Only critical minds need apply!

CobbThe situation in Leith, North Dakota has played out to its logical conclusion. From the WIN-WHITE website, 28th September 2013:

Events in Leith will either confirm or dismiss my reservations about “wild dogs” and I sincerely hope that Mr Cobb’s campaign is eminently successful and becomes the incarnation of the rejuvenation of the American branch of the White race. But, if my fears are actualised, that tiny power base of White nationalism in North Dakota may well become just another example of how not to skirmish with our enemies and will do yet more damage to an already fragmented and demoralised movement.

The cult of the saviour or hero, which is not unique to the Aryan mind, overrides much of our deductive reasoning, much like the herd instinct or Aryan Herd Consciousness (see undermines our marginalised movement no matter how sincere, necessary or coherent.

The Leith experiment failed because, as a race, we exist beneath enemy occupation and can therefore expect no quarter from our adversaries. The same can be said of the now ubiquitous Knock-Out Game: a racially-motivated* phenomenon whereby Black youths attempt to render unconscious with a single punch to the head White folk who are completely unaware of their dangerous contemporary environment.

It is a sad reality that White Nationalists require more “Leiths” in order to extract the last vestiges of hope in the notion that we can play fair and achieve victory through open political warfare, while Whites as a whole need literally to be punched in the head until they fully realise their collective predicament. Ignoring reality will not force it to retreat nor will it remodel itself because we pray for it to do so. The head-in-the-sand strategy did not work for Whites in modern-day South Africa…

Democratic politics is another area where White Nationalists show their defunct stripes and actively applaud our enemy’s great and vile institution: Equality. Any large-scale democratic endeavour protests strongly against Nature’s grand design, i.e., that all animal life is intrinstically unequal. By accepting the populist facade we once again fall prey to the Aryan Herd Consciousness, revert to type, and become a predicable variable on the well-worn and continent-sized chessboard.

Because we have become complacent and indolent, we are willing to follow false prophets and idolise those who do but do not think and we are frequently misdirected by government sponsored finks. Because we have become ineffectual, action – no matter its incarnation – is lauded by the clapping, chirping acolytes who are falling well short of our ancestor’s prestigious benchmark. Because we are essentially slaves, our goals are set measurably low and our efforts and achievements reflect this.

If we have a future then we must begin to acknowledge our responsibilities and appreciate that we exist today, while all life behind us has ended and all human life ahead of us is merely theoretical and is entirely dependent on how we manoeuvre our precious pieces on the game board. The expectations of our antecedents are dormant within us, in our genetic inheritance, and everything that yet may be is utterly reliant on us achieving our objectives.

Our objectives at present, however, appear to revolve around a quick-fix solution; the serene transfer of power through the presumptive faculty of the ballot box or via the conspicuous reallocation of living space. Neither situation is even distinctly plausible and until this conviction is recognised by White Nationalists as fact, then increasing numbers of energy-sapping Leith-style projects will appear and more innocent Whites will be beaten by Negroes (and others who hate us equally as much because of who we are).

There are only so many lessons we can learn before they kill us in the learning and there is only so much sense individuals can offer during their own lifetimes. If You will not listen then you have no one else to blame. If You are not prepared to completely submit to the Idea (that we must survive, whatever it takes and no matter the cost) then ours is indeed a race played out.

We must overturn the chessboard and disengage with an enemy who, at present, we cannot contend with; we must prepare succeeding generations for the future and establish the groundwork for them to build upon. All this must be done in recognition that our enemies will destroy us if they can. We must therefore subdue the Aryan Morality and finally accept that now is not the time to play fair or to be governed by a preset moral code.

Everything depends on us and those who fail will do so for all eternity, neither their name or their genetic inheritance will feature in the coming New Order.

Long Live the New Tribe!

*arguably almost all action amongst non-Whites is racially-motivated to some degree.

[Edit – Screen shot added for the sake of posterity]



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