Kemp & Mandela


With reference to:

“The desire of Africans to rule themselves in their nations, free of white rule, as personified by the life of Mandela, in fact justifies the demand of Europeans to rule themselves in their nations.

“Think about it. Instead of condemning Africans for wanting to rule themselves, pro-European activists should accept that it was wrong for Europeans to colonize the Third World—and therefore, that it is equally wrong for the Third World to colonize European lands.

“Instead of condemning Africans for doing what any healthy people would do, “right wingers” should give up the old, tired and failed rhetoric, and instead be looking for a ‘European Nelson Mandela’ to help lead them away from the path of extinction on which they are currently headed.”

The scenario:

White Man moves into an area; White Man secures area by whatever means are necessary; White Man builds civilisation; White Man expands; White Man becomes complacent and imports slaves; White Man becomes lazy, liberal and feeble and offers slaves rights; White Man becomes legally equal to slaves; White Man (and woman) are butchered; White men escape said carnage; White men praise “freedom fighters” for just wanting to be free…

After witnessing a photograph of a White woman who had been gang-raped and then strung up by her feet with metal chains and her guts ripped out, I find it difficult to commend any Black South Africans. Furthermore, Kemp does not appear to understand – or in fact does but is deliberately ignoring the fact – that socialists the world over, and their Jewish masters, moved heaven and earth to condemn South Africa to a bloody end. Any puppet they now display as a hero is just that, a marionette. There is nothing we can learn from this situation, just as there are no inherent, artificial rights we can utilise even though Mr Kemp says we can and has written a book about it in Nova Europa – the strategy of someone who clearly cannot elucidate our global plight in a modern, pragmatic context. This Aryan Morality manual on “how to become a victim and influence people” is a fictional account of what we could do if our enemies would only play fair or if an Uberfuhrer in the sky smiled on us, his sickly little children.

[Screenshot taken from the BNP 2010 conference YouTube video]


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