Why Jews hate Jews

file509Although I do not watch TV at home, I am occasionally presented with the opportunity to view Russia Today on Freeview (a gloating misnomer considering the BBC licence fee is £145 per annum!) and more specifically Max Keiser’s Keiser Report, which is a fairly accurate account of the Occident’s modern financial predicament. I am uncertain as to Max’s own Jewishness but the fact that he is spilling the beans on terroristic international super-finance capitalism on a mainstream and global television channel and has not been ‘disappeared’ would suggest that he enjoys the protection of powerful patrons at the very least.

I have been able to observe a number of Keiser Report broadcasts over the course of about three years and my overriding impression is of a deepening schism between the forces that have so successfully enslaved us. On the one hand are the voracious nation destroyers; those companies and individuals who mercilessly despoil our economies and commodities as vehemently as if they had declared absolute war against us. On the other hand are those who have made the adage of being long-term greedy their own personal mantra. The latter is represented by the likes of Max Keiser and his concealed counsellors.

Myron Fagan, himself a Jew, was another advocate of the long-term greedy credo. As the reader will no doubt already know, it was not until Fagan had reached his sixtieth year, and had grown rich by feeding the American Goyim enough bread and circuses to sustain his lifestyle, that the good Jew took umbrage to the activities of the “so-called Jews”. Fagan’s 1945 play entitled Red Rainbows, was blocked by Jewish pressure groups in New York and Hollywood because it threatened to reveal sensitive information and uncomfortable facts regarding the Bolshevik takeover in Russia some decades earlier. Fagan did not appreciate this slight, which subsequently resulted in a loss of revenue, and so spent his remaining years dissecting, enumerating, and underscoring the nefarious conspiracy to overthrow Western civilisation by those he at the time claimed were not truly Jews, but who were in fact non-Semitic Khazars, an ethnic group previously identified but made popular by Arthur Koestler (another Jew) in his book The Thirteenth Tribe.

Myron Fagan understood that if those Khazars involved in numerous conspiracies and secret organisations where exposed as Jews, the wrath of the Goyim would be fierce indeed and even innocent entertainers would inevitably suffer. Therefore Fagan carved out an Us and Them argument and presented it as best he could and to as many American patriots as his wealth would allow. Fagan’s Illuminati speech is now notorious among those who know of its existence. It is interesting to note that Myron Fagan offered no assistance to Henry Ford, who began distributing the Dearborn Independent in 1920, a periodical that also shone light on a now uncomfortable and taboo topic – for the masses at any rate.

I believe a similar situation is manifesting itself in the twenty-first century and once again the prize our masters squabble over and covet is the product of the labour of the obsequious white herd. The financial terrorists (Max Keiser’s terminology) are incredibly dangerous to the Jews who are blissfully and covertly enjoying a prosperous though parasitic relationship with their Gentile hosts. By complete contrast, the Jewish financial terrorists – George Soros being a prominent archetype – are anything but furtive and steal billions from economies worldwide in order to aggrandise their own fortunes. Often this theft is legitimised, but it is certainly something very alien to our Aryan Morality.

The criminal state of Israel is yet another example of an embarrassment to the clandestine Jews of the West. Israel frequently contravenes United Nation conventions; ferments and engages in wars with her neighbours; incarcerates and assassinates dissidents; tortures Palestinians; lies, cheats, lobbies, and generally causes so much fuss on the world stage that even the casual observer of foreign affairs cannot fail to notice the ferocious fluttering of the blue Star of David.

Some Jews, manly in former communist territories, are acutely aware that a backlash against the financial and state terrorists is fast approaching. The Fagan-esque Jews are attempting to pay an insurance premium with television programs such as the Keiser Report and, more broadly, Russia Today. I predict more public exposure of leading financial terrorists and of Israel as the conscientious Jews discern the heat of the fires of retribution; never forget that they have been forcibly removed from almost every country that they have targeted throughout their long history. The immediate threat to world Jewry is unambiguously represented by the incompatible doctrines of Islam (see Why Jews need Muslims) but White anger at the Jew’s past and present conduct is certain to amplify and, if we are not vigilant, it will be directed by the Fagan-esque Jews rather than white racial separatists. I suspect that the likes of Myron Fagan would not batter an eyelid at the prospect of pogroms perpetrated against whomever it was determined what not a true Jew. This particular scenario would not benefit our race in the grand evolutionary scheme however.

Our duty is to remain attentive and to identify the false nature of the ‘truth-tellers’, always bearing in mind our historic experiences with our enemy. We must also utilise what we have gleaned from the behaviour of the Jews since the hard-learned lesson of World War Two, and be prepared for any new contrivances that they may concoct for our people. The difference between then and now is that this time we understand them almost as much as they understand themselves.


One thought on “Why Jews hate Jews

  1. N.G. says:

    From http://www.totalfascism.com:

    Nick Grifford says:
    February 25, 2013 at 9:48 pm

    I do not think that Jews want people to hate them, that is, as you mention, pretty idiotic, but I do believe that there is a split within world Jewry and one camp is more than happy to feed the other to the dogs if it should become necessary. faction A is far too obnoxious and overt to remain the hidden hand behind world affairs, which is a strategy that has been extremely profitable thus far; faction B appears to appreciate the consequences of exposure and the wrath of those who they have wronged. The Greedy vs. the Long Term Greedy.



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