There will be no war

File512Not only have those consciously seeking the racial amalgamation of the white race with, primarily, the Negro, been planning our demise for decades, they have been tutoring our own people to accept and propagate their vile schemes for equally as long. In 1921, the father of racial integration in the United States, Franz Boas, offered the following insight,

“It would seem- that, man being what he is, the Negro problem will not disappear in America until the Negro blood has been so diluted that it will no longer be recognised.”

The reader will no doubt not be astounded by the fact Franz Boas was a Jew. Putting aside the by now widely recognised, but often dismissed, quotation from Israel Cohen’s A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, it is clear that Boaz, whose career in American academia took off during 1896, at least considered racial amalgamation to be the antidote to the ‘race problem’ in America as early as 1921.

Boaz’s influence stretched beyond his own lifetime – he died in 1942 – and many of his students, including Ruth Benedict, Isidor Chein, and Otto Klineberg, to name but a few, went on to spread the concept of equality through miscegenation for generations. Three of Boaz’s protégés where Supreme Court authorities in the US segregation decision: Ruth Benedict, Isidor Chein, and K. B. Clark. Suffice to say, our permanent demise has been orchestrated, it has not come about by chance or misfortune.

Having lobbied, lied, legislated, threatened, covered-up, and misdirected for so long, it is not surprising that our enemies, being a relatively cohesive force, have defeated our race and now observe with restless satisfaction the great white race sharing its living space and breeding with a plethora of human subspecies, one of which we had out-evolved on the world stage by some 200,000 years. We had no defence against the toxicants of our enemies and our inherent Aryan Morality, our aptitude for kindness and inclination towards compassion and honesty, failed us absolutely.

So what then are our present prospects as a people? I think we have two and, judging from what I know of our people, two alone:

1) We drift along as an atomised aggregate of individuals pursuing narrow narratives in a world that is becoming increasingly dark. Our offspring begin to mix with other races; likewise so do their children, forever destroying our unique pool of genes in the process. Those of us who resist will eventually become dinosaurs and will fade in potency, passing into history as hated relics of an unenlightened age. Our race, the greatest ever known, will become extinct, and those who today crave the supremacy over the entire world will have it. Whether this domination over the remaining Mulatto, Negro, and Asiatic hordes lasts for any great length of time will be of no concern to an extinct people such as ours.

2) We drift along as an atomised aggregate of individuals pursuing narrow narratives in a world that is becoming increasingly dark. Those of us who resist will not only breed, but will gradually separate themselves from those people who share their skin colour but little else, whose offspring begin to mix with other races as do their children, forever destroying their unique pool of genes in the process. This evolution in the white race will give birth to a New Tribe, a tribe more suited to a racial environment; a less tolerant tribe and one in which the Aryan Morality is less developed and is infinitely more insular. In time, this New Tribe will confront the problem of its racial enemy and put an end that problem once and for all time. Our New Tribe, the greatest ever known, will become exalted, and those who today crave the supremacy over the entire world will be struck down. The remaining Mulatto, Negro, and Asiatic hordes will have no place in the nations of the New Tribe or the lands they seek to annex for the benefit of the Tribe.

There is no fight in us today; the flames of resistance have been dampened by consumerism, democracy, the drudgery of mortgage, feminisation, an increasingly ponderous Aryan Morality, and a disconnection from nature: from life and death. The vital spark that made us who we are has died in the vast majority of our people and they have therefore slated for extinction. Only those who now possess the intuitive and intrinsic qualities that will eventually mark out the New Tribe among the Caucasoid peoples of planet Earth will endure and secure their genetic inheritance.

There will be no spontaneous race war, no RaHoWa, because we have already lost every single battle in the secret war against our race and the conditions of our surrender have been signed, implemented, and are evident for all to witness. The white race is a defeated race but the resistance that burns like lava in the hearts of the proto-New Tribe will need to be forcibly extinguished or it will continue to burn until the world’s end.

Conditions in every white region will become increasing less free, coherent and survivable until the citizens effectively resist the imperative anti-white mandate. A resistance is not, and never has been, made manifest by democratic means. The modern mass-politic is our enemy’s weapon of choice for reform, revolution, and the reconstruction of our civilisation in their own material image and our race in the dysgenic image of Franz Boas. Democratic politics is the antithesis to white racial resistance. We do not resist by adhering to a passing trend or by projecting a reverie into ephemeral personalities, we resist with every action in our lives; with our choice of mate; through our children; through our grandchildren; our social influence, in short, our entire life experience. We resist and endure because we are a critical component of a burgeoning New Tribe.

We resist our imposed genocide through racial mixing because we cannot allow our superior beauty, creativity, and genius to disappear. We understand that our destiny was, and could still be, greatness and that we are simply another organism in the continually evolving greater organism that is the universe. We enjoy no elemental right to survival but we have every right to attempt to survive and no matter the cost. The cost as we see it today is the loss of the greater part of our race. That is a price worth paying if the conclusion is the development and augmentation of a stronger, healthier tribe. I will not permit the present crop of myopic, apathetic, brainwashed white people to inhibit or endanger the conception of something far greater. I no longer consider myself to be a white nationalist. I am a member a New Tribe and I look sternly towards the future with anticipation. In contrast, the white race stares hopelessly into the oblivion of its contemporary existence.

Long Live the New Tribe!


2 thoughts on “There will be no war

  1. James Albion says:

    I consider myself a true BRITON, no-one can take that away from me as did the Government when they deliberately corrupted the word BRITISH. I am the body of a Briton, British is now just a coat to disguise a non-Briton


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