Letting the world burn

file524Charles Darwin once opined, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Because we, as a racial group, cannot adapt to our changing environment it would appear that we are slated for extinction. Perhaps this will not be the case but the survival of the white race is likely to be an occurrence derived more from luck than a concerted and collective effort. The tyrannical regime that we have cravenly submitted to and provide tacit support for will no doubt collapse upon its rotten foundations but the rats that presently flourish on the fruits of our labour, misguided financial transactions, and political myopia, will, I fear, only temporarily abandon their plush dwellings. Apart from small, furtive meetings and inclusive, conspiratorial whispers (and grumbles), we racial nationalists have offered no tangible resistance whatsoever to our enemies. And because we cannot respond to fundamental changes we will therefore not be in a position to rebuild our dying civilisation, never mind deal with the plague of fleeing rodents.

Why are we so inept and ineffectual? Should we blame the Jews or the Freemasons; Nick Griffin or Charlie Sargent; the Bilderberg Group or Frankfurt School; the E.U. or Israel? Does the apportionment of blame adequately deflect from our lack of any advance towards ideological emancipation, national salvation and a worldwide racial awakening? I have always understood that a good excuse for not performing a task is no excuse for not performing it! If we fail to guide what is left of the thinking portion of our gene pool away from the false promises of a terminal regime then we simply grant to our posterity the same towering problems we face blankly today. We blame ourselves for this failing; we gaze into the mirror and into the eyes of men who were not of a sufficient quality to save what little they had in their hour of need…

I am not interested in cries of “pessimism”, those who say such things are either fatally underestimating our predicament or they are misleading an audience with whimsical speculations, erroneous assurances, and unfounded affirmations. There are those within nationalist circles – the great glut I would suggest – with far too much blind faith invested in the herd-like creatures currently classified as White and there are those who exploit this infantile tendency for their own thinly-veiled purposes. And a tiny handful of us (who sometimes let slip a roman salute or alcohol-fueled verboten curse) dream of an early morning raid against some low-level pawns of the System and a great and bloody victory. Any lonely soul who conjectures that white nationalists are conceivably the least likely group amongst all the races of planet Earth to achieve even a miniscule advancement in relation to their final objective is immediately dismissed as a “pessimist”, which is very interesting and just goes to highlight the root of our inability to respond to change or even accept basic facts.

During the nineteen sixties and seventies a great man named Revilo P. Oliver theorized that white people probably did not have the will to live, judging by their failure to acknowledge the magnitude of their syndicated predicament and their capacity for yet more ‘tolerance’. To quote Dr. Oliver:

“When the Bolsheviks’ jackals snarl at us, they usually hiss “racist” and “white supremacist.” Let me make it clear, therefore, that I am not arguing for the superiority of the white race. I am asking a question, a biological question. Have we, the men of the West, who are the sole creators of a civilization whose technology gives us absolute mastery of the world, if we want it–we, whose Christian civilization, for all its defects, is, in comparison with others, as superior morally as it is technologically, have we lost the will to live?”

That is a question that any observer must ask when he sees the incredible spectacle of a great nation taxing itself to nourish cannibals, draining away its economic blood to arm Bolsheviks, tolerating in its own midst the systematic breeding, with its own money, of degeneracy and crime. Have our minds become so befuddled by the hypocritical jabbering of unhuman invaders and the babbling of our own fools that we have lost even the instinct of self-preservation?”

If, indeed, we have, then, by the irrevocable law of nature, we have become, like the dinosaurs, the dodos, and the mountain gorillas, biologically obsolete and the world will soon know us no more.”

Is this the voice of pessimism or merely the cold, hard truth; the truth as a very intelligent white man perceived it in North America in 1966? I think deep down we all know the answer. And so we must ask ourselves if we have lost the will not only to live, but to fight and to earn the respect of our forefathers and of our as yet unborn New Tribe? Do we simply live as contemptible curs or do we stir up in us the fire that conquered the known world – the effects of which we still appreciate contemporaneously? Do we relinquish our responsibilities and allow the world burn and sift through whatever charred debris remains at the end, or do we build an impenetrable bastion capable of resisting the overwhelming calidity of a demographic and cultural holocaust?

As is often the case there are many questions but few answers, at least none that I can provide with any great sincerity. The answer is in the mirror, brothers and sisters; dare you brave that reflection? It will present you with an image you may not wish to acknowledge or accept, but it is an objective vision; there are no devious salesmen or wishful thinkers attempting to alter the nature of that parallel reality. What do we want from ourselves and from our non-existent movement? Do we seek pleasure, comfort and happiness? Arthur Schopenhauer (another pessimist) instructed us that, “a happy life is impossible; the best that a man can attain is a heroic life.”

A single life is not lived primarily for the self gratification of the living being, the purpose is the aggrandizement of the Whole: heroism and accomplishment for the ages as opposed to ephemeral bliss.

To quote another poignant and outspoken commentator on our modern condition, Ezra Pound, “And the days are not full enough, and the nights are not full enough, and life slips by like a field mouse not shaking the grass.”

Will we not even shake the grass of this world? Must it be our fate to survive while crawling on our bellies, as the Muslims would put it, by the will of Allah? If we truly are white men of the West then we must take this life, this world, our enemies, and our people, by the scruff of the necks and change our fortunes. Enough of pandering to the mindless voting cattle; enough of tired rhetoric regarding a myriad of conspiracies that may or may not be wholly factual; enough of displaying to the universe, and the ghost of Darwin, that we are not responsive to change! We are no longer governed by groups and individuals who share our common consciousness, we are ruled by cruel despots who would see us destitute and, in time, extinct. If we do not respond to this, and even if their evil empire crumbles, then we are utterly lost and future generations will have no heroes to guide or inspire them towards greatness.

You, dear reader, may well be content to believe in the nonsense of democracy or that ‘a man will come’ but only in you will we find the initial spark of our revolution against oppression and discover the essence of a new era. Something has to change or, as Charles Darwin correctly identified, our kind will not survive. We must pare down our movement to single individuals and then begin to reassemble it with those willing to accept a heroic existence rather than a trivial corporal experience. If, however, you are happy to continue to pay your dues to incompetent organisations, spend your leisure time absorbing the ruminations of those who have not taken an enemy flag by force, or accede to men who it is felt have more to offer due to their baffling intellect or plausible, populist discourse, then feel free to entrust the fate of our subspecies to someone else.


One thought on “Letting the world burn

  1. Lorraine says:

    Keep fighting the good fight. I am a white mom who lives in the States and I see what it is happening and it makes me sick. I engage in whatever small acts of rebellion I can. The financial system must fall and that will be the shot that starts the revolution. White people need to boycott their debts. Stop paying credit cards, mortgages, whatever. Who cares about credit. Hide your cash. Stop believing in playing by the rules. A full on mental paradigm shift is needed.

    Look up comments from blogs at Stuff Black People Don’t Like and American Renaissance. You have a great site here. Network with others. You are not alone!


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