What we need to understand

file518What has ever been achieved via a gradual process of informing the masses? Certainly, now that our racial enemies rule our nations they find it necessary to placate and mentally corrupt the herd by injecting them with a daily dose of propaganda through the controlled mass media and school systems. However, this scenario did not play out by negotiating with the democratic human preponderance; our enemies imposed it upon us and smashed all opposition, beginning with the European nationalists who rose to prominence during the early part of the last century.

Our enemies won a war against our kind and, foolishly, many of our own people – the British, the French, the Americans, et al – fought for the wrong cause. The men and boys of the aforementioned nations were deceived but, and although it is uncomfortable for some to accept, deception is valid natural mechanism, especially when force is either inadvisable or impossible. Nature determined our defeat in the battle, and now Nature will provide us with the solution to how we win the war.

Setting aside the false god of democracy, all governance begins with conquest and conflict. Land is taken or defended, the people fight and are ruled. The people are ruled by men more able to do so than themselves and this deferential agreement brings order. Even the much celebrated Christian bible describes the common man as a flock and its primary protagonist as a shepherd. Discussing the benefits of pastureland over rocky mountainous regions with sheep serves no purpose – the beasts would starve to death while they considered the unfathomable – the shepherd dutifully, instinctively, directs his flock to the most fertile expanse of grass.

Our racial enemies and traitors also comprehend basic human nature and they persist in deceiving the herd with a carefully constructed mirage known as the ‘rule by the mob’. This despicable strategy provides the illusion of freedom while maintaining the normal social order: leaders lead and followers follow. The pressing concern white nationalists express relates to the murderous motives of the shepherd and his sheepdog and not particularly the method employed. To reiterate previous articles, attempting to whisper in the ears of the “free” flock is completely ridiculous.

What we are left with is the same essential conundrum that has faced all revolutionary forces throughout history: how do we garner the support of the masses? Engaging with the masses directly, as mentioned above, bears no fruit because by doing this one is compelling prospective recruit to admit to themselves the following unpalatable truths:

1) That they have been lied to by their teachers, politicians, preachers, legislators, newscasters, entertainers, guardians even, their entire lives;

2) That they really have no idea what is happening in the world;

3) That those in whom they place their trust in are untrustworthy;

4) That their judgement is completely flawed;

5) That the ubiquitous labels applied to Us (racist, bigot, ignorant, hater) are false;

6) That they are not free or in charge of their own destiny.

Even the most fragile of constitution would find this difficult to accept. We must therefore avoid the sole policy of democratic conversion.

The blueprint for our movement has been drawn and replicated throughout the course of human endeavour and across the globe. One man, and a collection of like-minded and devoted individuals, conjoins. These men accede to a philosophy that transcends themselves as mere parts of a whole. The organisation expands and accepts only those who submit to the philosophy. The organisation diversifies and tests itself; it gradually becomes known to its opponents. The organisation gradually becomes known to its public. The organisation forces its enemies to fear it and, potentially, usher in increasingly more draconian conditions upon the population. The organisation begins to negotiate with the higher echelons of the previous order, those men of intense perspicacity or cowardice. The organisation takes power with or without the assistance of the remaining members of the existing order. The organisation negotiates the surrender of the System and undertakes the necessary measures to consolidate power. During every phase of this transition, the masses were not consulted, just as they were not during their entire history.

While we pin little badges on woolly chests and whisper in the ears of those with dead eyes, our enemies are completely unaffected and immune to our efforts. However, as the truth slowly dawn on us that the ‘mob’ is solely a commodity then we will begin to seek out those who control this commodity and consider it to be expendable rather than vital to our very survival.

In time, the herd will believe what we want it to believe and their racial sentiment will return and be bolstered by education and incentive; they will fail to understand the non-tribal nature of their immediate forebears and they will scorn their memory for having accepted multiculturalism and nonwhites as breeding partners. But this situation plays out long after we have removed our enemies and physically taken back what our ancestors fought for and built with their own hands. Before enlightenment can take place our movement must become the benevolent shepherd. Until this occurs, we will be recognised only as wolves who observe the sheep with ravenous intentions from the shadows.


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