Our National Debt

file519Since the year zero (0 AD) approximately 63,481,968,000 (sixty three billion four hundred and eighty one million nine hundred and sixty eight thousand) seconds have passed. At present, the national debt of the United Kingdom casts a fiscal shadow over us in excess of £1.1 trillion. In order to reach this target figure in seconds, another 33,000 (thirty three thousand) years would need to elapse. A trillion is a very large number indeed so how did our politicians manage to financially enslave us to the banks to such a colossal extent? The answer is simple and is ably expressed by the late but prominent economist, Lord Maynard Keynes, following a query over how a vast, almost perpetual, national debt would be repaid, “In the end we’ll all be dead, old boy.”

Ignoring the obvious inflationary and compound interest factors for the moment and taking only the numerical element of the debt into account, to achieve such a financial feat our governments would have been required to borrow one pound sterling every second for 35,000 years, or, and as is more likely, £44,320,000 (forty four million three hundred and twenty thousand pounds) every day since the Second World War.

We are told that our National Debt is equivalent to every man, woman and child in this country owing over £18,000 each to the nation’s creditors, but why does any man, woman or child owe a single penny to anyone, apart from whatever personal debt they may have accrued and not repaid? Is it not our government’s responsibility to govern responsibly and to utilise our nation’s resources in the most beneficial way possible? But – and we must remind ourselves of the following fact daily – under a democratic regime it is the people who are forced to shoulder the burden of every government they have elected, no matter how frivolous, treasonous or tyrannical.

When a smartly dressed politician triumphantly holds high a brown suitcase and smirks for the clicking cameras, remember that festering deep in his feverish brain are the materialistic and nearsighted theories of Lord Maynard Keynes. Almost every elected representative of the people strut, bluster and posture solely to further their own aims and feather their own nests. These creatures appreciate the fact that they hold transitory positions and they therefore gobble down as much of the swill as they are able while the good times last. When they face a new government in opposition or slink away to the House of Lords or their retirement mansion in the countryside, our statespersons care nothing for the destruction they have sown or for the people that will eventually reap it.

The ‘MP expenses scandal’ was (and is) only a snowflake settling upon what will become known as the tip of an almighty iceberg, the size of a small continent. Our traitors have not only bankrupted us economically, but also morally and spiritually; a day will come when our people will finally get to grips with the treasonous behaviour of successive governments and they should feel ashamed of themselves and their recent antecedents for allowing the situation to occur and be repeated for decades.

So when “nationalists” dreamily mention the names of Churchill, Powell, Thatcher, Farage, or any other British politician in a favourable light, my mental librarian dusts-off the Keynesian novel of life and reminds me that every public servant who does not serve the people and the best interests of the nation is a traitor, nothing more. Those who use their time in office to make their own passage through life that little bit more comfortable are not heroic or even noteworthy. Those who pass on the poisoned chalice of Keynes – and others – to our progeny are slowly strangling the values that made us great and noteworthy and heroic as a people.

So far, our domestic traitors have had nothing to fear from us and have set about raping our nation without even a cursory glance to who may be observing their despicable actions. But times change and many who live today will witness the settling of the accounts between the gluttons who would see our tribe destitute and damned and those who are honourable enough to react negatively to destitution and damnation. Our day is coming… And so is theirs…


One thought on “Our National Debt

  1. Grahem green says:

    And then Tomorrow will truly belong to us or our children’s children but untill that time we do what we can to help preserve what we can and educate who we can to the Treachery heaped upon us al by all the traitors of the last 100 years who have betrayed a great people. ,but we will not rest untill we have put what is left of them and their system in the dock and it will not be the case of innocent untill proven guilty it will be guilty now prove your innocence or compliance in lies and treachery and the BOOT will be on our foot .


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