves confronted with during this epoch in our ever-evolving life experience. If we remain as atomised units on the world-stage, quarreling and debating in private then there is little that can be done for us or those of us that may yet come. But if we engage once again and do battle with life as our ancestors once did, then perhaps there will be a future for our kind. We begin today and I invite you to make the following pledge, adapted from a speech given by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver given in 1968:

We are Britons, White men of the West. This is our country. He who would take it from us, by force or by stealth, is our enemy. And it is our purpose – nay, it is our duty to our children and to their children and to our yet unborn posterity – it is our duty to use all feasible means to destroy him.

And this is from me:

We seek survival and victory for all time. This may take fifty years or a thousand years but we will not only secure the existence of our children, we will also take back our homelands, our continent, and our entire world. We have learned a terrible lesson but now our time has come; the hour of resistance, of rejuvenation, and of brotherhood. We are Britons, White men of the West. Our children are the White Angels of the North and our destiny is Godhood.

Soon the populace will be obliged to accept our tenure or they will contend, as lost and lonely souls, with the ethnic genocide that they presently regard with indifference.


5 thoughts on “Playing the Endgame

  1. Max Musson says:

    Hi Nick, I saw Rob on Saturday. He was surprised that you haven’t yet made contact with me. The New Tribe does indeed need an OM and this is what I was indicating on the PLE forum when someone of unfortunate intellect chose to bar me from further comment.

    But we need to talk, because the OM is already taking shape and you are in danger of being left behind.

    The ideas you express on here are good and you have an engaging style of writing, but your ideas are by no means original and unique to you. Others have been formulating these ideas for a long time and we need to work together, because we do not have time on our side.

    Email me please. You know where.


    1. N.G. says:

      Hello Max/Papa Luigi,

      After our email correspondence I am still completely in the dark as to what you can offer. It would be a little foolish of me to meet with anyone without first receiving at least an inkling as to who they really are, their intentions, who they represent, etc. I understand secrecy is important but this is taking it one step too far.

      I wish you luck in whatever you are involved with and thank you for taking in interest in my blog.



  2. Rob says:

    Hi Papa. “He was surprised that you haven’t yet made contact with me” I’m not sure were you got that impression from we spoke for what 10 seconds? . I’m sure it is a simple mistake but I’d appreciate if you didn’t involve me in your attempts to contact Nick or anyone else.

    Best of luck with OM.



  3. Rob says:

    and Papa , some friendly advice, if you want to lead people try to get a grip of your tone. I can see you want to be considered and consider yourself to be part of an Elite, but the men I’ve known who could have been considered part of that natural aristocracy had the common touch and an obvious sense of duty, love and care towards their charges. Which I’m sure you do. I’m also sure that with some practice on your part that sense of duty etc will become obvious to us all. Which of course will make us all working together much more likely.

    Again best of luck with OM and look forward to seeing you at the next forum


  4. Secret Squirrel says:

    “or they are stacking chairs and delivering leaflets for the National Front or the British Democracy Party, in which case they may be suited to deliver a sucker-punch to a latent leader. Before I am asked why the aforementioned are not suitable for a position in the upper echelons, I would point out that the past behaviour of the political nationalist – their attachment to democracy and the Old Tribe for example – precludes them from this role unless they are able to comprehensively attest to the contrary. I have found that these (mostly) men have been drained of their vital spark or are possessors of an intractable belief in the mob (and the rule thereof) that they are of use primarily as educators rather than luminaries or commanders.”

    Funny that, this is the same write up the green arrow gave the BDP meeting: “The audience was around 50 strong at the beginning of the meeting rising to around 65 as a few late comers arrived. Sadly the audience was almost entirely comprised of patriots in their 50’s which is most worrying for the future.”

    The BDP are a bunch of out of touch old men that won’t be doing very much and have nothing new to offer.


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