Getting to grips with reality

The vast majority of white people have no future. They are the short-necked creatures straining at the sparse foliage that still clings to the lower boughs of the Tree of Life. Should we attempt to save them? Even before this question is given breath, we must ask ourselves: who are we and will we ever be in the position to save anybody? At present we are a loose collection of dissociated and buzzing brains, filled with sound ideas and good intentions, that have collectively failed to grasp the fact that our world is collapsing about us and we have made no provision for several harsh realities. The realities that will face us as white separatists in the years to come are as follows:

1) No matter what we do white people will not flock to us until it is far too late

Once again, I will inject into this statement my own idiosyncratic perspective: who are we and what is there to flock to? We have forgotten – or have neglected to learn – so much about strategy that we may as well surrender before breakfast! It is my opinion that even amongst the elite of the highest form of life on the planet, there is still a significant amount of evolution required and I do not mean intellectually. Those of us capable of building an army will continue, whereas the loners or the terminally insubordinate will soon find themselves on an island in the centre of a deep, dark ocean.

In response to reality number one I would make the following observation: white people, as they exist today, will either live as racists or they will die out. If they cannot accept genetic tribalism then the competing tribes that surround them will destroy them or they will engulf them utterly. At this moment we are powerless to prevent the decisions of our brethren but we should be openly available for those who finally come to terms with racial difference and white racial preservation. A political group, such as the National Front for example, is an excellent starting point.

2) The Jews are in this for the long haul

Forget any notion of not having to deal with the Jews/Khazars; they have supplanted themselves into influential positions and they will never just go away because their moon is waning. We must make provision for how we are to deal with the Jews. The liberals, and their sick “conservative” counterparts, are race-traitors pure and simple and, although they will struggle like MPs having their expenses reduced, they must be eradicated from the gene pool. I am certain that a future generation of white people will undertake this task with alacrity. The white liberals and conservatives currently holding the reins will represent our greatest foes, groups such as the Jews/Khazars can either impede our progress or they can oil the cogs and take out an insurance premium. This is a tactic much employed throughout history and for thousands of years our antecedents have been compelled to resolve situations that were overwhelmingly more Grey than Black or White.

The Jews will fight us tooth and nail unless they are able to purchase insurance. White traitors, I feel, will not, they will also be dropped into the proverbial by their masters as soon as their usefulness abates. Perhaps the situation will occur in reverse but from what I can gather the Jews have utilised our morally malleable and corruptible elements in order to initially gain a foothold in our societies prior to cementing themselves within the corridors of business and power, and not the other way around. We will have to deal with the Jews/Khazars so let us discuss it now.

3) We are riddled with idiots, egomaniacs, hobbyists, informants, losers, nutcases, and the myopic.

Idiots can be weeded out via personal contact; egomaniacs are easily identified because they usually have a track record, which will need to be scrutinised closely; hobbyists are useful – mostly for donations – but cannot be relied upon, again we must scrutinise their record of activity and discover why they have done very little while at the same time have been involved in a lot; informants can be winkled-out with a very high degree of success, but the methods of doing so are best kept between close and trusted comrades; losers have never achieved anything, are going nowhere, can contribute bugger all, and tend to vocalise vast amounts of flimflam in order to counteract their deficiencies, we all know who the losers are; nutcases range from the unstable idiot to the psychopathic egomaniac, it is not especially difficult to identify a nutcase; and the myopic are not fully indoctrinated and may never be, they are the nationalists who cannot completely accept the harsh truths of our situation and can therefore not be counted as part of the burgeoning New Tribe.

Unless we are able to settle our own internal accounts then there is no prospect of a resurgence; the fate of our people will rely wholly on probability and blind luck, which is something that should not inspire hope. We are still men and we are not yet slaves. Our history is laudable but our present is a shambles. We need to pick up the pieces and assess them before we can look forward to a future where our race still exists. Let us start today and before it is too late.


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