WIN: Just who is retreating?

win-retreat_inartWhy do we as a “movement” stubbornly persist in expecting happily grazing farm animals to somehow become outraged enough to change their dire situation if we present them with enough facts and figures?

Do our executioners deal in reason, in facts and figures, when they set out to move their two-legged livestock towards the slaughterhouse? No they do not, because they well understand the fact that most people are social animals– a fact that has somehow eluded us for the longest time.

The lunatic propaganda of our racial competitors deals exclusively in emotion and is always, without exception, pitched at an emotional level. It has long since passed the point where we need to acknowledge the following in an adult manner: most people are not interested in truth. So, apart from the small and dwindling percentage of modern meat products we might be able to reason with and awaken by means of rational debate, statistics and dry, abstract facts, we are wasting our time, energy and resources by vainly hoping to receive anything but the opprobrium of the masses in return for such folly.

The secret to our enemies’ ongoing success is as simple as this:

Almost without exception, there is nowhere on this blue planet where ours is the dominant and growing culture. Nowhere where natural and healthy instincts are the accepted social norm.

If we do not dry our eyes, swallow our disappointment in our kinsfolk and start to become realistic about their nature, amending our tactics accordingly by carving out communities and living space of our own, then our race is finished as a biological entity.

Granted, we are fond of grumbling about the globulus mass of our folk, calling them “sheeple” and the like when out of earshot, but what do we do next? We do what we have almost always have done within living memory: we go straight back to angrily waving yet more facts and figures under their resentful and disinterested noses, and we become further alienated and impotent in our ridiculous expectation of a different response.

Who are the bigger fools in this picture, again folks?

Whilst we remain atomised and physically isolated in multiracial areas and within so-called communities of passive Whites, we have no chance of affecting any substantial community influence. If we are to have any hope of starting a fire in the hearts of our deracinated people, then we must first knuckle down to the serious everyday work of creating living, breathing, working communities where ours is the dominant culture — tangible examples of what our world will look like — where we influence others by means of creating our own palpable social pressure and by forming cultural norms that are of our own making. We must first face up to the realities of how most people function and what modifies their social attitudes and behaviours and then set about creating the tools to bring about this change.

To wit: Conscious White Communities and the cultural dominance they will afford us.

Many amongst us argue that our most pressing priority must be to build, expand and throw money at our own media, but I have to ask, “To what end?”

Better presented facts and figures?

Will the masses suddenly “wake up” to the self-evident truths that are staring them in their gormless faces if we present these facts on glossier paper? Or broadcast them with a trained actor breathing life into the dusty words of Old Stinkweed Churchill’s article, “Zionism versus Bolshevism”, over internet radio? While I’m certainly not arguing against an overall improvement in production values, Gods know we need it, nor against better, more effective propaganda, I humbly repeat the question, “To what end?”

Consider for a moment, if you will, the sterling work of Henry Ford’s newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, between 1919 – 1927, in light of the serious advantages it possessed at the time over any media we might produce these days:

With a circulation of a reported 900,000, by 1925 it was the second largest selling American newspaper.

A full time staff of professional journalists, researchers and eloquent writers.

Owned, financed and promoted by one of the world’s richest and financially independent men.

A potential for increased sales and influence amongst a general population who were more literate, more keenly interested in the world around them, were in possession of lengthier attention spans, and a far greater percentage of whom were arguably in far better moral, intellectual and psychological shape than those of today.

Produced at a time before serious international curtailment of freedom of speech and the introduction of “hate-crime” legislation.

Despite all of these advantages over anything those peddling truth or seeking to “educate the masses” might produce today, I pose the serious and honest question, “What substantial benefit or relief did The Dearborn Independent bring to our race’s dire situation that was effective, either at the time or today?” The basic premise of our tactics for the last sixty years has been fundamentally flawed in that we have been putting the cart before the horse. Most of our labours have demonstrably proven themselves to be an exercise in futility. Educating and deprogramming the masses is a monumental task that will take decades of carefully thought out counter-indoctrination and the wholesale rehabilitation of healthy natural instincts that can only start in earnest when the mass media is no longer the poisonous tool of organised Jewry and cultural Marxists. Let us talk about that Herculean effort after we have first settled the likewise not-so-insignificant matter of securing a White ethno-state built on the foundations of communities where ours is the dominant culture.

What is our primary task as concerned conscious Whites?

Our task is to embolden the healthiest and sanest remaining elements of our population and set them to work in influencing and likewise emboldening those most receptive to our message of racial survival in a target area. This ages-old and proactive tactic, long ignored as it is by the habitual complainers and the professional misery-mongers of the “right wing”, is revolutionary because it involves creating something of substance — a living power base grown out of supportive communities — as opposed to the abstract castles-in-the-clouds and other panaceas peddled by hopeless dreamers and snake oil salesmen.

What is a “power base”?

Definition: pow·er base, noun. A source of authority, influence, or support, esp. in politics or negotiations.

There may be some truth in what some say about fledgling Racial Intentional Communities only being successful as long as those in power allow them to be. But is this any less true of any venture we might undertake– our publications and alternative media in particular? Our enemies can negate such expensive and costly efforts with a single lawsuit, as was the case with The Dearborn Independent, or in the case of internet-based publications, with a well-placed click of a computer mouse. Those who buy into the lunacy of joining pyramid-selling schemes that promise the construction of remote Waco-style compounds need to consider, amongst other factors, the fate of Pastor Richard Butler’s Ayran Nations compound, or that of the vast acreage in West Virginia once owned by the National Alliance that Erich Gliebe is currently selling as if it was his to sell. All it takes is one successful lawsuit against a financially-liable membership organisation, or indeed the “incompetent” machinations of a movement parasite to see these acquisitions in the hands of those who would destroy our kind. One of the greatest strengths of Pioneering is the fact that private property remains in the hands of many private individuals and families, as opposed to the demonstrably failed tactic of ploughing donations into building geographically isolated political headquaters on acreage that can be snatched away with the banging of a judge’s or auctioneer’s gavel.

We do indeed live under the shadow of an uncertain future. But I know that I would rather face any coming tribulations as part of a bonded, motivated and functioning community of my fellows than as an isolated, atomised keyboard monkey impotently demanding that our race should suddenly take up arms against the butcher-farmers who are keeping them fed, watered, fat and happy. Whatever form of resistance is required against our impending genocide in a precarious future, be it legal, political or otherwise, it will be better prepared, better supported, better funded, better orchestrated, better equipped and supplied in a political heartland than it would be amongst scattered and powerless malcontents indulging in the modern equivalent of what we have done for the longest time– mailing each other newspaper clippings of the latest outrages to moan and bluster over at our leisure.

Those who promote the building of Conscious White Communities and terraforming the racial, cultural and political landscape of areas that best afford us the chance of carving out a society of our own are often accused of “retreating” or somehow “surrendering”. Racial Intentional Communities, PLEs and political heartlands are not about “retreat” or “surrender”. This accusation could not be futher from reality.

One of the many things H. Michael Barrett has got entirely right in his Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus is his adoption of the term “Pioneering” for the process of raising up a new model of the White community. It is pioneering new Conscious White Communities that requires spine and testicular fortitude, not the unconscious act of surrender that belies such commonly heard talk of “I’m going to tough it out where I am and keep trying to educate the masses.” and “It’s only a matter of time before our people wake up.”

Many among us seem to have the tactics of PLE confused with Waco-style compounds or blind White flight, and that in itself betrays the folly of hoping to use our own media for the widespread education of others when we refuse to educate ourselves.

Were the National Socialists “retreating” when they built a heartland in Bavaria?

Were the Taliban “retreating” when they built “bandit country” on the borderlands of Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Were the faggots and the deviants “retreating” when they raised up their own communities and power base in San Francisco in the face of what was then still a hostile host society?

More prosaically, are the non-Whites who are so successfully colonising Britain and Western Europe “retreating” when they undermine one atomised and nominally White community after another by living and sticking together, buying from one another, employing one another, celebrating their cultures and heritage together, building and supporting their own shops, their own community centres and their own places of worship together?

No, they are not retreating. They are winning.

I’ll tell you exactly who is retreating everyday– those who retreat into the false hope of being swept into power once they “awaken” enough people to the truth by showing the disinterested herd facts and statistics.

Those who idly imagine that somehow voting in anaemic civic nationalist anti-immigrationist parties will buy us anything more that a more secure lid on the melting pot– those who applaud the politics of surrender as if it were advancement of our cause.

Those who retreat in the face of the hard fact that endlessly indulging in the costly shell game of mass democracy will never again secure us a street’s worth of viable, sustainable White living space.

Those who retreat into fantasy, believing that “a rush and a push and the land is ours”; imagining that our anaesthetised folk will somehow flock to our side when the long promised economic collapse or other calamity sweeps us magically into power.

Those who expect the masses to heed anything we say without first offering them tangible examples of a better way to live in the shape of living, breathing, working, conscious communities where ours is the dominant and growing culture.

Those who dream they can embolden our people by dealing solely in abstraction, pointing to the aforementioned castles-in-the-clouds whilst simultaneously ignoring the fundamental truths of human behaviour that stem from us being social animals.

Those who retreat into the pipe dream that they are doing something whilst they continue to lend their tacit support to, and prop up the economies of, multiracial communities and this wider sick society.

These are the ones surrendering to delirium.

Until we set about the business of building something real in the form of our own communities and heartland, starting to construct the bonfire from the bottom-up, we are doing nothing but idly hawking morphine for a dying patient.


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