Rags make paper


Rags make paper; paper makes money; money makes banks; banks make loans; loans make beggars; beggars make rags.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” ~ Timothy 6:10

Our enemies love money more than they hate us and that should be a cause for celebration, it is an inherent weakness – just as our Aryan Morality is ours – and this knowledge should be filed away for further deliberation.

Before we are able to tackle our true enemies however, we must cope with our own lack of rags, or our cognitive ability to completely discern our epic dilemma.

And what will we produce from this rag paper?

We are not an intrinsically bad people so self gratification has never been and will never be our instinctual motivation; we will not produce soulless ready cash for our immediate delectation. Instead our paper will receive text and will accordingly form manuscripts capable of elevating our interpretation of ourselves and the world about us onto a plateaux that no other human race or subspecies is spiritually proficient enough to engineer.

Our capital is enlightenment and accomplishment, and this serves forever as much as it nourishes the present.

The enemy is a different creature altogether and yet he has beaten us in our current incarnation.

The answer to this conundrum is evident in the abovementioned axiom.

There is little more important in life than rags or what they represent.

All things have a beginning and evolution occurs at the exact moment that something else ends.

Beggars make rags…


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