Extremism v. Integration


A common conviction iterated by the opponents of Islam in Europe relates to the condemnation of the omnipresent “militant” or “radical”. Extreme variants of Islam, we are frequently informed, challenge our traditional British “way of life” and “values”, although the manifest nature of these pre-eminent qualities are rarely explored. Similarly, our political masters are accustomed to expounding upon the benefits of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” and, almost as rhythmically, beat the racial integration drum. The advantages of the aforementioned are, again, no doubt self-evident because we are seldom treated to a comprehensive explanation.

These two themes are linked in that the traditional British way of life is never threatened by racial integration (there are no street protest organisations demonstrating against, say, Filipino or Thai immigrants for example) but, we are piously told, our nation is menaced by extremism, a word often put into service as a euphemism directed at ethnic groups and ideologies unable or unwilling to fully integrate. The British can be roused by those aliens who do not amalgamate into our traditional society, and are thus viewed as militants or radicals, while we will rapturously (or more likely, meekly) receive non-Whites from any far flung and commonly primitive location on the precondition that they quickly adopt of our way of life and traditional values. Now let us examine what is meant by traditional British values and our way of life.

Epitomising a growing section of the general public is the creature known as Jordan. Launching her celebrity career by posing topless in a national newspaper, Jordan (real name Katie Price) underwent breast enhancement surgery – which was to become her modus notorium – and frequently appeared on television for the titillation of the viewers. Jordan, a staunt single parent, has publicly flaunted her sexual promiscuity, is renowned for her less than sparkling intellect and has brought a half-caste, disabled heir into the world. She represents something that, only sixty years ago, would have been considered thoroughly grotesque by the great majority of Britons. But, and in stark contrast to what might have happen then, Jordan has managed to sell several hundred thousand books (autobiographies, novels and children’s stories), starred in numerous ‘primetime’ TV shows, attached her iconoclastic brand to a perfume and enjoyed a brief stint as a pop singer. It also just so happens that Price’s maternal grandmother is a Jew…

There is no widespread stricture of Jordan or her ilk, and her lewd, excessive and anti-White behaviour continues to engage the masses. She appears, to all intents and purposes, to be another gem in the long, disheveled line of ‘National Treasures’. While Jordan’s way of life and values are overlooked, praised and even replicated, other traditions of post-war Britain are likewise advanced. Credit (usury) has been accepted to the point where millions of White people now have allowed themselves to be enslaved by debt; mind, body and spirit. Pornography (normally the sexual abasement and degradation of White women) is barely frowned upon. The regular and excessive consumption of alcohol is viewed as a ‘lifestyle’, just as is homosexuality. We pay billions for the privilege of a television licence and football season tickets and raucously cheer for non-White sportsmen and women draped in the Union Jack. We consume vast quantities of strange foreign food prepared for us by our genetic replacements, who in turn produce vast quantities of offspring. I could continue dismantling modern Britain piece by piece but suffice it to say that our organic values and natural way of life are not those we witness and are forced to endure today.

Should we therefore embrace Islam as an emancipating force? Islam plainly rejects many of the destructive and seditious trends mentioned above but we must be very clear in our message: the chief reason we reject Islam entirely is that it does not function in the best interests of the White race. Whether radical Islam is a threat to our present our way of life or perceived values is completely irrelevant; our values have been distorted to the point where they are killing us and our guiding moral compass is so unbalanced that it must be completely replaced. Islam is a non-White movement and therefore has no place in White countries.

But Islam is a vivid and striking reminder of how far we have fallen and it has been presented to us expeditiously rather than administered via palatable installments as was multiculturalism proper. Because Islam represents an overt assault on our traditional values it is easily accounted for. Furthermore, because Muslims will not assimilate into a host nation, Islam is easily contained – the same cannot be said for the huge populations of Yellow, Black and Brown skinned foreigners who presently reside in the United Kingdom. Our new dissolute values were polished off for us by our most deadly enemies after World War Two; they permitted the influx of incompatible races and religions to colonise our living space; now we and our traditional values and British way of life are under attack by radicals and extremists – it really is a farcical situation and one that could be swiftly rectified if our government broke with historical convention and decided to actually do something about it.

It is my view that the incorporation of non-Whites into our communities and institutions, including schools, is by far a greater peril than any undisguised antagonist. Our new values – in fact an imposed Liberal egalitarian morality – are at the root of a looming horror. And horror is not an understatement because it should be considered utterly horrific by any sane, healthy person that a unique and beautiful strain of humanity has been scheduled for extinction within the next few hundred years. The United Nations would usually deem such a scenario to be an unmitigated case of genocide. Nevertheless, because the United Nations cares absolutely nothing for White people, genocide is – the UN has concluded with typically captious wisdom – exclusive and can only be perpetuated against “indigenous peoples” (of which we are apparently not*) and congregations mathematically determined to be a minority within given national borders (of which we are not quite yet). So genocide can occur in Britain, and throughout Europe and every other formally White region of the planet and the enlightened elite, who are predominantly White themselves, do nothing. Most are, in reality, complicit in the ‘cleansing’ process; these pitiless, benighted individuals are nothing more than traitors and murderers!

The herded slaves of Britain will scarcely ever raise their voices against White Genocide because those who freely murder, rob, rape or breed us into oblivion, which is far more harmful in the long run, do not endanger our contemporary values or intemperate way of life. The British can, however, and like most Europeans, be aroused by an organised ‘militant’ movement, which is the reason I say with confidence that Extremism will never be as pernicious as establishment approved Integration.

 “We must excavate our own roads and seek out our own fortunes as a tribe. We are not obligated to serve and defend a dynasty that is destroying us merely because we share a common nuisance – an Eastern mythology that WE fought for centuries and THEY, with malice aforethought, have admitted into our homeland. Instead of joining the seemingly more sympathetic faction, a far more profound and resourceful strategy would be to consolidate our own strength and build our own organisations while the Zionist Multicultural Liberal Democracy clashes our other enemy. We pledge allegiance to the Race and neither Islam nor our present masters would secure its existence.”



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