Like the generations of leaves…

file510I am sick to death of hearing a much overused sentiment that frequently spills from the lips of nationalists and begins with the tiresome conversational opener, “what we need to do is…” Upon hearing the remainder of the diatribe, my irritated retort is most often than not, “Why aren’t you bloody well doing it then?” But on this occasion I will respond more fully to the proverbial and disgruntled patriot:

In my opinion, what we need is the following (in no particular order):

1) More mosques;

2) Less living space;

3) More nonwhite immigration;

4) More government oppression;

5) Less education;

6) More TV indoctrination;

7) Fewer methods by which to safely communicate;

8) More White Guilt;

9) More promotion of nonwhites;

10) More multiculturalism.

Why would I say these clearly terrible things? I say them because unless white people have their noses rubbed in the muck that they have create until they can no longer stand it then we are going nowhere. That is not entirely true because we are, in fact, going straight to Hell. Those members of our race who do not react aggressively to their own extinction will steadily die off. It may appear heartless and cruel to accept such a truth, but I care not for any living organism that does not possess the will to even attempt to survive.

I do not want to save this country, I would see it burn to the foundations and be rebuilt by a better breed. I have no interest in this nation’s failed institutions or superfluous cultures. If we cannot conserve what we have then we must concede it or remake it, and I am of a generation that can find nothing left to conserve. Do not misunderstand me though, for I am not an anarchist – personally, I view these as reactionary Peter Pan figures – I believe in order and proper governance by sagacious, benevolent, and principled men of our race.

The great British fascist leader, Arnold Leese, once defined his political ideology as, “a revolt against democracy and a return to statesmanship.” Leese’s use of language is telling and, as I see it, agreeable. There will, however, be no return statesmanship – to the outmoded Aryan Morality – following our revolt against the democratic order. Our movement contests not only the egalitarian postulations of liberal democrats (including the political class so named), but it also rejects the idea that we have somehow perfected ourselves, our nature, and our civilisation and are now immune to evolution or development.

There will be no return to any previous state of being because every iteration of our kind thus far has been but a stepping stone to something greater, a life form far more in-tune with itself and with the world around it. We must not resist our enemies because of a whimsical or desperate urge to return to a perceived Aryan Idyl, we must overcome our enemies because that is what men do! We fight death because we are alive and we tackle injustice because we are just; lies because we represent truth; dishonour because we are honourable.

What comes next is an alteration in not only our fortunes but of our very selves. We will take the next giant stride towards a higher consciousness or we will sink into the slime of ‘racelessness’. We will prove our manhood to our ancestors and our posterity or we will forfeit the latter and demonstrate to the former that their own sacrifices and efforts were wholly futile. Surely we still have some strength left in us? If we have, then let the world tremble and let the combined forces of Evil descend upon us and, when we have crushed the last of our enemies, let the sun rise over a renewed people and a new era of sanity and progression reign for as long as our tribe continues to exist.

“Like the generations of leaves, the lives of mortal men. Now the wind scatters the old leaves across the earth, now the living timber bursts with the new buds and spring comes round again. And so with men: as one generation comes to life, another dies away.” ~ The Iliad


3 thoughts on “Like the generations of leaves…

  1. James Albion says:

    Very good article, It is going to take a catastrophe to wake the people up, I dare not say it but I see no salvation in the short term. At present I do see a nation in decay.This is your reference with which I fully agree.
    ” Unless white people have their noses rubbed in the muck that they have created, until they can no longer stand it then we are going nowhere”…….Personally I cannot see any answer. Albion


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