Why the white race is dying out

file511I recently read an article on a popular nationalist blog entitled “So what is the attraction”*. The main thrust of this bulletin attempted to explain why a white woman took a black man as a mate and was, almost inevitably these days, murdered by the savage. After briefly exploring the subject of inter-racialism and the perceived differences between white men and women, the writer goes on to describe a day dream of a future world, although clearly it was a nightmare judging by the emotive nature of the paragraph:

“…just a heaving mass of humanity bred to consume like farm animals with total abeyance to a totalitarian state, Euthanasia made legal and available for the sick and infirm and for babies whose birth defects place them as a burden on society, severe culling due to over-population and world degradation.”

I would certainly agree with the initial sentiment, and indeed I will elaborate on the ‘farm animal’ aspect in due course, but the rest appears to be liberal sophistry. The fact that Western, supposedly advanced, societies refuse to acknowledge the suffering of tens of thousands of dying people every year by not allowing them to end their lives stretches the elastic of humanitarianism to breaking point. Any other animal with a chronic, terminal illness or that has become physically unable to continue a normal existence (e.g., the race horse with a broken leg) is humanely dispatched. To allow human beings to endure decades of agony and to be stripped of whatever dignity they possessed is tantamount to gross mental and physical torture.

To tackle the issue of “babies whose birth defects place them as a burden on society” we must put aside our imposed squeamishness on such matters and once again grapple with reality. In the first instance, I will refer only to white babies as non-white babies are of no concern to me. If medical development and early intervention cannot effectively mitigate a severe and life-degrading birth defect, then the unborn baby should not be condemned to a dysfunctional life (typically a short, unfulfilling experience) of humiliation or pain. For the betterment of the Whole, only healthy children with the potential to contribute would be born. Similarly, those parents, whose components have contributed or have the potential to contribute to the race, should be incentivised to produce large families. Those individuals who are perhaps unfortunate in relation to their genetic inheritance should not enjoy these incentives.

There were two aspects of our contemporary racial experience missing from the abovementioned missive, however, that of the herd instinct and our unique and innate Aryan Morality.

The Herd Instinct

Whether we term this phenomena Group-think, or the Informational Cascade, there is no question that the races of man act and react as do other herding mammals.

Friedrich Nietzsche, in his Genealogy of Morals, stated that, “All the sick and sickly instinctively strive after a herd organisation as a means of shaking off their dull displeasure and feeling of weakness.”

The herd instinct defines a racial group or sub-species and permits the observer to predict behaviour patterns and reaction to external stimuli. Trends or fashions can be introduced into the collective psyche of the herd and, with careful planning, maintained and developed. The ability to establish trends, manipulate opinion, and generate reaction is essential in a democracy (rule by the mob) whereby those controlling the apparatus of state still covet complete jurisdiction and dominion.

Niccolò Machiavelli, in the Return of the Prince, observed, “Men, like foxes and wolves, travel in packs. Women, like cows, water buffalo, and other bovines, cluster in herds. This herd instinct is so strong that only a trail-hardened cowboy on a good day can successfully break a heifer away.”

Suffice to say that Machiavelli existed in a world of Men and Women. In our time, the modern epicene man has been equalised towards his woman and now resembles her even in the tendency follow fashions, just as the horned flock might trail a Judas Goat. Men are no longer gruff. independent, and vital, they are just another amorphic humanoid on the international chess board, being pushed and placed on this square or that.

Our Aryan Morality

This is our sense of fair play, tolerance, charity, chivalry, universal justice, and equality; it is why we generally abhor cruelty to animals, including humans; it is why there is a global ‘conservation’ movement; it is why the other races and sub-species of planet Earth have not been exterminated by our kind over the course of our own technological evolution. Our Aryan Morality is quite possibility totally incompatible with any sense of true racism or tribal loyalty, something which we will require in order to exist as a unique and defined human sub-species.

The Jews, for instance, have gained the upper hand within our traditional societies by subverting our inherent instincts and exploiting our natural flaws. Jews cannot compete with us in terms of genius, empire building, or the creation of civilisation and, as these achievements broadly represent the font of all wealth, they seek us out as vampire bats flock to domesticated mammals. A healthy, racially-aware, and homogenous white society will dominate and tame the environment and its inhabitants; they will invent and develop and create works of unique brilliance and cultural significance. A white society corrupted by greed, permissiveness, and racial integration has lost its defensive resilience against nefarious Jewish influence.

The Jews, by mitigating their own native flaws (i.e., their obvious inability to contend with us on the battlefield) and forcing white nations to play to their strengths (e.g., intrigue, politics, debt-finance, deceit, and so on) create the conditions in which they themselves flourish and subsequently reap the immediate, material benefits. The results of these endeavours are inevitably disastrous for our own tribe. It is ironic that our destruction would almost certainly signal the downfall of the Jew as no other racial entity could tolerate the “chosen people” as we historically have

The Aryan Herd Consciousness and the decline of the white race

A coalition of the herd mind, which is tormented by the subtle dogmas of a shepherd whose thinly veiled objectives are to enjoy a well roasted joint of meat before snuggling into a blanket of the most comfortable and opulent wool available, and the Aryan Morality is fatal.

Tellingly, Friedrich Nietzsche also wrote in his The Gay Science that, “morality is the herd instinct in the individual”

Racial separatists, and the concomitant white race, represent antipodal aggregates; we are almost now mutually exclusive groups. A New Tribe of white people will need to emerge from the fires of multiculturalism before there is a future for Homo sapiens sapiens. However, racial separatists find themselves behind enemy lines, lacking in both quantity and essential resources. And yet, what many racial separatists lack in herd instinct they unfortunately compensate for in Aryan Morality, thus we have groups who understand their plight but cannot stomach the solution.

For every new generation of racial separatist, we grow harder and less inclined towards the Aryan Morality. This is a good thing and should be encouraged and celebrated. The New Tribe of white people that are to come will be born in the flames of the multicultural experiment and the death throes of the current white race; this is an evolutionary process, just as sloughing-off of the Aryan Morality is more than simply an ideological amendment. A new and vital tribe will emerge and it will be adamantine yet beautiful; uncompromising yet cultural; and genetically resistant to the unnatural mindset adopted by the majority of the white herd in these disturbing times.

Those replete with the Aryan Herd Consciousness are phantoms of an forgotten age, a distant province where similar peoples lived amongst themselves in relative harmony and within cohesive communities. These days are gone and those that cannot adapt to the changing conditions are unfit to survive. This is a cruel and incredibly harsh statement but it is no less true. As the great Dr. Revilo P. Oliver opined over forty years ago, “nothing is likely to happen just because we think it’s good or unlikely to happen just because we think it’s evil.”



3 thoughts on “Why the white race is dying out

  1. James Albion says:

    ‘In modern usage, sophism, sophist and sophistry are used DEROGATIVELY.

    A sophism is a specious argument used for deception. For example, sophisms can use OBSURE words and complicated sentence structures to INTIMIDATE the opponent into agreement to avoid feeling foolish or can MANIPULATE the opponent’s prejudices and emotions to overcome their logical faculties.

    Taken from Wikipedia. Believe me I was not trying to deceive my readers, I wrote the short article as I saw it. I apologise if it came across sophistic. The thrust of the article concerns mixed marriages, someone has got to be a victim in these situations…..and it is usually the child.


    1. N.G. says:

      My own definition of sophistry is ‘clever but unsound reasoning’. I will admit to not being a frequent reader of Wikipedia so I will take your word in relation to the description offered above. As I mentioned in my piece, I agree with the main points raised but disagree with what I believed to be the clever but unsound reasoning with regards to the paragraph cited.

      Thank you for the comment.



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