Rowing in unison

We are not conservatives, we are not even nationalists in the traditional sense; we do not seek to return to a barely fathomable halcyon age, our steps are not regressive. We – all of us – will shortly discover and come to accept the fact that we cannot safeguard what already exists or has existed, indeed, it is essential that such quests are impossible.

What we are experiencing as a race is not just an ersatz event or a historical ‘blip’, it represents an habitual and repetitious singularity that transpires towards the curtain call of every major White civilisation; the rapid descent into individual hedonism, cultural vapidity and supra-tribal sentimentality. In other words, our folk now care nothing for their consolidating cultural matrix and it has suffered irrevocably as a result.

Racial self-interest has been supplanted by self-interest per se and racism is today considered a very dirty word – one of the most derogated in fact. As a people, we have no shared bonds and fail to act collectively and so have no nation in the correct, literal meaning of the term. Without a nation, man (white man) has been relegated to the position of a schooling fish without a shoal and he will soon be ingested by the predators that currently circle him.

But still, as the semblance of society glows like the dying embers in a previously roaring fireplace, the atomized units will not abandon it; their herding instinct, and superficial dread of the ‘unknown’, will not permit it. This is especially true of so many of our women who are, conventionally, more socially orientated human beings than the male of the species.

Women desire an ordered societal matrix, which is due, principally, to an instinctual drive to seek out a secure environment for the raising of young. Men, on-the-other-hand, have a greater inclination to engage in personal, and social, risks and are therefore more commonly over-represented in “fringe” movements.

For the racially-conscious white man to expect our womenfolk to shun convention and relative protection and accompany us to anew dawn based purely on the strength of our irresistible cognition is nothing short of insanity. Unless we can at the outset prepare the homestead and display a quintessential ability to lead, problem-solve and effectively defend an embryonic community, then the New Man will likely lack the requisite number of mates to to bring about the inception of the New Social Order.

Order, even the illusion of it, is crucial to a woman’s sense of belonging. What repels females even more efficiently than the absence of any formal social structure is the general sense of despondency projected by the White Nationalist movement, which basks in the gross shadow of an epic and exceedingly complex international conspiracy – the dates, events, protagonists and interconnectivity of which are frequently mulled over ad nauseam by the menfolk, much to the chagrin of untold numbers of potential recruits.

What is undeniably more important to the gentle sex is the conjured image of a White Nationalist milieu and the substance therein; will it be a viable living space for her offspring? Adam Weishaupt, Pearl Harbour, the Holocaust and 9/11 are of little to absolutely no consequence to those desiring unalloyed community. If we were honest with ourselves we would evaluate the worth of debating such matters, in public or in private, and conclude that it serves merely to augment the perceived power and magnitude of our enemies, critics and traducers, while often satisfying a masochistic requirement in many anchorites who have found themselves ostracised from the concretion of the consuming herd of primates.

So what can successfully attract women to our cause? In the first instance we should be obliged to remove any connotations to System perpetrated taboos. In the monist (and more precisely, the Anti-Zionist) we could not dream of a less potent recruiter. Rambling prolix pertaining to conspiracies – whether true or false – focusing on a more powerful, intelligent and commanding foe are as appealing as the barely perceptible but tangible perfume of something rotting below the floorboards.

The logic of attraction is universal, at least in the West, and it is entirely applicable to ideological enlistment. If an idea is cogent, credible, and the proposed goal is genuinely appealing, the task of selling it is astonishingly simple, assuming that the advocates are both plausible and erudite and resist the subtle call to launch into spectacular, well rehearsed diatribes and unconsciously strengthen the position of our enemies while at the same moment weakening our own.

Second, when conversing with latent recruits, we should concentrate on us (our people) and our expectations; of our prescient vision of the world that is to come should we triumph. It is essential that communicating with our representatives is a congenial and positive experience. After all, what we want and are attempting to build is a better more salubrious world, one that will benefit everyone, including our woman. It will grant them a life free from the inimical pressures that have built up in this occidental bubble, and one in accordance with their integral, biological motivations; the natural ambitions that hate filled “radical” feminists have spent decades contemptuously dismantling with both hammer and sickle to the ignominy of our race.

Finally, we have to become statesmen for the cause; knowledgable, trustworthy, stern and, perhaps most saliently, kinetic. Talk is necessary but it pales beneath the motivating force of action. Let me make it abundantly clear, without women we will not create a New Social Order. This is a basic notion, but women are critical to our success. It should be obvious that we need them but it is incumbent on us to inform them that they also desperately need us. The future of our womenfolk, as determined by the old failing order, will be far more brutal than for the men, who can at least expect a swift snuffing-out.

As our civilisation crumbles, our white women will suffer (and are indeed suffering) terribly and as a consequence we must provide them with a viable alternative. There should be no animosity among the sexes but we are also compelled to the reality that we are indeed different with occasionally contradictory, but mostly complimentary, aspirations.

Man’s task has always been to facilitate and impart a safe, secure environment for his women, who in turn bestow upon him the most essential and precious gift there is, new life and the guarantee of a genetic legacy. We are unconditionally mutually inclusive in spite of the foul calumny of chauvinists. Respect and consideration is required as well as honesty. Having said that, the avoidance of certain aspects of our plight is imperative because they are superfluous (as the trials of the bloody hunt) and to become dependent on such things, as if it were a narcotic, is completely counterproductive.

Setting aside the rhetoric, we must embark upon our inspirational journey hand-in-hand with our women; they are, most conspicuously, one of our primary purposes for our being and, in time, we, and our sublime vision of things to come, will be theirs. Together we will remake this world.


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