win-escape_inartWhat you are experiencing is real, it is not imagined. The controlled mass media ispersuading us that we are an evil people; that nonwhites are suitable mates; that our old values are ridiculous; that there is no place on Earth for a white civilisation or a white race. Our governments have mortgaged our future to the highest bidder; they are facilitating our ethnic cleansing; they are corrupt; they are embroiling us in unnecessary foreign conflicts. Our educational institutions are festering indoctrination pens; they are not preparing young people for reality; they are not creating worthwhile citizens; they are governed by some of the sickest “liberal” minds ever to have existed. Our business leaders are mercenary psychopaths; they do not care about the future of our people; they seek self-gratification and large bank accounts. The great majority of our people are herd-like creatures; they are being manipulated and exploited by the aforementioned traitors; they are little more than genetic potential.

Considering these facts, ‘nationalism’ is a flaccid organ. Nationalists are some of the greatest living escapists. When the herd buries its head in the sand, whether that sand be the immersive spheres of television, computer games, sport, junk and gadgets, or inane hobbies, it at least does so beneath a dark cloud that it barely perceives, but nationalists submerge themselves even though an oppressive cumulonimbus hangs overhead like a billion bad memories.

Playing the politico-nationalist game is one of the most prodigious forms of escapism imaginable, it attempts to fulfill a spiritual desire most within the herd have thus far failed to identify. We understand the WhyWhen, and Where but we cannot take responsibility for the concomitant How. So we shuffle between secretive meetings, comment on online articles, and engage in tedious and exclusive online debate. Others may even march up and down the high street with a banner or placard, the contents of which, of course, mean absolutely nothing to the conditioned, ambivalent consumers.

Likewise, many within ‘the movement’ vote for or lend their support to political parties. This form of escapism is very disconcerting due to the conspicous tenet of racially-conscious nationalism: the acceptance that human beings, even amidst the same racial or ethnic groups, are not equal. But these magnanimous democratic moralists persist in their endeavours  even though this strange contradiction is as plain as day. We are therefore forced to conjecture that the motivation behind such paradoxical actions is that it is far easier to follow than it is to ruffle feathers, innovate or lead. Politics – for us – is escapism par excellence.

Recently I was informed that the prospect of a UKIP government by 2025 was something to be celebrated and that it would represent an opportunity for serious nationalists to influence national policy. This is a typically politico-conservative approach to life. Some  regard back-peddling as the pinnacle of pragmatism, but it is really about as pragmatic as choosing the method of one’s death. It is the pragmatism of slaves squabbling over relentlessly shrinking rations.

Don’t you understand? This is life, this is what is happening. We can’t switch to another channel.

This is reality, it is not a playground game, the bell isn’t about to sound. We are in the midst of a profound change in our fortunes the likes of which have not been encountered since our ancestors contended with an Ice Age. Because this is not a game, there are no rules. The ‘official’ regulations and directives were discarded by our enemies and their sycophants long before anyone reading this was born.

So get out and help change the tire, it is the only way we are going anywhere. We are freezing to death at present and ‘the movement’ just does not possess thewill to haul itself to its feet and struggle on regardless. Blogging is escapism; complaining is escapism; politics is escapism; marching is escapism. Our enemies can counter these examples of lashing out with ease. It is not difficult to divine a future were the sole resistance to genocide was half-baked, reactionary, poorly planned, and based primarily on wishful thinking. This vision of the future is black indeed.

Let us begin thinking and acting in context, in the context outlined in the first paragraph. Our position, globally, is terrible and there is nothing on the horizon that can provide us with very much hope. Perhaps the petty, egocentric glory of witnessing an enemy being destroyed, but we ourselves are headed to the grave unless there is a meaningful shift in our collective outlook. Succeeding generations will care nothing for our excuses; they will assign blame for the loss of their world squarely upon our shoulders because we were powerless to alter what we knew would happen if we did nothing but evade responsibility.

More of the same will not work: more blogs, websites, news sites, books, political parties, et al, will simply squander more invaluable time, energy and resources. Stop playing games and stop escaping from what must be done!

We at White Independent Nation have carefully selected an area of Britain we feel represents a realistic prospect for racially-conscious community building. We have starting purchasing property in this area and activists are moving in. Our intention is to engage in grass-roots community politics with a long-range view of becoming the de facto authority in the region. As the racial situation in Britain darkens, these white districts will become havens of sanity and safety. In time, dozens of white communities will provide strongholds for those who wish to secure the existence of their magnificent racial inheritance.

We do this with our eyes open and in full view of the facts. We are compelled to do this because we see no other options. Escapism is not an option and we are not interested in discussing pointless pursuits and sidelines that do not advance our cause. Now is the time to contemplate our duty to our ancestors and our obligation to those who will proceed us. Will they curse our memories for accomplishing nothing at all? Or will they reside in homogenous communities of like-minded folk from which they themselves can give sober consideration to the expansion of the new coming social order…

Long Live the New Tribe!


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