Why opposing Islam is a snare trap

file547And once you are caught you will be garrotted.

Any sane Briton would oppose an Islamic takeover of our country, even if those attempting to convert the general population were of the same race. But when one observes what our country has become, the opposition to any change begins to appear rather shoddy. Why do the English Defence League, for instance, oppose radical Islam? Many will argue that they pursue a policy of public demonstrations because they share the view of the majority of the British population that Islam is not for the U.K. and that sex gangs and beheadings are intolerable. I would agree with these sentiments wholeheartedly and reiterate that I am not an Islamic apologist. However, what sort of a nation do the open opponents of Islam wish to conserve? Here (if you want a vision of the future…) I have attempted to highlight, in plain language and with the aid of images, the post-war country that we cherish.

We live in a “Multicultural Liberal Democracy” and, based on our voting record since the Second World War, we obviously think it to be heaven on Earth. When our Multicultural Liberal Democracy is threatened many of our brethren take umbrage. I suspect that if some Muslims were not taken to drugging, raping and pimping young white girls, for instance, the opposition to the “Islamification” of Britain would still be just as vehement. The reason behind this is twofold: Jews have found a ‘useful idiot’ in British Muslims, and Muslims will not integrate into our contemporary society and therefore must be opposed by our liberal masters.

The Jewish question in relation to Islam has been briefly addressed here (Why Jews need Muslims) but what is even more important is the White question in relation to Islam; why is our present way of life worth defending? Why have the British accepted vast quantities of non-whites into their homeland and permitted their political representatives to favourably regard these immigrants, providing them with exclusive benefits and encouraging the pursuant fecundity. Miscegenation has been promoted and racial strife, and the phenomenon of white flight, have been misrepresented or ignored. The utopian Multicultural Liberal Democracy must be extremely important to the British, so much that the more hot-headed members of our ethnic group openly demonstrate against any impingement.

As I mentioned before, Islam does not seek integration, but it does offer the similar levels of non-white fecundity and racial strife as our beloved Multicultural Liberal Democracy, so why do the marching men of the EDL oppose Islam? Putting to one side for the moment the Jewish question and the sex gangs and recent beheading (because non-Muslim, non-whites rape our girls and women and murder our boys and men too, you know), it is easy to draw the conclusion that at the heart of the hostility to “islamification” is the love of our Multicultural Liberal Democracy. We must assume that the ability to purchase a goat curry or consume a kebab (after the rent, car tax, insurances, TV licence, et al, are paid for of course) following a thoroughly good piss-up, some cocaine, and perhaps a fight and a grope, are cardinal experiences worth protecting.

There is very little public disapproval of the fact that most of our major sport teams are riddled with non-whites or that attractive white celebrities parade their non-white partners for the delectation of our young people. There are no large demonstrations against ethnic genocide in our cities or the pervasive and violent ‘rap’ culture of black males. Why aren’t white parents physically removing their children from the Communist indoctrination institutions? Because of the conspicuous inaction, we can assume that Islam is a threat to these wonderful perks of our Multicultural Liberal Democracy. Where would we be without our devoted adherence to Premier League football, our favourite soap opera, or our prized German car? What higher purpose do the population serve other than to pay their taxes, vote for traitors and provide tacit support for a regime that is slowly committing genticide (genocide) against them? The answer is that there is none.

Because the British have been steeped in the stinking waste product of multiculturalism for so long, they would now react violently to anything that might tear it apart. This does not bode well for those of a nationalist bent, especially the singular men and women who still insist on flagellating themselves before the few remaining voters. Again I will state that I would not accept Islam, even if it was a European theology, but neither would I fight for our Multicultural Liberal Democracy; my view on our survival is not so monochromatic. We are being squeezed by, on one side, our racial competitors, and on the other, our political masters and their ethnic cleaning experiment. I will accept neither and I will not march alongside Zionist stooges who seek a return to “normality” just as assuredly as I will not augment the ranks of the colonisers.

We must excavate our own roads and seek out our own fortunes as a tribe. We are not obligated to serve and defend a dynasty that is destroying us merely because we share a common nuisance – an Eastern mythology that WE fought for centuries and THEY, with malice aforethought, have admitted into our homeland. Instead of joining the seemingly more sympathetic faction, a far more profound and resourceful strategy would be to consolidate our own strength and build our own organisations while the Zionist Multicultural Liberal Democracy clashes our other enemy. We pledge allegiance to the Race and neither Islam nor our present masters would secure its existence.

When one engages in open opposition to Islam alone, one is caught in a snare. The masterminds of the Multicultural Liberal Democracy are employing an age old tactic and it is the ignorant Goyim that have historically suffered. We are not preserving our native culture, we are aiding and abetting the Multicultural Liberal Democracy. We are not safeguarding a future for white children, we are ensuring their extinction because that is the surreptitious master plan. Never forget that the Multicultural Liberal Democracy is the root cause of our Muslim problem. If we cannot disentangle the snare then it will strangle and kill us. The poacher is waiting quietly in the hedgerow with baited breath…


3 thoughts on “Why opposing Islam is a snare trap

  1. Tom Rogers says:

    Agreed, but how do we convince others who are still wedded to the political system and its street-based attendants? The kind of faith shown in the efficacy of the safety valve UKIP reflects, I think, a point of weakness in the Western mentality. It’s a legacy of late Victorian liberal idealism that politicians and other public figures are still believed to work progressively for some abstract end of universal human good set apart from society, whereas I think Hegel, and the later conflict theorists, were closer to the truth: we are in an eternal genetic war and the transient political constructs are either of utility or must be coldly discarded so that we can build anew.


  2. WWFree says:

    Great stuff as usual. We must keep reminding people that multi culturalism is at fault. The public are being herded again towards support for another of international finances forays in the middle east.


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